Sunday, 10 May 2015

My current May favorites

Seeming as I'm down in the absolute dumps with Gastroenteritis (Honestly - I have no bowels left) I decided to so something nice and light!
May has been a month of amazing finds for me so far & I'm really liking healthy glowing skin as of recent! so I thought I'd share with you what I'm loving this May :)

Lacura Aqua Complere Multi Intensive Serum - Aldi - 4

After hearing only amazing stuff about this bottle of joy I decided to go out and try it out for myself, and I am SUPER happy that I did! This serum cost's less than a fiver and is most DEFINITELY one of the best ones I have ever used. 
This serum is super refreshing when applied and instantly wakes up your skin. After a month of using it I notice that my skin is way more radiant, less spotty, and nice and firm.
One thing I found though - as with most serum's - don't use this over your spots, avoid your spotty areas.

Glow highlighter from Topshop 14

This little pot of bliss is my new best friend. I'm usually not one for cream highlighters but I decided to give this one a whack! I love this highlighter so so much! It doesn't make your face look like a disco ball AND it doesn't wear off in 10 minutes. I usually mix this in with my foundation to give my skin a healthy, natural looking glow.

Glow lotion - Soap & Glory 7.69

I picked up this stuff for a friends birthday recently and then realised i HAD to buy myself a bottle! This glow lotion looks incredible on the legs and decolletage AND has that blissful signature Soap & Glory scent that we all dream about. This can obviously be used as a highlighter on the face as well but seeming as I have sensitive skin, I'm not willing to risk it as such. Although this does wear off, it still gives you a beautiful glow and scent that looks really really natural. 

Rimmel Exxxagerate lipliner in Eastend Snob 7

This is my go to everyday lip liner since I bought it. I Love the colour, i love the texture and i love the fact you that its twist-able so you don't need to sharpen it! Although you don't get an awful lot in the stick itself its still a gorgeous nude colour that will suit nearly every skin tone 

Lace Flares from H&M Coachella collection 19

The second I saw these, I knew they had to be mine! I never knew a pair of trousers could represent me in so many ways (joke, but not really) Some of H&M's Coachella range can be a bit pricey and was expecting these to maybe be about 30 or 40 Euro. Well i only legged it to the till's when i seen they were only 19 euro! I went in the next day and they were completely sold out! I cannot wait to wear these on a summer night in a beer garden somewhere with friends.

Handbag 57 & Matching Purse 22 - River Island

After landing myself a new job I thought it was only fitting to ''Treat yo' self'' as they say. I had my eye on this matching set in River Island for SO long, but it was always 100% out of my price range. So I bit the bullet and went for it and I am so happy I did! I get so many people complimenting the handbag when I go out shopping or on a night out. If you want a good sized handbag that's not too much of a fuss BUT is still a statement piece, then this is the one for you!