Monday, 24 November 2014

H&M: Christmas On a Budget

Christmas is everywhere, Christmas means parties, Parties means dresses, Dresses means money which means that you actually have to have some! And given the current climate I know that most people out there are really struggling, myself included. Being unemployed means reading these blogs near Christmas makes it feel nearly impossible to have an amazing wardrobe for the festive season. BUT I have searched the high street and have found a few select stores in which it CAN be made possible for you and I to look impeccable this winter! So without further adieu I give you the top dresses from H&M on a budget for this Christmas.

This gorgeous festive green sparkle dress is absolutely perfect for Christmas parties, and at ony 12 euro you definatey cannot say no to this super perfect budget dress! I wore this dress to a Christmas Blogger event last week! And another girl turned up in the exact same dress, just goes to show that this is a VERY popular number! 
**NOTE** This dress runs small so you will be better off grabbing the next size or two up.
Also available in black.

This one is my utter favourite budget dress!
Gwan have a guess how much it is, I bet you'd never guess! have you an estimate?
This dress is 9.99 FROM H&M!! 
I couldn't believe it! Its so beautiful and classy! This dress would suit ANY Christmas party! With a plunging back, and netted neckline this dress will leave people asking ''omg you paid HOW much'' I recently wore this dress to So Sue Me's book launch! And it is also available in powder pink and deep purple. Collect them all! :) 

Looking for a pop of red this Christmas? 
This striking red dress is just 12.99 from H&M. With a drop waist and a pleated flare, this dress screams Christmas Party! Team with a statement necklace and a 1920's hair do and you're ready to par-tay bay-bay!

Not into Dresses? More of a trouser kind of girl?
Well look no further than this delicate piece from H&M.
The wide leg on this jumpsuit gives an instant slimming effect to the waist! What more could you want? This jumpsuit is just 19.99! Team with some red or gold accessories and you'll be super festive before you know it. Or keep it all white for a very white Christmas

have the skirt/trousers and need a top?
Look at this stunning gold and black top! This is SO much more prettier in the flesh!
With just the right amount of sparkle this will totally transform any outfit! 
And it just 9.99!!
Team with a leather skirt or some sexy leather biker trousers and you'll be set for a festive night out!

Going to a fancy dinner or a family gathering? 
This this is perfect! comfortable and flowy yet still elegant and edgy!
This Pretty dress is only 19.99!!
Team with some glitzy bangles, and a statement necklace and you'll look dazzling darling!! 

I hope that this post was of some use! I really do understand that Christmas isn't as easy for everyone else when buying presents for others and Children is your main priority, you tend to forget yourself, and that it's Christmas for you too! No it's not easy but thanks to H&M it makes it that little bit easier! 
And if anyone has purchased anything from this list please let me know! I'm dying to see you all in your budget Christmas buys! 
Happy shopping everyone!!

The Parma Violet

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