Friday, 19 June 2015

Too Faced Cosmetics comes to Ireland

Yo! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer holidays / Sunshine / Day off / Day on/ Whatever you're doing I hope you're loving it :)

Well I nearly fell out of my standing when I strolled on into Debenhams and what did I see? A pretty little Too Faced cosmetics stand!! I think I may have peed a little! Clean up on aisle 5! And yes, I blew all my wages on a few delicious little items I just had to pick up , but sure you know what they say , ''Treat yo self gurl''
The stand was everything you expect -  Pink , Girly , and looking like the prettiest sweet shop! So how could I resist?

So here is what I picked up for myself! 

//Chocolate bar palette - 44
//Melted liquid lipstick in 'Melted Nude' - 22
//Better Than Sex mascara - 22

The packaging is just perfect! The chocolate bar palette looks like something out of a Willy Wonka dream land.The outer packaging looks like a divine chocolate bar wrapper and the casing looks like an actual bar of chocolate..And it only gets better - The shadows SMELL like Chocolate.. I have died and gone to sugary, chocolaty heaven. Not only that, these 16 cocoa infused beauties are antioxidant packed. You also get a handy little glamour guide inside!

The mascara packaging is super sleek, girly and positively gorgeous & the casing is even better! A sheer pink, heavy metallic tube of fabulousness awaits you!With claims of giving you 1,944% more volume how could I not pick this up?! With its gorgeous hourglass shaped brush this tube is also loaded with anti smudge proof  technology!!I've heard nothing but amazing things about this mascara! 

The Lipstick casing is fun, new, creative and refreshing! The Idea of a liquid lipstick had me excited from the get go but the packaging just makes so much sense, complete with a angled velvet tip there is no need for a brush at all! 

Although the makeup is a tad pricey I find you do really pay for what you're getting.
The casing is strong and sturdy and you can really feel this. In fact, the chocolate bar palette has a magnetic clasp so there's no need to tug and pull to try and open this baby.

The Mascara..If a nuclear bomb went off, the only things to survive would be the Nokia 3310 and this mascara! Indestructible 

Here's some swatches of the cocoa infused eye shadows
Even the names are amazingly sweet!
Here's a swatch of the beautifully thick and pigmented Melted Nude liquid lipstick. 
Oh my good god I am in love all over the place with this! I was scared that it would wear off quite quickly but not at all! I went to dinner and this baby battled through and stayed on the entire time! Well worth the money!


Ladies, this is what ONE COAT of the Better Than Sex mascara does to your lashes!
I cannot believe it! I have NEVER tried a mascara that has truly satisfied me the way this does. I am shocked in the best kind of way! How have I lived without this for so long.
No other mascara can compare to this. So if you wear falsies , you'll be waving bye bye to them if you indulge in this absolutely phenomenal,life changing mascara! 

Do you like Too Faced cosmetics? Have you ever tried them? Do you have any questions or even have some answers? Then don't be afraid to get in touch @

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