Friday 19 June 2015

Too Faced Cosmetics comes to Ireland

Yo! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer holidays / Sunshine / Day off / Day on/ Whatever you're doing I hope you're loving it :)

Well I nearly fell out of my standing when I strolled on into Debenhams and what did I see? A pretty little Too Faced cosmetics stand!! I think I may have peed a little! Clean up on aisle 5! And yes, I blew all my wages on a few delicious little items I just had to pick up , but sure you know what they say , ''Treat yo self gurl''
The stand was everything you expect -  Pink , Girly , and looking like the prettiest sweet shop! So how could I resist?

So here is what I picked up for myself! 

//Chocolate bar palette - 44
//Melted liquid lipstick in 'Melted Nude' - 22
//Better Than Sex mascara - 22

The packaging is just perfect! The chocolate bar palette looks like something out of a Willy Wonka dream land.The outer packaging looks like a divine chocolate bar wrapper and the casing looks like an actual bar of chocolate..And it only gets better - The shadows SMELL like Chocolate.. I have died and gone to sugary, chocolaty heaven. Not only that, these 16 cocoa infused beauties are antioxidant packed. You also get a handy little glamour guide inside!

The mascara packaging is super sleek, girly and positively gorgeous & the casing is even better! A sheer pink, heavy metallic tube of fabulousness awaits you!With claims of giving you 1,944% more volume how could I not pick this up?! With its gorgeous hourglass shaped brush this tube is also loaded with anti smudge proof  technology!!I've heard nothing but amazing things about this mascara! 

The Lipstick casing is fun, new, creative and refreshing! The Idea of a liquid lipstick had me excited from the get go but the packaging just makes so much sense, complete with a angled velvet tip there is no need for a brush at all! 

Although the makeup is a tad pricey I find you do really pay for what you're getting.
The casing is strong and sturdy and you can really feel this. In fact, the chocolate bar palette has a magnetic clasp so there's no need to tug and pull to try and open this baby.

The Mascara..If a nuclear bomb went off, the only things to survive would be the Nokia 3310 and this mascara! Indestructible 

Here's some swatches of the cocoa infused eye shadows
Even the names are amazingly sweet!
Here's a swatch of the beautifully thick and pigmented Melted Nude liquid lipstick. 
Oh my good god I am in love all over the place with this! I was scared that it would wear off quite quickly but not at all! I went to dinner and this baby battled through and stayed on the entire time! Well worth the money!


Ladies, this is what ONE COAT of the Better Than Sex mascara does to your lashes!
I cannot believe it! I have NEVER tried a mascara that has truly satisfied me the way this does. I am shocked in the best kind of way! How have I lived without this for so long.
No other mascara can compare to this. So if you wear falsies , you'll be waving bye bye to them if you indulge in this absolutely phenomenal,life changing mascara! 

Do you like Too Faced cosmetics? Have you ever tried them? Do you have any questions or even have some answers? Then don't be afraid to get in touch @

The Parma Violet 

Friday 22 May 2015

Wet n Wild Blogger Event 2015

On Wednesday (20th May) I attended the Wet n Wild blogger event in 9 Bond Street studios to celebrate their brand new makeup collection brought out just in time for was simply brilliant & a beauty bloggers dream! 

I decided to bring my gorgeous friend Ciara Boggans along for the fun, drink, mingling, cupcakes, drink, goodiebags, drink and drink. 
Upon entry we were greeted with a much needed glass of Champagne and chats!
The room was adorned with giant balloons mood lighting and absolutely stunning cherry blossoms!Not to mention the slush puppy machine, scrummie muffins and a fully stocked Wet n Wild stand! This party was every girls makeup fulled dream... Did I mention there were goody bags too? 

This Slush Puppy machine & wonderful DJ brought Sunshine & Summer happiness to the party.


Their new collection is affordable, colorful and beautiful!Equipped with brand new lipsticks , balm stains eyeshadows and nail polishes - their new collection will not disappoint! 

**Behold the glory that are these beyond perfect goody bags!**

There I got to meet so many bloggers that I've been dying to meet for ages The Glamour Nazi & Long Hair & Lashes to name but a few! I also met up with some of my beauty blogging babes who I hadn't seen in ages Enhance whats yours , KillerFashionBigBlondeGirlGail OConnor - Glam Force And it was sooo much fun to see all of these blogging beauties again! 

What I wore:

Black pointed toe heals // Penneys
Black jeans // Penneys
Black tank top // Penneys
Multicolored African style Kimono // Penneys

When I got home, I absolutely tore into my goody bag to see what I had been gifted!
And oh my god - it is unreal!
Wait until you see how truly generous the people at Wet N Wild & Publicity loft were!

In my goody bag I received:

*Juicy lip balm x4 - Raspberry, Cherry, Watermelon , Strawberry
* Glassy Gloss in #313A Glass-t Off
*Mega Glo bronzer #E348 Starlight Bronze
*Max Volume Mascara #E1501
*Cream Eyeshadow Pencil in #E131 Electro
*Colour icon Eyeshadow - Lagoon, Envy, Kitten
*Mega Rocks Glitter Nail Varnish - at will call (Purple) & Always in the pit (Red)
*Colouricon eyeliner #E660A Bronzed & E653E Cool Green
* Mega Slicks Lip Gloss in #E562B Cherry Glaze, #E579A Seedless Watermelon & #E567A Sheerly Cocoa 

Wet n Wild cosmetics are available in Dunnes Stores nationwide & Selected Penneys and Pharmacies 

For more information visit

Special thanks to all the Wet n Wild staff at 9 Bond street studios and also to Amy & Caroline from Publicity loft for an amazing evening.

The Parma Violet

Monday 11 May 2015

10 things 1 year of blogging taught me


I'm not going to lie, I totally forgot about my blogs birthday but that's perfectly acceptable right?
After one whole year of blogging (on and off) I've learnt so much about myself, others, and the blogging community. Some oh so good and some oh so bad! So enough of the boring shite, here's what I've learnt :

1 : DO NOT get wrapped up in superficial shit. 
Yes I'm a blogger and yes I like silly superficial things like makeup and clothes and pretty vases that you don't need but you buy anyway purely because it makes your home look nice, and in turn makes you feel nice. But there come a point where enough is enough. Do not let the superficial things take over who you are. You don't have to have the best makeup or you don't have to have the hottest body or the coolest hair or the funkiest bedroom.What you have to have is a REAL life, just like everyone else out there. I was always a very outgoing, fun loving girl and if it meant getting down and dirty well then that's all the better for me, but when I started blogging I started worrying about silly things like ''Is my makeup still on at 3 in the morning when everyone's drunk and looks like crap & no one notices  anyways'' Be realistic. No one likes a lame girl.

2 : Instagram is not real
Like many other bloggers out there I use Instagram as a platform for my blog. When I first started instagram, I would look at peoples pictures and wonder how did they get that extraordinary life, with their perfect makeup, pictures,blogposts and skin? Want the answer? FAKE IT! Its all smoke and mirrors darling. Do not compare yourself to those on instagram because the moment you do that, you will never be happy! The people on instagram don't have the life you think they do! Don't try to be them, be you, originality is always best.

3: Stand up for yourself Guuurl
When I first got into blogging I would come under fire for ''bad mouthing a product'' or ''swearing''. I then stopped being me and I  became a people pleaser..The worst type of person.
Now after one year I realise, that's what blogging is all about! If you don't like a product SAY IT! If it gave you a rash on your arse TELL THE WORLD, If this hyped up lipstick brought you down, BITCH, SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! You're a blogger!  People read YOUR shit to inform themselves! Don't be a 'yes sir, no sir, 3 bags full sir'' kind of blogger! DO  NOT LET COMPANIES PRESSURISE YOU INTO PROMOTING THEIR PRODUCT Tell it how it is and NEVER let anyone tell you otherwise, because then whoa re you really pleasing?

''Oh you're a blogger you must get TONNES of freebies'' Well.. Yes and no. Before I became a blogger that's what I thought at least! And yea, half of me wanted to become a blogger for the freebies & the all so elegant parties. But the reality is these ''parties'' and these ''goodie bags'' come with a price - The price being ''You must tweet the entire universe about what you have receive today'' ..And yes it becomes tiring to attend these gatherings to see everyone glued to their phones. It's not a party - its free advertising. 

5: The blogging world is HUGE - So what?
The blogging world is ALOT bigger than I had originally thought. Once you get sucked into the loop - you realise how unimportant and insignificant your blog really is, and I don't mean that in a ''ohh i want a pity party'' sort of way - I mean it in a very human and real way. Here is an online community of 1000's of bloggers doing the EXACT same thing as you. So don't fret about it, ENJOY the experience - because every single one of your followers have chosen to follow YOU for a reason! If you ever feel down about having ''only 100 followers'' - picture 100 people standing in a room all there for YOU...Now that's a lot of people just for you isn't it? Don't give up! 

When you first begin blogging you will hear all of these terrible and negative and sometimes down right silly buzzwords that will be ingrained into your very being. Lets start with the most cringe-worthy of them all - ''Haters'' : Never ever EVER call anyone a ''hater(s)'' This makes the public feel detached from you as if you have an air of superiority around you. People do not HATE you based on your blog - People may not agree/like everything you post up but they are NOT ''haters'' They're normal human beings with opinions and voices. 
Other words that you SHOULD NEVER use in blogging - Fab , Boo , Babe , Bae, Totes, Emosh, Hun, fleek, squad ...The list is endless.
I guess what I'm trying to say is - Just because the internet spews out these words, doesn't mean you should feel the need to use them to ''fit in''

7:Networking daaaarling
Before blogging I was a self confessed technophobe, and I still kind of am. I didn't realise how many job opportunities had opened up purely from being a blogger! Companies need people to endorse their products they need you to sell sell sell! And once you have a blog, well you're half way there! I now know the complete ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Blogger - the whole 9 yards-and that's a life skill right there - BOOM! 

8: BE YOU! 
As simple as it can be.. Be you!
When I first started and seen all these pretty pastel coloured blogs with fancy writing and pretty pastel  pictures I thought ''Well, why doesn't my blog look like that''? 
Well, Nadine darling- Because that's not you!
I learnt what IS me! 
There are literally 1000's of blogs out there with pastel backgrounds and cute flowery banners. But take that step back and think to yourself ''Is this me? Is this the me that i want everyone to know''? Because if it is,Honey there's 1000's more clones of your blog out there. 

9:Everything is not as it seems 
Let me tell you now, i thought  bloggers had this pristine life with their glamorous designer clothes, blogging on their perfect MAC computers while sporting utterly flawless makeup! The truth is if you must know.. I'm sitting here in Pyjamas (Not the cute kind) that I've been wearing for 3 days while sporting last nights makeup and trying to tame the wild mane of unbrushed hair... We are not as glamorous as you think we are  

10:Followers aren't / are everything 
When i first started blogging I was obsessed with the amount of followers I had / would have. my dream was to get to just 100 followers! Once I hit that I was pretty chuffed with myself! Now I have around 440 of you and honestly that blows me away! When i think of 440 people standing in a room - Man that's scary shit, but also so awesome! Followers make your blog what it is -appreciate the followers you have now!Never ever disrespect or undermine your followers. If you have just one or one million , the fact is they're there, and they're there because of you and for you. Thank you all!

Sunday 10 May 2015

My current May favorites

Seeming as I'm down in the absolute dumps with Gastroenteritis (Honestly - I have no bowels left) I decided to so something nice and light!
May has been a month of amazing finds for me so far & I'm really liking healthy glowing skin as of recent! so I thought I'd share with you what I'm loving this May :)

Lacura Aqua Complere Multi Intensive Serum - Aldi - 4

After hearing only amazing stuff about this bottle of joy I decided to go out and try it out for myself, and I am SUPER happy that I did! This serum cost's less than a fiver and is most DEFINITELY one of the best ones I have ever used. 
This serum is super refreshing when applied and instantly wakes up your skin. After a month of using it I notice that my skin is way more radiant, less spotty, and nice and firm.
One thing I found though - as with most serum's - don't use this over your spots, avoid your spotty areas.

Glow highlighter from Topshop 14

This little pot of bliss is my new best friend. I'm usually not one for cream highlighters but I decided to give this one a whack! I love this highlighter so so much! It doesn't make your face look like a disco ball AND it doesn't wear off in 10 minutes. I usually mix this in with my foundation to give my skin a healthy, natural looking glow.

Glow lotion - Soap & Glory 7.69

I picked up this stuff for a friends birthday recently and then realised i HAD to buy myself a bottle! This glow lotion looks incredible on the legs and decolletage AND has that blissful signature Soap & Glory scent that we all dream about. This can obviously be used as a highlighter on the face as well but seeming as I have sensitive skin, I'm not willing to risk it as such. Although this does wear off, it still gives you a beautiful glow and scent that looks really really natural. 

Rimmel Exxxagerate lipliner in Eastend Snob 7

This is my go to everyday lip liner since I bought it. I Love the colour, i love the texture and i love the fact you that its twist-able so you don't need to sharpen it! Although you don't get an awful lot in the stick itself its still a gorgeous nude colour that will suit nearly every skin tone 

Lace Flares from H&M Coachella collection 19

The second I saw these, I knew they had to be mine! I never knew a pair of trousers could represent me in so many ways (joke, but not really) Some of H&M's Coachella range can be a bit pricey and was expecting these to maybe be about 30 or 40 Euro. Well i only legged it to the till's when i seen they were only 19 euro! I went in the next day and they were completely sold out! I cannot wait to wear these on a summer night in a beer garden somewhere with friends.

Handbag 57 & Matching Purse 22 - River Island

After landing myself a new job I thought it was only fitting to ''Treat yo' self'' as they say. I had my eye on this matching set in River Island for SO long, but it was always 100% out of my price range. So I bit the bullet and went for it and I am so happy I did! I get so many people complimenting the handbag when I go out shopping or on a night out. If you want a good sized handbag that's not too much of a fuss BUT is still a statement piece, then this is the one for you! 

Thursday 7 May 2015



After taking a well deserved break to focus on my new job in Nandos and new body goals I decided its most definitely time to get back into blogging!

So, what have I been up to?

After being in a jobless rut for almost 4 years, opportunity came knocking and I bagged myself an amazing job. I now work in Nando's Tallaght, Dublin. 
I am so so lucky to be a part of an amazing team, this is where I spend the majority of my time, so I apologise in advance if some of my post's are uploaded at weird times.
If you live around tallaght come in, say hi and I'll serve you some chicken ;)

I've also been way more focused on my weight loss recently.
Looking back at old photos just made me realise how much I had let myself go. I was stuck in a rut with no way out. I was jobless, In a happy,comfortable relationship,with no aims or goals in life, slightly depressed and living for the weekend, which lets face it, wasn't all that great in the grand scheme of things. 
I decided I do NOT want to be that person who looks shite, feels shite and lives shite. I did not want to fill my boring days with Facebook & junk food, and I CERTAINLY did not want to drink every weekend, weather it be in town or a friends house. It all became the same, and it all got boring REALLY fast! 

Something clicked in me and reality struck ''I'm nearly 25, I really need to start looking after my health, my metabolism is only going to start getting worse and worse and I'M the only person who can stop it''
Now, 5 months on I have very proudly lost just over a stone a half!
I am in shock! I haven't felt this great in a very very long time. My confidence has grown, my tummy is getting smaller, I have more energy and my clothes fit better! Not to mention I'm sleeping like a baby and my skin hair and nails and in great condition!! 
I decided to go out and buy a bikini in Penneys for my upcoming holiday to Portugal! I took a selfie and placed it next to a bikini picture from last year, well I could have died! I am SO proud of myself for coming this far and I had zero idea I looked THAT different 
And this is ALL down to Slimming World.
It has truly changed my life around. I still have some ways to go yet but all good things come to those who wait....and diet 

I will be posting more and more stuff up about Slimming world as well as body confidence and my usual beauty posts :)

Thank you SO much for reading and if you or anyone you know is currently doing slimming world and want some tips or simply want to chat, don't be afraid to comment below or email me at 

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Ikea Vanity - Boho Trippy Hippy

Good morning you beauties!! Here is the 4th instalment of my ''Ikea vanity'' posts! 
I've had a lot of fun throwing these together and showing you guys just how easy it is to fit your individual style into your makeup area! 
Seeming as this is my personal favourite I saved this one until last! I hope you guys like it just as much as I do!

*L to R*

*Hanging seat -  33
*Alex Drawers makeup desk - 150
*Mosaic mirror - 17
*Relaxing candle lantern - 20
*Green Makeup brush holders - 12
*Persian rug - 330
*White candle/brush holder - 2
*Wicker chair -40
*Trippy tapestry hanging material - 6

Why not try hanging some twinkly lights around your mirror for that little something extra!
This string of LED diamond lights are just 16 

So if YOU have a request for a personalised vanity! Please let me know!
I hope you found this post helpful, have you got any of these Ikea products? If so what do you think?

The Parma Violet

Wednesday 11 February 2015

IKEA vanity - Vibrant & bright

Want something a bit more WOW for your vanity?
Are you looking to jazz up your space with some bright happiness coming up to summer?
Well then check out all this eye popping gorgeousness from ikea!

L to R
Multicoloured chair€100
Malm dresser- €100
Green vase - €35
Comic pop wall hanging - €14
Hollywood Musik lightbulbs - €50
Mirror - €14
Multicoloured lanterns - €2.50 each
Glass vase/brush holder €2
Multicoloured button low pile rug -  €40

Try light up your vanity with this multicolour set of string lights!!

Stay tuned for even more personalised vanity's from ikea!

The Parma Violet