Friday, 28 November 2014

Lidl - Suddenly Collection

Hello everyone!And thank god the sun has come out here in Dublin! Perfect for running out and starting your Christmas shopping! And if you're on a budget or not, these beauties SHOULD be in everyones Christmas stocking this year! 

If you havent heard of this collection then you better listen up if you wanna save some serious cash!

The Suddenly collection from Lidl..yes Lidl, comes out on special occassions such as Christmas, Valentines day etc.
Each perfume is an exact duplicate of a Designer perfume! How amazing is that?!
And there's even a candle scented like their best selling perfume! So what are the designer originals?

*Suddenly - Madame Glamour - Coco Madmoiselle *Chanel*
*Suddenly - Diamonds - Hugo Boss Orange
*Suddenly - Woman I - Chanel No.5

And the price tag? 
Just 3.99 each! 
Absolute bargain!
And I assure you, you will be a very silly person if you do not run in and pick up some of these amazing perfumes!!

So which one would be more suitable for the woman/women in your life?

>Mother/Grand mother : Suddenly Woman I
>Younger sister/Cosuin/Friend : Suddenly Diamonds
>Girlfriend/ Best Friend : Suddenly Madame Glamour

Happy shopping!!

The Parma Violet

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Robbie Williams 'Farrell' For Penneys/Primark

This week saw the release of Robbie Williams debut collection for Primark - 'Farrell'

Inspired by his late grandfather Jack Farrell, a smartly dressed man from Stoke-On-Trent who taught him everything he knows.
 The collection ranges from 10 euro to 50 euro! Unreal value for your money! And any stylish lad knows that 22 euro for a pair of jeans, is pretty damn good!And wait until you see the shoes!
I have never seen so many men in one section of Penneys before in my life!
 So let's see what all the hype is about then shall we?

Dunno why this picture came out so shite, I promise you its way better in real life!
Everyone seems to be grabbing these while they can!

Everything in this collection is seemless, right down to the tiny emblum on the teeshirts to the silk lining in the jackets. Every lad should own at least soemthing from this collection!
The tweed jackets and shoes would make unreal Christmas presents also! 
So why not pop into Penneys / Primark and look dapper for Christmas!

The Parma Violet

New Look : Christmas On a Budget

Happy lunch time ya'll

Now in my previous posts I wrote about how to do Christmas fashion on a budget, and I really meant a budget! We've had Forever21 : Christmas on a budget, H&M :Christmas on a budget and now we have New Look, Granted this is the most expensive of the three but if you have some spare cash then sure why not? 
This gorgeous Shimmering gold pencil dress is actually cheaper than it looks! It's 24.99 and will last you though the whole Christmas Season! This figure hugging dress is super elegant and great if you have a peachy bum! 
Next up we have this super sparkly number. Much more shimmery and beautiful in real life, this dress must be seen with your own two eyes, this dress is PERFECT for those who have a tad bit more boobage (like yours truly) it also covers those lumps and bumps that you don't want seen but are still beautiful :) This dress is the perfect party dress at 29.99
Next up we have these fabulously 90's velvet crush skater dresses, at just 22.99, you will look incredible! Dress up or dress down with some Docs, messy hair and truly be brought back to the 90's

Going to a big crazy fancy dinner? Or just want to look super elegant for Christmas? Then look no further than this gorgeous eye catching dress! With a scooped back and a midnight blue shimmer, this is one damn sexy dress! And for 34.99 it's not too shabby of a price either! 
**NOTE** This is an online exclusive dress
Like the 34.99 dress but its a little bit too much on the purse? Well then why not opt for this shorter AND cheaper but still VERY sophisticated dress? At just 17.99 this is a fraction of the price and more wearable!Make of the same fabric, this midnight blue sparkly dress will make heads turn!
This is one of my favourites! Again, this one has to be seen with your own eyes to really see how beautiful it truly is! And at 24.99 it's not the worst price tag in the world! This Stunning blue and silver shimmery dress is perfect for hiding those lumps and bumps (even though they're beautiful) I would suggest running down and getting the baby, I know I will be!

Looking for something a bit more 'Santa baby'? Yep, thought so!
Then why not slap on this stunning skater dress! A perfect shape for nearly anyone too! And the lattice neck straps make you look like a pretty little wrapped present! Awh! And the price? 
Just 14.99!
Available in 5 colours

I know this was the most expensive of the three aforementioned posts,but if you do have just that little bit extra to spend I thought id help you out!
Happy shopping!!

The Parma Violet

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Forever 21 : Christmas On A Budget

Well hello all your beautiful people! It is exactly one month until Christmas day and all those parties are creeping up and getting closer and closer! So why not spoil yourself and grab yourself a dress that you can REALLY actually, you can!

In my last instalment H&M : Christmas On A Budget, I mentioned that Christmas isn't easy for everyone, including myself, it is an expensive time for the unemployed and reading magazines and blogs with unreal expectations of your price limits can be stressful. But again I have some gorgeous festive fashion for you that you can afford and look great in! So here are my picks from Forever 21:
Check out this gorgeous little number! Pair with some bulky jewellery and biker boots and you'll be sorted for Christmas in no time! And the price tag? IT'S JUST 14.95!!! Also available in black.
Nothing makes us feel more Christmassy than a beautiful red dress! And this one is fabulous! With a sexy lace panel down the front, this gives this dress more texture & elegance and also accentuates and curves you may have! So gwan pop down and buy this for just 16.45!!!
Looking for something a bit more..glittery? 
I thought so! This beautiful body con dress has to be seen with your own eyes to actually capture its real beauty, this dress is every magpies dream. Black with Magenta sparkles, this baby will take you through your whole festive season for just 15.00!!!
Looking for something a bit more laid back?
Then check out this very festive zip dress! For 16.50 you can look super Christmassy! Dress down with some ripped tights, a leather jacket and a pair of Docs. Or dress up with some gold jewellery and some black pumps! This dress is perfect!
This dress will take you right from Christmas to new years in no time!
This gorgeous Cami dress gives an instant super feminine shape to your body!This gorgeous gold number is just 19.45!!
Looking for something to hide the fact you've eaten 3 boxes of roses and 4 Christmas turkeys?And they're ain't nothin wrong with that! You stuff your face girl! I know I will be!
Then look nor further than this ultra stunning peplum dress! For only 16.45 you can really dress this one up! Peplum dresses accentuate your waist and legs making them look slimmer! yay!!
The print on this dress is absolutely gorgeous! If you have the body for something skin tight around Christmas, then fair play to you and wear this bad boy every single day! Dress this one up or down, it looks good either way! And for a budget busting 12.50 who could say no!
Looking for something a bit longer?
Although this dress is slightly more expensive, it will be flying out the doors!
Super elegant and super festive this dress wont break the band but you may have to think''hmmm do i REALLY want this?'' At a reasonable 25.45, you'll be turning heads at every Christmas/New years party! I guarantee it! 

I hope this was somewhat helpful! I will be doing a few more of these before November is out! I really hope that you do not feel pressurised into buying that 200 dress or that 58 glittery jumpsuit. Christmas on a budget can be stylish and affordable!
If you have any questions, tips or just want to say hi, simply comment below or mail me at

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Monday, 24 November 2014

H&M: Christmas On a Budget

Christmas is everywhere, Christmas means parties, Parties means dresses, Dresses means money which means that you actually have to have some! And given the current climate I know that most people out there are really struggling, myself included. Being unemployed means reading these blogs near Christmas makes it feel nearly impossible to have an amazing wardrobe for the festive season. BUT I have searched the high street and have found a few select stores in which it CAN be made possible for you and I to look impeccable this winter! So without further adieu I give you the top dresses from H&M on a budget for this Christmas.

This gorgeous festive green sparkle dress is absolutely perfect for Christmas parties, and at ony 12 euro you definatey cannot say no to this super perfect budget dress! I wore this dress to a Christmas Blogger event last week! And another girl turned up in the exact same dress, just goes to show that this is a VERY popular number! 
**NOTE** This dress runs small so you will be better off grabbing the next size or two up.
Also available in black.

This one is my utter favourite budget dress!
Gwan have a guess how much it is, I bet you'd never guess! have you an estimate?
This dress is 9.99 FROM H&M!! 
I couldn't believe it! Its so beautiful and classy! This dress would suit ANY Christmas party! With a plunging back, and netted neckline this dress will leave people asking ''omg you paid HOW much'' I recently wore this dress to So Sue Me's book launch! And it is also available in powder pink and deep purple. Collect them all! :) 

Looking for a pop of red this Christmas? 
This striking red dress is just 12.99 from H&M. With a drop waist and a pleated flare, this dress screams Christmas Party! Team with a statement necklace and a 1920's hair do and you're ready to par-tay bay-bay!

Not into Dresses? More of a trouser kind of girl?
Well look no further than this delicate piece from H&M.
The wide leg on this jumpsuit gives an instant slimming effect to the waist! What more could you want? This jumpsuit is just 19.99! Team with some red or gold accessories and you'll be super festive before you know it. Or keep it all white for a very white Christmas

have the skirt/trousers and need a top?
Look at this stunning gold and black top! This is SO much more prettier in the flesh!
With just the right amount of sparkle this will totally transform any outfit! 
And it just 9.99!!
Team with a leather skirt or some sexy leather biker trousers and you'll be set for a festive night out!

Going to a fancy dinner or a family gathering? 
This this is perfect! comfortable and flowy yet still elegant and edgy!
This Pretty dress is only 19.99!!
Team with some glitzy bangles, and a statement necklace and you'll look dazzling darling!! 

I hope that this post was of some use! I really do understand that Christmas isn't as easy for everyone else when buying presents for others and Children is your main priority, you tend to forget yourself, and that it's Christmas for you too! No it's not easy but thanks to H&M it makes it that little bit easier! 
And if anyone has purchased anything from this list please let me know! I'm dying to see you all in your budget Christmas buys! 
Happy shopping everyone!!

The Parma Violet

So Sue Me: 'What Happened Next' Book Launch

If you're in the blogging industry or you have any kind of interest in fashion and beauty, then you will obviously be familiar with Suzanne Jackson of So Sue Me. Suzanne is Irelands top beauty blogger and already has two books under her hermes belt! And I was one of the very lucky girls who got to attened the fabulous launch of her second book at Lillie Bordello's.

The gorgeous Nirina from Killer Fashion and I at the launch

Everyone looked stunning but not half as unreal as Suzanne Jackson! Her flawless makeup (Fiona Hogan) and her amazing hair (RedVelvet Hair Salon) was goddess like, and her dress (From was super elegant and sexy. So looked every inch the perfect woman.
There was adorable sparkly, ultra girly cupcakes and a free bar! She really pulled out all the stops to make her fans and loved ones feel special.

I also had an amazing chat with her parents, they are so incredibly sweet and down to earth and seemed to be bursting with pride for their eldest daughter Suzanne.

And not to mention a photobooth..which we totally raided to absolute bits by me Nirina from Killer Fashion, Lorna from Fashion Boss and Mei Ling from Darling buds of Mei. Looking good girlos

And her newest book was on sale! Needless to say I grabbed my very own signed copy! I was over the moon! This book is absolutely perfect if you are a blogger or an aspiring blogger and would be a fantastic gift this christmas! Available in Easons and online at 

Congratulations Suzanne! What an amazing achievement and an unforgetable night! 

The Parma Violet

Christmas Blog Party

November seems the season to be jolly this year! Christmas parties left right and centre! And I aint complaining!

Look how amazing everyone looks!

So I was Delighted when Nirina & Filomena invited me to their 'Christmas blogger party', I saw the invite on Facebook and I knew this was going to be amazing! Organised and Hosted by the beautiful Aoibhe, Who flew all the way home from Australia and STILL somehow found time to organise all of this! Aoibhe, you're some woman for one woman!

The party was taken place in Opium on Wexford street in Dublin, and it was a beyond perfect setting for a Christmas party! With dark lighting and a whole floor to ourselves how could we complain? There was wine...oh so much wine, gorgeous deserts, a tonne of photographs and exciting goodie bags for everyone in the audience! Inside the bags included:

  •  Dream Dots For Spots
  • Nivea in shower Moisturiser 
  • Nivea cherry lip balm
  • Nivea invisable deoderant 
  • Beverly hills perfect white Black toothpaste (A god send)
  • Sizers
  • Cocoa brown iPhone case
  • Popchips 
  • Aloe Vera King Drinks
  • Koh coconut water
We were absolutely spoilt!!!

And it doesn't stop there! There was a best dressed competition and everything! With everyone buzzing with excitement, trying to guess who looked killer enough to win this extra bag full of Cocoa Brown gooodies! And of course the stunning Agata won and deserved every inch of that prize, she looked festive and utterly gorgeous! Well done Agata!

And of course it wouldn't be a Christmas party without turning up dressed exactly like someone else!! Thanks to Jessika Banaghan for being my super sparkly twin all night! You rocked that dress!!!

It was the perfect party, and I met so so many gorgeously talented bloggers that I just adore! Thank you all for being such fun and lovely people to be around!It was a fantastic night and a total hit!! I can't wait to see you all again! 
Special thanks to:
Aoible Devlin - The Secret Obsession
Nirina Plunket - Killer Fashion
Filomena Kaguako - Enhance Whats Yours
And everyone else who were just amazing!
Zita Kelly - zee-railed
Jessika Banaghan - Chaos Wearing Lipgloss
Lorna Duffy - Fashion Boss
AJ - AJ Makeup
Agata & Veronika - Style Gamblers
Megan Day - Blondes Love Cupcakes
Katie Brennan - Okaybee

And I THINK i have everyone, if i don't, let me know and ill jot your name and blog down! ;)

And of course if you are a fellow blogger and would like to come to more events such as this one please do not hesitate to get in touch, simply comment below or email me @ :)

And here's a shot of the gorgeous Nirina, me (And my knickers) and the stunning Megan 

Until next time girls!

The Parma Violet

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Box Swap #5 : Elf Cosmetics

Ah jaysus lads will this weather make up it's mind already? Apart from the absolute lashings of rain that have been pouring down upon us I hope everyone is getting into the festive spirit! 

Now as most of you are aware, I recently completed a boxswap with Lynell @ My stuff was being sent from Ireland and her stuff ( Can you believe it) Was being sent from Florida, and seeming as she works in the happiest place on earth, yes darlings you've guessed it.DISNEY WORLD.. I got a few beautiful pieces in there. If you haven't seen the rest of my boxswappages then you must run your bum off to read them as this is the last instalment.

E.L.F Is one of the leading budget cosmetic brands in the U.S and it is VERY clear to see why! From their limited edition Disney stuff to their handy every day make-up for just $1, makes this brand is one of Americas favourites...And I NEEDED some!

And the 7th day some god or whatever said ''LET THERE BE E.L.F''
Behold the absolute bomb of beauty!
The creme de la creme of bargains

So first up we have the E.L.F black & Glitter eyeliners
So what did I think?!
First things first, if you don't know how to properly apply liquid eyeliner, you're going to hate this.
But if you (Like myself) are an eyeliner queen, then you'll think this is amazing. Yes you get what your pay for, but for the price the quality of this product is undeniable. I found the black to be VERY black to be honest and it really made my blue eyes pop. The brush is amazing and once I'm done with this product I will most definitely be using the brush for my other liquid eyeliners. The glitter one, isn't very glittery at all to be honest, you get t layer this one on.Although the iridescent glitter (Once applied properly and layered) is VERY pretty indeed!

Next up is the E.L.F All over colour sticks! 
These wonder sticks can be used on eyes as shadow,cheeks as blush and lips as lipstick! What a handy little product to have in your handbag! 
The top swatch is 'Pink Lemonade'
And the second is 'Persimmon' 

Now, we have the infamous Jumbo lip gloss sticks!
From L to R we have :
Movie Star
Summer Nights
Pink Umbrellas 
These are super handy and very pretty!! 
My favourite is summer nights! Although i thought my favourite would be Movie star because i LOVE red lips, it was a TAD bit of a let down as it clumps a little bit.

Next up we have the Eyeshadow beauty book!
This little saviour has 48 eye shadows! And is super handy to carry around in your handbag is its quite small! Equipped with mirror and sponge applicator this is one handy little book! This beauty book is mainly consisted of nudes,greens and plum colours, perfect for the winter months!

And finally we have the gorgeous contouring palette from ELF studio. The contouring powder is the perfect tone for my skin and I just adore it! The highlighter is slightly pinky, like a blush and is very nice but I think I'm a little too pale to use it!But I still do from time to time!I love this product and I would definitely but this again if I could!

If you have any questions about box swapping, don't hesitate to get in touch and say hi!

The Parma Violet

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Box Swap #4: Milani Cosmetics

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is feeling damn sexy coming up to the festive season! And if should be ;)

Now, I'm pretty sure that every girl everywhere NEEDS to own a bit of Milani in their lives, am I right or am I right? And again..being in Ireland..We dont have that luxury! BUT LYNELL MADE IT POSSIBLE WOOOO! ( I would marry this arse off this girl)
sooo, what did she send me?
I am one...VERY lucky girl!
What I received:

Milani Illuminating face powder - 03 beautys touch
X2 Milani baked blush -  01 Dolce Pink & 02 Rose D'Oro
X2 Milani Baked Eyeshadow - 602 I heart you & 618 Green Fortune 

So first up we have the mighty Illuminating face powder!
This face powder is so stunningly beautiful to look at, I didn't even want to touch it!
Embossed with multi colour roses, You can use this gorgeous powder as a highlighter or as a blush! Sometimes I find highlights can be so shiny that you could see your face from space. But this one is super delicate and very VERY pretty on the face! I'm so sorry I have no pictures of it on my damn camera went and deleted half of my pictures.

Nest up we have these stunning blushes.
OK can we just take a moment, to really appreciate the arse out of these blushes.
I have wanted these for longer than I can actually remember! And I find it hard to belive that I actually own these now. 
Super pigmented with just the right amount of shine, these blushes last all day without a single touch up. These brighten up your face and aren't too loud on the skin! My favourite is the rose gold one on the left! It suits my skin tone perfectly!

Next, we have the amazingly gorgeous baked eyeshaddows
Just LOOK at them colours!!!

These two can be used wet (for a more dramatic and bold look) Or dry (for a softer look).
The one that grabbed my attention straight away was 'Green Fortune' on the left. Holy good god look at that amazing marble effect! Such an amazing colour and even more beautiful on! This would be stunning on someone with hazel/green/brown eyes! The pigmentation on both of these is insane!

If you have any questions about box swapping or simply want to say hi! Then comment below or reach me at

The Parma Violet