Thursday, 7 May 2015



After taking a well deserved break to focus on my new job in Nandos and new body goals I decided its most definitely time to get back into blogging!

So, what have I been up to?

After being in a jobless rut for almost 4 years, opportunity came knocking and I bagged myself an amazing job. I now work in Nando's Tallaght, Dublin. 
I am so so lucky to be a part of an amazing team, this is where I spend the majority of my time, so I apologise in advance if some of my post's are uploaded at weird times.
If you live around tallaght come in, say hi and I'll serve you some chicken ;)

I've also been way more focused on my weight loss recently.
Looking back at old photos just made me realise how much I had let myself go. I was stuck in a rut with no way out. I was jobless, In a happy,comfortable relationship,with no aims or goals in life, slightly depressed and living for the weekend, which lets face it, wasn't all that great in the grand scheme of things. 
I decided I do NOT want to be that person who looks shite, feels shite and lives shite. I did not want to fill my boring days with Facebook & junk food, and I CERTAINLY did not want to drink every weekend, weather it be in town or a friends house. It all became the same, and it all got boring REALLY fast! 

Something clicked in me and reality struck ''I'm nearly 25, I really need to start looking after my health, my metabolism is only going to start getting worse and worse and I'M the only person who can stop it''
Now, 5 months on I have very proudly lost just over a stone a half!
I am in shock! I haven't felt this great in a very very long time. My confidence has grown, my tummy is getting smaller, I have more energy and my clothes fit better! Not to mention I'm sleeping like a baby and my skin hair and nails and in great condition!! 
I decided to go out and buy a bikini in Penneys for my upcoming holiday to Portugal! I took a selfie and placed it next to a bikini picture from last year, well I could have died! I am SO proud of myself for coming this far and I had zero idea I looked THAT different 
And this is ALL down to Slimming World.
It has truly changed my life around. I still have some ways to go yet but all good things come to those who wait....and diet 

I will be posting more and more stuff up about Slimming world as well as body confidence and my usual beauty posts :)

Thank you SO much for reading and if you or anyone you know is currently doing slimming world and want some tips or simply want to chat, don't be afraid to comment below or email me at