Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Ikea Vanity - Boho Trippy Hippy

Good morning you beauties!! Here is the 4th instalment of my ''Ikea vanity'' posts! 
I've had a lot of fun throwing these together and showing you guys just how easy it is to fit your individual style into your makeup area! 
Seeming as this is my personal favourite I saved this one until last! I hope you guys like it just as much as I do!

*L to R*

*Hanging seat -  33
*Alex Drawers makeup desk - 150
*Mosaic mirror - 17
*Relaxing candle lantern - 20
*Green Makeup brush holders - 12
*Persian rug - 330
*White candle/brush holder - 2
*Wicker chair -40
*Trippy tapestry hanging material - 6

Why not try hanging some twinkly lights around your mirror for that little something extra!
This string of LED diamond lights are just 16 

So if YOU have a request for a personalised vanity! Please let me know!
I hope you found this post helpful, have you got any of these Ikea products? If so what do you think?

The Parma Violet

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

IKEA vanity - Vibrant & bright

Want something a bit more WOW for your vanity?
Are you looking to jazz up your space with some bright happiness coming up to summer?
Well then check out all this eye popping gorgeousness from ikea!

L to R
Multicoloured chair€100
Malm dresser- €100
Green vase - €35
Comic pop wall hanging - €14
Hollywood Musik lightbulbs - €50
Mirror - €14
Multicoloured lanterns - €2.50 each
Glass vase/brush holder €2
Multicoloured button low pile rug -  €40

Try light up your vanity with this multicolour set of string lights!!

Stay tuned for even more personalised vanity's from ikea!

The Parma Violet

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

IKEA vanity - Big & Bold

Since I done the pretty pink parisian theamed vanity , I thought I might aswel throw together this highly sought after block colour theme for a more big and bold look! This vanity is perfect for those who own an unreal amount of makeup/ beauty products . This time i went for red seeming as valentines day is just around the corner!
Again every product used here is from Ikea 

From L to R
Strandmon chair in red €220
Linndmon / alex desk €150
Ung drill mirror €30
Duvflader vase €25
Knarstar pictue €12
Vinager vase €11
Harfin candle holders €19
Godkanna Candle / Brush holder €7

Why not choose some string lights to wrap around your mirror for that extra bit of brightness?
try these heart shaped Ramsta lights - €16

Stay tuned for more personalised vanity's

The Parma Violet

Monday, 9 February 2015

IKEA vanity - Pretty parisian in pink

This week i have decided to completely transform my bedroom with my first ever paycheck! My room hasn't been done up since I was 14 (over 10 years ago, yikes!) So I think it is by time I made my space a little more...me! 
I then heard from from a lot of you about wanting vanity's but not knowing where to start! So I decided to throw together a few different vanity's for a few different styles! First up is this pretty pink Parisian themed vanity for all you girly girls out there! 
(All products from IKEA)
From L to R 

Medveten vase €6
Hemnes Dressing table in Pink -225
Lacko chair in Grey €20
Skurar candle / brush holder - €2
Ramsta diamond lights - €16
Gottgora lantern - €10
Adum high pile rug in Cream €80
Sokerart vase / brush holder €8
Rektangel vase/brush holder €2.75
(print off Chanel label and stick to vase to achieve this look)

If you want to decorate the walls around your vanity then maybe you should think about doing something like this! Its super effective,simple, girly and pretty!
Pjatteryd Audery Hepburn picture - €30

Framed shopping bags!
An amazing idea to decorate any fashionistas surrounding vanity!
Simply go in to your local stores and ask for a shopping bag and they will give you one then and there!
Head to Ikea and buy these super handy gorgeous frames from as little as just €1 each!! 

More styles to come including, big and bold, vibrant and relaxed boho (my favouirte) stay tuned!

The Parma Violet