Monday, 29 September 2014

Hello™ launches in Ireland - Review

Good god, I have been SO inactive this past month! And I'm dreadfully sorry! And will make it up to you guys very soon ;)

So, I have been attending a few low key and not so low key blogger events in the past month and I decided I should probably get up off my arse and actually write about them!

This month seen the launch of 'Hello products'- here in Ireland, the event took place in the Trinity city hotel with thanks to National Beauty & Publicity Loft, complete with personalised cocktails and muffins, nom nom nom!

Hello is an american company who base their products on friendly oral care. With no alcohol & No artificial sweeteners, and none of that horrible stinging sensation that has you jumping up and down in your bathroom screaming while your tongue is nearly falling off, these super friendly alternatives are really gentle, inexpensive and so great looking that they even earned a 'good design award'.Fair play lads!

So..What did I think?
The mouthwash (€7.50)

PROS:First of all, the packaging is smart and attractive!
The mouthwash bottle is a decent size with the cap acting like a swill cup its a very smart and handy idea.
The flavour I chose was Mojito mint - Its almost good enough to drink, and believe it or not you can!
I found the mouthwash to be insanely gentle and lovely to use. Nothing was overpowering about it and its also available in an array of flavours!  I can safely say I will most definitely be buying this again!

CONS: I found that it doesn't leave your breath as fresh for as long as I wanted it to, but that will not effect what I think of this great product!

The grapefruit mint breath spray(€4.95)

PROS: Look at this teeny tiny pod of cuteness! Not only is it cute as hell, but it is absolutely perfect for your handbag! the packaging is very attractive.
And with a 'turn to open' cap, it keeps the spray clean and fresh. The flavour is amazing, again gentle and refreshing! This flavour is slightly sweeter than that of the mouthwash and has no artificial sweeteners! Again, this bad boy is available in many different flavours!

CONS: Again, this doesn't keep my breath fresh for as long as id like.

Hello products are Leaping bunny certified so these are never tested on animals which is fantastic news! 

You can have a closer look at all these great products here.

Hello products will be stocked in McCabes Pharmacies and Sam McCauley Chemists nationwide from September 2014

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