Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Want a free M.A.C contour kit? Of course you do!

So, lets get straight to this M.A.C HACK!
 M.A.C is a girls best friend. The sleek packaging, the foundation, the pigmentation, and the all important lipsticks! *DROOL* But because it's INSANELY expensive, especially for us unemployed girlies, maybe its time for a few ruthless life hacks!
So without further adieu, here is how to get your very own FREE M.A.C contouring kit
  1. Go into your local M.A.C store, it would make it more handy if there is 2 separate stores.
  2. Tell floor staff you are an aspiring makeup artist and that you want to build your kit but are unsure of what foundation to use.
  3. Ask if they can show you their FULL COVERAGE foundation.
  4. Directly after mention that you have a few customers with darker and lighter skin, so is it possible to get 3 tester pots as you need to see which shades would be worth purchasing ( Light,Medium & Dark)
  5. Finally, after you've done that, head around to another store and repeat.

Now, I have only done this once, so I ended up getting a few different foundations, to see which ones would work better with contouring! These are the ones I have ended up with...

From left to right (top row) - N5 Face and Body
                                          - NC40 Studio fix
                                          -C2 Face and Body
From left to right (bot row) - NC25 Studio Fix
                                          -NC15 Studio fix
                                          -W10 Full Coverage

Again, being the first time doing this I didn't know what to expect but personally I think the W10 Full Coverage is the PERFECT consistency for a contouring kit! This foundation is thick, gives unbeatable coverage and stays put all night! Im going to run out and get some more in different shades as soon as I can!
These pots may be teeny tiny, but lob a load of Full Coverage in these bad boys and they last a life time!
I decided to swatch a few shades to show you what im talking about!
The darkest shade seems to be runny and watery, I wont be opting for this again anytime soon. 
The rest aren't too bad, fabulous colours that work well for me as a foundation, but not as a contour kit unfortunately!
The last one..bingo..this is the moneymaker! as you can see its quite thick!This foundation is amazing for blending, although I thought otherwise! I will be getting this from now on as part as my contouring kit

So if anyone is going to try this one out make sure you go for a few tester pots of Full Coverage foundation! W10 seems to be perfect for highlighting

You could even superglue/glue gun the pots to a plastic palette to make it more organised! But as you will probably be going in for new pots all the time I wouldn't recommend it as it would be a waste of time and effort! But I am currently on the lookout for a box to accommodate the kit, if I find anything I will let you all know

Thank you all for reading, and I hope this post has been somewhat helpful to you all! If you have any more Makeup hacks please dont hesitate to let me know in the comment section below or simply email me at nadinestephens1990@gmail.com

The Parma Violet

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Beauty for pennies at Penneys!

Yes! I'm back from my amazing trip away to Portugal, sorry I haven't blogged for a while, there was zero WiFi! But it was absolutely scorching and I got burnt to a crisp and am now peeling..Very attractive! But anyway, since coming back home I am totally BROKE! So I decided  that I wanted to try Penneys new extremely affordable 'P.S Love' makeup range as I've heard pretty cool things about it and its VERY light on your purse too!  I'm a bit late on this one but here it is anyway! Here is what I picked up from Penneys!!!

I have always been skeptical about Penneys own brand makeup, due to the fact my skin is super sensitive and i didn't want to end up with a rash from cheap makeup as that tends to happen from time to time! but i am VERY pleasantly surprised! 
This gorgeous little palette is only 3.50EURO
Filled with gorgeous shimmery nude colours, this palette is absolutely perfect for those wanting to watch their dosh! Some of these colours are super pigmented which had me gobsmacked! I find most of the colours in this palette are more suited to those with blue eyes as the colours featured compliment blue eyes and make them pop! But can obviously be used on any eye colour!
This is definitely one of my favourites from the collection!

This Blusher and This bronzer are a cool 3.00EURO each!
3 euro...is just amazing for the quality of these products! The blusher goes on a baby pink colour and looks absolutely gorgeous, this would be suited towards those with paler skin as it gives that 1950's rose kissed cheek look! Super sexy!
The bronzer is VERY shiny, so I don't think I would be using it as a bronzer but it looks so gorgeously sexy when placed upon the cheekbones! Gives you a sunkissed healthy glow without going overboard! love these two!
I love the packaging of these two, it reminds me of MAC!
 Penneys definitely know what we want!
I also picked up an Eye liner pen - 2.00EURO
EyeBrow pencil- 1.50EURO

These are actual life savers! These are PERFECT for bringing out when you want to top up your makeup! The eyeliner is lusciously dark and goes on extremely smooth! and at 2 EURO you can't exactly say no!
The eye brow pencil(complete with eyebrow brush) in dark brown, This is such a gorgeous colour for dark brows! Its not too dark and not too light its bang on perfect! Its not cakey and thick, it makes brows look natural! Go out and buy this!!
This mascara ( also available in waterproof) makes lashes look beautiful! I found that there was hardly any clumping (surprisingly) and it really thickened up my lashes for a more dramatic look! 
Like most girls, I am complete sucker for packaging!
I love the look and the feel of the packaging. I feel as if it sometimes is TOO important! And that is why i LOVE penneys for this

Just look at that gorgeous packaging! It sucks you right in! It catches your eye immediately!The slick black packaging gives it a sophisticated and sexy feel to it, along the side of the boxes, there is a white and black polkadot design which I just adore! Polka dots are amazingly cute! And not only that the writing and the lining of the boxes are gold! Its simply gorgeous without going over the top!

So in total for everything I bought I only spent 14.50EURO for all that makeup! It might not be MAC  but damn its good!

Have you recently bought anything from Penneys that has surprised you?! Anyone else a fan of the P.S Love range? Thank you for reading! If you have any inquiries feel free to mail me on nadinestephens1990@gmail.com or simply comment below, thank you! :

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Whats in my suitcase this summer?


And I honestly couldn't be happier! (This has been my first month of blogging and its going so well thank you all for following! VERY much appreciated)  :)Summer is my favourite time of year! Especially since I am jetting off to Portugal this Saturday the 10th!! I cannot contain the excitement! And it seems that everyone and their mothers are flying off on holiday this year! So I decided to do this post on what I am bringing with me to Portugal and maybe give you all a few ideas :) So without further adieu here are my favourite things going into my suitcase with me! 

 On Board
We all know there is NOTHING worse than being on a flight in uncomfortable restrictive clothes! And god forbid your flight gets delayed! And then there is the worry of dressing too cold/warm for your destination, so after careful planning I finally decided I am going to board my flight in this floaty, summery, girly outfit

Yellow Polka Dot Dress - 5EURO New Look
Round Sunglasses- 2EURO Penneys/Primark
Nude Wedges-12EURO Penneys/Primark
Necklace-3EURO Penneys/Primark
Suddenly Diamonds Perfume- 3.99EURO Lidl
WetNWild Nail varnish in Private Viewing-2.99EURO Dunnes Stores
Behold! My pretty suitcase that was only 20EURO from Dunnes Stores!
Dunnes are currently doing a sale on most Suitcases so run down before its too late! I was lucky enough to snap up this pretty case, it is JUST the right size for a week away in the sun!This case smoothly rolls along the ground and has interchangeable handlebar height! Perfect!

At the beach/by the pool
Of course, the most important part of your entire holiday has to be lazing on the beach or relaxing by the pool! and of course playing drunken volleyball in the water but thats for another time :) As I am a big busted lady on a budget finding swimsuits that fit right at a reasonable price are like gold dust to come across! And not being the thinnest of girls i dont tend to have alot of my body on show and like to cover up when I am beside the pool/beach! So i found these!
Excuse the awkward angle, it was the only way this picture was going to work. I spotted this bright,vibrant and classy bikini in Dunnes Stores would you believe! I was nearly positive they wouldn't have my best size (36DD) And they did! i was over the moon and ran straight to the desk to buy this gorgeous bikini! The details are just beautiful,it have a little knot at the front middle of the bikini top and a side knot on the bottoms, absolutely gorgeous, and also the support in the bra is excellent!
Bikini top 12.00EURO Dunnes Stores
Bikini Bottoms 6.00EURO Dunnes Stores
Spotted these flip flops in Penneys at 2.50EURO for two pairs! Unfortunately I couldn't find the other pair in my room for this picture (they're plain dark brown) Amazing value!
Again, excuse the terrible picture, but this is my favourite purchase of 2014 so far! This gorgeous colourful floaty kaftan is 16.00EURO from Penneys would you believe!!The detail is to die for! This sheer material will keep you modest over your bikini and yet allow breeze to fly right through to cool you down!
This is the best picture of the beaded detail on the chest that i could get! This Boho style kaftan is floorlength with bat wing arms, so floaty and sophisticated yet fun and sexy! Adore this buy!
And not forgetting a fun and flexible beach bag to carry your towel and sunlotion in!
Cotton Bag 7.00EURO Dunnes Stores

Dinner/Date night
Because I am going over with 11 of my friends and 1 being my Boyfriend its nearly positive that we will be going for a fancy dinner at some point, as my suitcase is only quite small I am only packing a light dress and small shoes with minimal accessories, so I came up with this date night look! A classy and sexy outfit made possible with a statement figure hugging dress and strappy leather heels with bag to match and gold accents. Love love love
Red Dress- 5.00EURO forever 21
Handbag 18.00EURO Penneys
Heals- 16.00EURO Penneys
Necklace-4.00EURO Penneys
Estee Lauder Lipstick-15.00 EURO Debenhams

this look would be perfect to go from daytime cocktails to evening dinner and drinks! This 50's style floral dress is one of my favourite wardrobe essentials! this ultra girly, vintage look is so versatile it can work during any stage of the day/night!
Floral Dress 10.00EURO New Look (Sale)
Nude Wedges 12EURO Penneys/Primark
Round Sunglasses 2EURO Penneys/Primark
Necklace 4.00EURO Penneys/Primark
Belt 4.00EURO Penneys Primark
WetNWild Varnish in Wet Cement 2.99EURO Dunnes Stores
Mac Viva Glam Lipstick 18.00 Mac,Brown Thomas

During the day I dont want to make a huge fuss and dress to impress constantly, So this outfit is perfect for me as i wear it alot anyway! Ultra comfortable and super versatile! the outfit is simple and takes little to no effort! Team this outfit with a back combed pony or messy bun and you're ready to go
Top 2EURO Penneys/Primark
Skirt 4EURO Penneys/Primark
Creppers 12EURO Penneys/Primark
Guns N Roses Tote Bag 4EURO Penneys/Primark
Peace Sign Necklace 2EURO Penneys/Primark
WetNWild Lipstick in CherryBomb 2.99EURO Dunnes Stores
Round Sunglasses 2EURO Penneys/Primark
River Island London Perfume 10EURO (On Sale) 

I adore this dress! this striking blue dress was bought in a second hand shop and I adore it! The mandela type design on it makes it stand out from the crowd! Perfect for doing a bit of shopping or sitting down for some lunch and cocktails in the gorgeous sun!
Blue Mandela Dress- Second hand 10 EURO

I wear this..all...the..time, I literally cannot find anything else more comfortable so I would wear these around the house and on the flight back home! This jumper is my brothers that he got whilst he was in Isreal and these bottoms are my favourite bottoms..ever! I bought these in Spain last year at a market for 10 Euro! These are perfect to wear to/from the beach as they're a sheer material! Same goes for this jumper! It looks wooly and heavy but infact its super light weight! 

Are you jetting off this summer? If so comment below or mail me at nadinestephens1990@gmail.com 
I hope you found this post helpful!

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Friday, 2 May 2014

My April Favorites


I know everyone seems to say it but it feels like it was only Christmas yesterday! This year seems to be running away with itself!! Seeming as it is already May, I might aswel show you all my favorite products from April!
WetNWild Lip Liner in Plumberry
WetNWild Varnish in Wet Cement
WetNWild Varnish in Private Viewing 
Rose&Co HandCream in Suggared Violet
For ages and ages I have been meaning to try Wet N Wilds Megalast nail varnishes but it had always slipped my mind as I am not too into Nails. So I grabbed these two gorgeously nude shades 'Wet Cement' and 'Private Viewing'. These were 2.99EUR each in Dunnes Stores and they're beautiful! I applied two coats and boom they were done! Although they dry fairly slow, the end result is gorgeous!
Excuse the shabby job!
These neutral colours are perfect for the run up to Summer! Fresh,clean and sophisticated looking! Love these varnishes!
As for the Plumberry lip-liner, it is a gorgeous deep plum colour but im afraid it lacks staying power! But at only 1.99EUR who can say no!
This hand cream..I cant imagine anything more perfect! 
Infused with Sweet Almond Oil,Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter this baby will keep your hands feeling silky smooth all day long! With NO petroleum in this little jar of happiness this product wont dry out your skin! I adore the packaging! Its cute and girly with a 1950's vibe from it! Not forgetting how AMAZING this pot smells! It smells JUST like parma violets, I cannot get enough of it! Its only downfall is that for this tiny tub its 6.50EUR in Avoca! But if you're looking to treat yourself, do pick some up :)
These Mugs and Plates from Dunnes are probably the cutest things I have ever seen!
Apparently these cuties have gone down a euro or two since I got these! these sweet enough to eat plates are perfect for holding your bobbi pins,slides,rings,earrings etc! Such a lovely piece for anyone's bedroom/vanity!  
As I have posted before I have very sensitive skin and Rosacea therefor alot of creams and facial wash's make me breakout and make my skin very red! I Recently discovered Boots own brand Facial care! I bought the facial wash and the Moisturising Cream , both are hypoallergenic and are fragrance free  which is just what I need! And also they're bargains at 2.29EUR each!

 Floral summer dress 40.00EUR from Dunnes Stores
I need this 50's style schoolgirl dress in my life ASAP!
But seeming as im saving for a Holiday to Portugal next week the dreams of owning this dress are slowly dying!
And I just want everything here from Dunnes!
These gorgeous french styled,girly storage cases range from 10-20 EURO
These candles and cases are sure to transform any room into a fresh and girly french boudoir 

Do you have any products that have changed your April? If so comment below or email me on nadinestephens1990@gmail.com

The Parma Violet