Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Autumn / Winter lipsticks 2014

Lipstick has slowly become my mini obsession over the past year. I'm most fond of dark colours, so I am beyond delighted that Autumn is here so I can wear these gorgeous colours all over my face. So here are my most favourite (and cheap) , pretty little lippies for Autumn/Winter 

Excuse the messy Wet N Wild caps..I am a monster
So from left to right we have..

  • Cherry Bomb - Wet n Wild
  • Cinamon Spice - Wet n Wild
  • Sugar Plum Fairy - Wet n Wild
  • Roxo - amplified - Pedro Lourenco for MAC - Limited Edition
  • Viva Glam 1 - Matte - MAC
  • Goddess of the Sea - Cremesheen - Alluring Aquatic - Limited edition
  • Kooky - MUA LUXE - Lip lacquer 
  • Reckless - MUA LUXe - Lip lacquer 
This autumn seems to be all about deep matte reds and purples, which i am obviously loving!

Swatches from left to right, as above!
Excuse the messyness, my dog ruined it with his cute paws and devilish ways

Wet n Wild cosmetics available in Dunnes Stores & Penneys nationwide
Mac from MAC @ Brown Thomas Dublin
you can order MUA LUXE from here

The Parma Violet

Monday, 29 September 2014

Hello™ launches in Ireland - Review

Good god, I have been SO inactive this past month! And I'm dreadfully sorry! And will make it up to you guys very soon ;)

So, I have been attending a few low key and not so low key blogger events in the past month and I decided I should probably get up off my arse and actually write about them!

This month seen the launch of 'Hello products'- here in Ireland, the event took place in the Trinity city hotel with thanks to National Beauty & Publicity Loft, complete with personalised cocktails and muffins, nom nom nom!

Hello is an american company who base their products on friendly oral care. With no alcohol & No artificial sweeteners, and none of that horrible stinging sensation that has you jumping up and down in your bathroom screaming while your tongue is nearly falling off, these super friendly alternatives are really gentle, inexpensive and so great looking that they even earned a 'good design award'.Fair play lads!

So..What did I think?
The mouthwash (€7.50)

PROS:First of all, the packaging is smart and attractive!
The mouthwash bottle is a decent size with the cap acting like a swill cup its a very smart and handy idea.
The flavour I chose was Mojito mint - Its almost good enough to drink, and believe it or not you can!
I found the mouthwash to be insanely gentle and lovely to use. Nothing was overpowering about it and its also available in an array of flavours!  I can safely say I will most definitely be buying this again!

CONS: I found that it doesn't leave your breath as fresh for as long as I wanted it to, but that will not effect what I think of this great product!

The grapefruit mint breath spray(€4.95)

PROS: Look at this teeny tiny pod of cuteness! Not only is it cute as hell, but it is absolutely perfect for your handbag! the packaging is very attractive.
And with a 'turn to open' cap, it keeps the spray clean and fresh. The flavour is amazing, again gentle and refreshing! This flavour is slightly sweeter than that of the mouthwash and has no artificial sweeteners! Again, this bad boy is available in many different flavours!

CONS: Again, this doesn't keep my breath fresh for as long as id like.

Hello products are Leaping bunny certified so these are never tested on animals which is fantastic news! 

You can have a closer look at all these great products here.

Hello products will be stocked in McCabes Pharmacies and Sam McCauley Chemists nationwide from September 2014

The Parma Violet

Monday, 22 September 2014

Pastel at Penneys

Hello and good afternoon everybody! Hope everyone's Monday isn't starting off too bad! Because I know mine is! I'm only after going and breaking my toes! Just my luck eh? But one thing that IS making my Monday is seeing all the fabulous pastel colours surrounding Pennys/Primark at the moment! 

Who said Pastel is just for spring? I think the wonderful icy blues and cool pinks are exactly what we need this Autumn/Winter!
So here is a few things that I've spotted in Penney's on my last trip 
Penneys/Primark seem to be TOTALLY on point this Autumn/Winter with there amazing range of new,fresh and fashionable coats and jackets. 
These two were most definitely my favorite! Inexpensive,chic and VERY pretty
  • Right: Pastel pink over sized jacket - 30.00euro (excuse the lighting, its actually a very pretty pink)

  • Left:  powder blue oversized soft coat - 28.00euro

These coats are absolutely stunning, and are perfect for the run up to Winter! These jackets will make your outfit a stunning statement.
This gorgeous textured clutch will add femininity to any outfit. And at only  7Euro, how can you resist?
Now this faux leather, pastel blue pencil skirt is simply stunning! Looking for those damn hot Kim Kardashian curves? Well grab one of these bad boys, team with some nude heals and you wont know what hit you! This skirt is also available in baby pink and black! not bad for 12 Euro!!
Looking for a more relaxed approach? Then look no further than this uber relaxed,girly and stylish outfit. 
Pleated skirt 15EURO
nude pink T bar dolly shoes - 10EURO
Fluffy duck egg knitted jumper (available in pink & mint too) - 12 EURO

People...Feast your eyes, on this glorious bag! Yes its from Penneys and yes its only 11euro!Can  you believe it? Just look at how pretty it is! And its an absolutely perfect size too! These will fly off the shelves so grab one while you can!

Have you found any pastel prettiness from Penneys/Primark? Let me know, comment below! :)

The Parma Violet

Thursday, 18 September 2014

My August wish list

Good afternoon everyone! And wow what a busy evening I have ahead of myself!

I am actually going to be attending an evening celebrating the many years of Vaseline in the fabulous Morgan hotel in Temple Bar. And I'm super excited!
Now this is just a list of everything that made me go WOW this August! Nothing too fancy about this blog post, just a wee bit of lusting fun! 
  1. Yves Saint Laurent - Touche Eclat 
  2. MAC -  Ruby woo
  3. MAC - Spiked
  4. Urban Decay - Pulp Fiction Collection ...wow
  5. Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow
  6. Crux and Crow - Tie Dye dress
  7. Lancome - Hypnose Eau de Parfum 
The Parma Violet

Is volcanic ash the next big thing in skincare?

Good morning! And yes you heard that right!

Volcanic ash or Charcoal has been used in skincare products for many years, but now, there has been a sudden explosion *Pardon the pun* on the skincare scene.
Is it any good? Is it expensive? If so, are they're any dupes? Well, lets find out shall we?

First of all we have MAC's Mineralize volcanic ash exfoliator. This baby can be used as an exfoliating scrub, or as a lovely warm face mask. So what did I think?
When I used this product, I used it as a face scrub as using anything as a facemask usually tends to make me break out into awful spots.
It feels great when applied on the skin, the gorgeous sugar crystals get right to work when you give your face a good aul thorough scrub. I must admit it doesn't smell like the nicest daisy but it works miracles. 
When washing off I found it left my skin, super soft and insanely moisturised!
I must say,I was truly shocked, my skin usually breaks out if I try any new skincare products, but this made my skin baby soft with a healthy glow. The only set back is the price! This retails at a whopping 30EURO! 

So...Is there a dupe?

YES! And it's SO much more affordable! Introducing Boot's own brand - Teatree & Witch Hazel Charcoal facemask and facescrub 
This product I find smells nicer and works just as well, if not better!
These bad boys will save you a pretty penny and save your pretty face.
These deep cleansing gifts from god are to be seriously tested for yourselves.
At 5.50EURO each these gorgeous lifesavers should definitely be a staple in every girls skincare routine. Especially if you suffer from blackheads/acne.
These are currently on offer in boots for 3 for 2! so run down and get your lovely mitts on these two fabulous products!

The Parma Violet

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Jewelry by Magpies nest

Hello, and good evening everybody! If you're looking for some late night reading before bed or simply are looking for some quality jewelry then I have just the post for you.

I recently got approached by a gorgeous and lovely girl on Instagram wondering if we could maybe do a collaboration and I jumped at the chance.
She runs her own business in England and creates some of the most delicate and pretty jewelry I have ever seen.
You can check out her stuff here!!
 And these are the three items that she sent me 
This gorgeous amethyst necklace on 18' chain.
Usually retails for 4.77 EURO
This necklace is insanely durable and very well made.
This insanely gorgeous grey/purple titanium quartz necklace (left) which is my favourite of the two.
This piece usually retails at 4.51 EURO
The wiring of this one is a tad 'spikey' but is easily fixed.Such a stunningly beautiful necklace for such a low price! Bargain!
I love the super unusual colour of this piece. It is a truly unique piece of jewelry and you can see how well made these two necklaces are close up. (Below)
 I will be wearing these ALL Autumn/Winter because..I mean..look at them! they're perfect for this time of year! 
She also sent me this beautiful, delicate lilac anklet with a leaf charm. And I am in love with it! Its so pretty! This piece retails at 2.19EURO.

If you are interested in this fantastic jewelry you can visit her
>instagram here
>Etsy website here

I hope you do pop over and buy something here because you seriously wont regret it. She also sent me a lovely hand written letter which was just the cherry on top.

Thank you Magpies Nest! I am one truly happy customer!

The Parma Violet

Monday, 8 September 2014

Holly's Handmades - Review

Hello everyone, and hello September! I'm so sorry I have been out of action for a while, my internet was down a lot of the time but it's back now! (queue angels singing)

Now, first on my very long list of backed up posts include this gem.
Holly Skelton is a local craft maker from Tallaght who's work is gaining huge popularity!
Holly makes anything from jewelry, to decorations, and not forgetting her statement dream catchers.

Me and Holly have known each other for years.I recently contacted her to ask if she would like to be featured on my blog, she jumped at the chance and I couldn't have been happier. We arranged for her to send me a headpiece. And THIS is what I received.
Look at the gorgeous packaging!

When I opened the beautiful box I seen this 
A wonderful hand written letter and a mound of prettiness!
Fizzers,drumsticks,lovehearts and of course PARMA VIOLETS!
SO beautiful! I was completely overwhelmed!
She also through in this gorgeous hand made dream catcher!!

And the piece I was waiting for!
Isn't it amazingly stunning?!

She has included extra interchangeable charms for the front of the headpiece if I wish to change the look of the headpiece.
This is a really well crafted piece of jewelry, and I honestly could not be happier with it.
Over all for the product itself and the packaging, I would most definitely give this 10/10 and I seriously urge anyone who wants a truly original piece of jewelry to visit this girls page. Shes extremely creative so can help you with any ideas you would like to expand on.

**You can find Holly's Handmade's on Facebook here!**

The Parma Violet