Sunday, 31 August 2014

Simply Be curvy 2015 - The heats

Hello everybody! What a happy Sunday it is for me, and I hope that this Sunday is a happy one for you too!

I mentioned previously that I had been one of 300 very lucky and gorgeous girls chosen out of 5,000 entrants to attend the heats for the SimplyBe curvy model search 2015. And today was the big day.
The event was held in the fabulous Gibson Hotel, and I really underestimated just how big this competition is!

As I entered the waiting room to place down my name, there was a sea of stunningly beautiful women, including none other than the Expose team and Celia Holman Lee,and it was only then I felt them butterflies going crazy in my stomach, I was insanely nervous..and under dressed!! Everyone was in full hair and makeup and looked so breathtaking, I'm not going to lie...getting up at 7 was enough for me, I went seriously plain with my hair and makeup..And regret that choice  now 

After 3 hours of waiting around,I finally got called in with two other stunning girls! 
We had a practice catwalk lesson, then we entered a room with 4 judges. One of them being a previous winner, and they were all so lovely, and made you really feel at ease.My butterflies went and I was just my usual chatty self (even though I messed up my entrance a bit). They asked us around 4 questions each then we were free to leave and that we would receive a call tomorrow if we were to get a place in the final 12.

It would be a dream come true to be selected for the final 12, but all in all I am super proud of myself for even coming this far, never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to get this far in anything! 
Thank you to everyone who wished me luck, and good luck to absolutely everyone involved! 
Lets remind everyone that curves are beautiful and sexy! Don't shy away, flaunt the curves you have and be proud of them, after all, that's what makes us women! 

..Now to watch my phone like a hawk


The Parma Violet

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Nails by Mantra

Good evening everyone! I hope everyone is having a brilliant time at Electric Picnic, and if you couldnt go, like me, have a good aul cry into your cup of tea, sit down and watch the highlights!

Now, shockingly enough, I have never had my nails done, ever! So I decided that today is going to be the day. I recently heard about a brand new beauty salon in the Tallaght area. So I popped down to have a look! And when I did, I was super pleased! Here is their amazing price list!
I was greeted by Diana, the super gorgeous,bubbly,talkative and proud owner of Mantra.
Diana has been working in the beauty industry for many years and offers a pretty,girly and comfortable beauty salon that will most definitely 'bring out your inner diva'
I opted for a classic 'french' gel nail set and I couldn't be any happier with the results.
Look at that perfect finish!
The session lasted around an hour and Diana and I chatted for the whole time! She makes your visit so comfortable. And the service she offers is flawless.
(I'm sorry about the picture quality, my camera isn't working well)
 These nails should last me around 2 weeks and are honestly perfect.
I will most definitely be taking a trip back very soon to check out the other amazing services Mantra has to offer.
You can find Mantra on Facebook here!
Mantra is located in the Brookfield enterprise centre, Tallaght, Dublin 24


The Parma Violet

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Revlon colourstay moisturestain & gel envy *review*

Good evening everyone! I'm mad sorry that the majority of my posts have been posted in the evening time recently, I'm a tad under the weather and feel so groggy in the morning time...and I'm just too lazy! 

ANYWAY, Recently I received a PR package from the lovely people at Revlon! I was dealing with an amazing woman called holly, who couldn't have been nicer and more helpful if she tried, I honestly haven't come across a more helpful PR, so thank you Holly and thank you for this generous package she sent me!
A hand written note, how lovely and personal!

In this package I recieved:
3 Revlon colourstay moisturestain's
3 Revlon colourstay Gel Envy nail varnishes 
When I opened the Lip glosses I realised that one was empty, I emailed holly about the matter and she immediately sorted out my problem and shipped me 3 more! Amazing!

So here are the colours:

050 London Posh (Excuse the sickly skin)
A Shimmery nude with a gold undertone 
025 Cannes Crush
A Bright peach
035 Miami Fever
A more vibrant peachy orange
001 India Intrigue 
A purple/mauve colour
First impressions : When you first apply the lipgloss, its a tad streaky and looks almost chalky. But after a few layers it goes on just fine. I wouldn't really call this a ''stain'' at all. 

Although the colours are gorgeous, the staying power is quite minimal. The product its self is thick and makes your lips feel moisturised and plump, This is one thing i did love about these. But after about half an hour the shine and colour seem to be gone completely.

 I appreciate Revlon sending me this gorgeous package but unfortunately it didn't quite tickle my fancy..Sorry Revlon!

Up next we have the Gel Envy nail varnishes  

130 Pocket Aces
410 Up the Ante
220 In the Money

When I first saw these colours I was blown away, I'm not the biggest 'green' fan in the world but them purple and coral colours got me so excited to try them on...
And I adore them!
(Sorry about the shabby nail work, not my strong point)

These swatches on my nails are after only one coat!
The coverage is amazing! And they dry pretty quickly! Super pigmented with a high gloss shine. I would urge any nail enthusiast to get their little paws on these babies! 
Super fun and super girly, and I love the summer colours they sent me! So perfect!


The Parma Violet

Monday, 25 August 2014

Pastel blue wishlist

Good evening! 

Yesterday I got my acceptance letter to the SimplyBe 2015 model search heats! I am beyond excited, I cannot contain my happiness!After wrecking my brain about what to wear on the day, I think I'm going to go for a 50's pastel blue dress.(If anyone else visiting my blog is attending or know anyone else attending please comment below)

 Pastel blue is my most favourite colour out there at the moment, so here is my pastel blue themed wishlist!

Eyegasm overload
  1. Unicorn heels by Jeffery Campbell
  2. Pastel blue purse from River Island
  3. Pale blue platform heels from River island
  4. Irregular Choice heels from ModCloth
  5. Pale blue lace dress from ModCloth
  6. Perrywinkle blue nail polish from BarryM
  7. Daisy Dream eau de parfum by Marc Jacobs
  8. A line summer dress from ModCloth
  9. Baby blue, leather look pencil skirt from River Island
  10. Sky Blue satchel from River Island
  11. Pale blue purse from River Island
  12. 50's style healed shoes from ModCloth
  13. Blue hair bow from Claire's Accessories 
  14. Blue fedora from River Island
  15. Bright blue lace dress with gold belt from Modcloth
  16. Blue mint creepers from T.U.K 



Sunday, 24 August 2014

MUA luxe lacquer - *Review*

Hello everyone! Trying to get through as many things today as humanly possible whilst unwell! (Worlds smallest violin) and this post in number one on my list so here it goes! :)

I've always been truly devastated that MUA do not sell their LUXE collection here in Ireland! Seeming as my whole family live in Birmingham,England (Whaddup the fam) my ma flew over to England and I asked her to bring me home these little gems! So without further adieu, here is my verdict..

Look at the pretty!!
I basically asked my ma to grab all the colours that she could get her hands on, these were the only 4 in stock at that time
The packaging is very ''Luxe'' itself! 
And these only cost £3 each!! 
These babies go on wet and dry completely matte! How amazing!! 
The packaging is similar to that of Limecrimes Velvetines frosted glass casing!
And thankfully a fraction of the price! Limecrimes Velvetines usually retail at $20 each!

Here's the colours I currently have
  • Kooky - An ultraviolet matte purple.The staying power of this colour is amazing! And is my favorite of all four
  • Reckless - This amazing 50's style red is an absolutely perfect statement red! The staying power is quite good, I find this one dried the quickest
  • Funk - This candy,bubblegum pink i usually something id steer away from, but I honestly love it, THIS one was like rock to get off, the staying power is unbelievable 
  • Tranquility - This gorgeous colour is perfect for creating that sexy 60's look, pair this with dark smokey eyes, big eyelashes and a mini skirt and hello twiggy!


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The Parma Violet

Saturday, 23 August 2014

**Dreamdots- Review**

Hello and good afternoon! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the last few days of summer (thats always such a sad sentence to hear) 

Anyway, I recently received some complimentary packages, and i'm trying my best to get through them all! So today we have the newest spot solution - Dreamdots.
I have always had problems with spotty skin as I suffer with Rosacea, so I love finding new products that really work! So here's what I thought of thee here Dreamdots.
The packaging is basic, giving straightforward info, which is always good.

The idea behind these babies is that you apply a circular plastic dot, atop of which ever spot is bothering you before you go to sleep, and when you awake in the morning, voila!-the spot is gone.
Before I went to bed I noticed I had a horrible, ganky, cluster of spots just above my right eyebrow. I began to apply the Dreamdots. Although they're slightly tricky to remove from the packaging, applying them is a piece of cake. So as I went to dreamy snooze land, this was the result.

Step by step
  1. Clean your skin before applying the dot ( apply to dry skin only )
  2. Cover your unsightly spot with the dot
  3. Leave overnight
  4. Remove dot and cleanse.
Its that Simple!

(Sorry about the colour difference, terrible camera)

As you can see the spots on my forehead were reduced dramatically, this is because I used the dream dots for two nights. I found them quite fast acting, and also it leaves the area around the spot baby soft! 
As you can see I have a dream dot applied on the inside of my eye (sexy) so I am awaiting the results of that one.

All in all I think this is a relatively good product!Absolutely PERFECT for when you've woken up with a nightmare spot but are planning on going out that night. I usually sit around the house wearing them during the day so that my spots will appear less angry during the night! 

or more information, or if you would wish to try out Dreamdots for yourself click here!

If you have tried Dreamdots or any other spot treatment, simply comment below or get in touch @, thank you 

The Parma Violet

Monday, 18 August 2014

Simply Be curvy 2015 & Liebster award!

My god this week has been SO busy for me! And I'm very sorry I haven't been blogging as much as I should have but I have a few handy posts in store for ya'll!

FIRSTLY Id like to thank Elena Villa for nominating me for the Liebster award! it absolutely made my day! I would answer some questions but I just got nominated for another award and answered a bunch of questions on my previous blog post! :) Go and visit her super awesome blog here! Thank you again lovely!

Also! i got a bit of a surprise this week! I entered myself in the SimpleBe 2015 model search campaign after applying for VPlus models (And disgracefully hearing nothing back) I decided to take the plunge..What have I got to loose right? Well I applied for SimplyBe about 2 months ago, and COMPLETELY forgot i done so, it totally slipped my mind. As I opened my Gmail and seen a mail from SimplyBe, I knew straight away it was a message to decline my application. Not even 1% of me thought that I would be accepted! As I began  to read the email I then hit this bomb!
''This  year  Simply Be Curvy 2015 has received thousands of entries from allacross  the  country.   We  have managed to whittle it down to 300 girls toattend the heats and congratulations, you are one of them!We are delighted to invite you to attend the next stage of the competition,on  Saturday  30th  August  or  Sunday  31st August at 9.30am in The GibsonHotel, Dublin.''

I was absolutely blown away! I cannot believe I've made it into the heats! I was genuinely jumping for joy! I couldn't believe it!
Now to tone up that belly and lay off the crap food!
I am genuinely looking forward to meeting everyone attending this amazing event! And good luck to all involved!! Give it your all ladies!! See you there!

If you are attending the Simply Be model search in the Gibson hotel, please comment below or get in contact with me by emailing me on, thank you!

The Parma Violet

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Beauty UK review

Good evening! 

And what a busy month August is starting off to be! Firstly I went for an interview for Forever 21 today,so keep your fingers crossed for me! :) Secondly, this week has seen the very first complimentary packages to arrive at my doorstep from various companies (us bloggers do live the life eh?) So here is what I received today! 
Look at all the pretty!!This is what i got sent
*Posh palette 'festival'
*High brow - eyebrow kit
*Snob - lipstick
*Vampire - lipstick
And two surprise nail varnishes *pink pop and red royale*

Firstly, I adore all the vibrant gorgeous colours in the eyeshaddow palette! This palette is perfect for creating festival and summertime looks, or just for a bit of fun!At first glance i thought maybe the eyeshaddows wouldn't have great staying power but they do! one they hit your skin the colours pop and look insanely beautiful!
I also received two gorgeous lipsticks. 'snob' and 'vampire'
Snob: This lipstick is utterly perfect! Its a soft pink matte finish with a gorgeous mint tingle!  Pefect for those ultra girlie looks or 60's styles
Vampire: This lipstick is flawlessly sexy! This smooth high shine,wet look lipstick is perfect for those vampy looks. Team this lippie with dark smokey eyes and WOW, you will most definitely turn heads! This lipstick also has a minty tingle, although a GREAT colour, the staying power isn't the greatest, but the colour is worth it.
So i decided to create this sunset themed look for the end of summer, and for all them end of summer festivals 
I used:
*yellow - inner ducts + brow bone
*Pink - Undereye and outer eye
*Orange-all over
*Dark pink- Crease
*Snob - Lipstick
*Highbrow-Light+Medium mixed

Model: Leanna Morgan

My favourite product has to be the high brow kit! Look at how natural and defined them brows look!Staying power is brilliant and the colours included in the kit suits everyone! Its amazing! *Includes 3 shades, wax AND a tweezers*

Thank you so much Beauty UK for your amazing products! I will forever more be an avid customer and will continue to spread the word of this underrated brand!

if you wish for me to review your product, or simply what to just get in touch, please do not hesitate, comment below or mail me at, thank you

The Parma Violet

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Hello again! Hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of their Summer holidays and making the most out of the lovely weather we've been having! I certainly have, but oh my was it a very strange day yesterday. It started off by getting a totally random MMR shot (measles,mumps and rubella) Which I have NEVER had! (yikes) Also..not to mention, I am scared to death of needles.So that was an ordeal in itself! I then found 50 quid on the floor and went and bought very pretty things, after all..I totally deserved it ;)

So I walked into Dunnes Stores in Citywest, and couldn't believe my eyes when I seen these gorgeous plates and bowls that I've wanted since forever..HALF PRICE!

Look how beautiful they are!

These stunningly retro and fabulously pastel plates are only E2.50 and these cutie pie bowls are only E2.00!
I grabbed them as quick as I could, And I got the last muffin with cherry on top plate (score!)
These would look just gorgeous on anyones desk/vanity! The detail is so pretty!
These little bowls & plates are perfect for holding lipstick,bobbipins,hairclips,rings,brushes,eyeshaddows..Basically anything will look pretty amazing in these badboys!
My favourite part about these bowls is the detail! I LOVE it! Just like a melting icecream, so pretty! 

So if you're looking to give your vanity a bit of a makeover, pop down to Dunnes and turn your boring old vanity into a glorious 1950's pastel haven!

If you would like me to review a product or simply need to get in touch, comment below or mail me @,thank you.

The Parma Violet

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

*REVIEW* He Loves Me-Eau de toilette

Hello everyone! And thank god that weather is clearing up! August started as a right washout. But now the sun is back and it's making me feel goooood! And just as I said that it starts to rain (I am seriously not even joking..perfect).. Anyway!

I was walking around in Penneys (Primark) in Dundrum earlier this week, with no intention of buying anything..But all know that one does simply not enter Penneys and doesn't buy anything. Try as we may, there is ALWAYS some super cheap, super cute thing that we just HAVE to have..And THIS was one of those moments.
As I was helping my 16 year old brother shop for anniversary gifts for his girlfriend (aw bless) I stumbled across this uber cute, mini bottle of perfume!

Look how girly and summery it is!

I am a sucker for daisies and I'm even more of a sucker for polka dots! And to make things better,this totally gorgeous roller perfume was only 2.50! 
And as for the scent? It smells like a fresh summers day, the quintessential 'cheap' perfume smell will initially hit you, but after you let this perfume linger. It does smell very girly and very fresh! 
Its perfect for popping into your handbag due to its tiny size. 
Surprisingly this perfumes staying power is brilliant! i was expecting it to stay an hour tops but the scent keeps on going for over 4 hours.. And for a cheap perfume that's amazing!

Do you have any bargain perfumes that you can't get over? Want me to review a product? Let me know by simply commenting below or email me @, thank you. 

The Parma Violet

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Nomination for 'The One To Watch' award

Hello! And what a mucky and miserable day it is out there today!

But one thing for sure has brightened up my day! I have been nominated for 'the one the watch' award! By the lovely Chloe Neumiester A.K.A Miss Mac Muffins!! Thank you so much you pretty little thing you!

 So now it seems I must answer some of those lovely questions and pass on the favor!

1.Why is your blog named after Parma violets?
Well, I'm not gonna lie, I'm very addicted to Parma Violet sweets, including the smell, I really and truly cannot get enough of them. Buuuuut I was stuck for a blogger name so..I just pulled this one out of me arse and stuck with it really!

2.How long have you been blogging?
I started blogging at the end of May. I was extremely hesitant to get my blog out there as I really didn't really know what to expect. But now I really regret not doing this sooner! I have so much fun blogging and talking to other bloggers too! Its a great and exciting thing to do so if you are thinking of starting up a blog and are slightly apprehensive, my best advice is..just do it! You'll regret it otherwise

3.What are your favorite budget products?
I am an absolute fiend for dupes and budget buys, I really am, even if i don't like/suit the shade of the product I'm buying, ill buy it anyway if its a dupe..I'm ridiculous! But my favorite would have to be Sleek & MUA for eyeshaddows, Wet N Wild for Lipstick, NYC for foundation, and Essence for an all rounder! I especially love Essence's liquid eyeliner!

4.Give me 10 random facts about you:
Okidoki..but..don't expect them to be interesting!

*I have 4 younger brothers and I am the eldest and only girl,me and my brother have never had a fight.ever.
*I am a lover of all things Disney
*Dan is my boyfriend, and we've been going out 2 years now :)
*I have 6 dogs and 2 cats....yes really
*I lived and worked in Boston for 3.5 months, it was the best experience of my life
*I have 5 tattoos and have tattooed a few of my friends
*I can do a mean moonwalk
*I am naturally blonde..again..yes really
*Pierce Brosnan is my 3rd cousin
*I tattooed a tampon on my friends leg

5.Where are you from?
I live in the Dublin/Wicklow mountains here in Ireland. Just on the boarder of Wicklow in a little village called Brittas. Its insanely rural, but only 10 minutes away from civilization.Which is pretty cool!Both of my parents grew up in Birmingham in England, which is super industrialized so I guess that's why we moved somewhere pretty open and green like here!

6.What is your skin type?
Well that's a tricky one! When I was younger I had very oily skin. But now that I have gotten older I have been diagnosed with Roseca (a minor skin defect which only affects the face, making it dry, red, itchy and prone to spots) So my skin can go from oily, to super dry. i am currently on medication for Roseaca :)

7.What is your favorite fragrance?
Oooo that's a tricky one, I cant pick just one! So ill have to say Hypnose by Lancome, its so amazing i love it and i adore the bottle! Its so pretty! I also love coco mademoiselle by Coco Chanel, so womanly and timeless, I adore this scent!

8.What camera do you use to take your photos?
I actually don't use a camera because I don't have one unfortunately but I use my Samsung Galaxy 3s Mini for my photos at the moment, I have a Nikon D60 lying in my bedroom doing nothing as the flash is broken on it and the screen is a bit bandy so I have to wait to get that fixed!

9.What is your worst beauty habit?
Definitely itching my eyes and putting my eye makeup everywhere, you know how it is in the summer when you have hay fever, and that itchiness in your eyes is getting too much, then you just have to bite the bullet and itchy them attractive

10.what do you do when you're not blogging?
Well I am an artist so i tend to draw a lot, and draw portraits and tattoo designs for people. I also play guitar but haven't played in ages! I'm usually drawing, or hanging out with my friends and boyfriend. Sadly I am currently unemployed so I have A LOT of time on my hands, so I spend the majority of the time handing out CV's ...what an exciting life I do lead

Well that's everything from me! But I would like to hear more about you! So I nominate:
*Chloe Nuemiester - 
*Grace O'Connell -
For the 'one to watch award!
Copy my questions and answer them yourself! Goodluck!
Find Chloe's blog here and Facebook here
And find Graces Blog here and Facebook here

Thank you for reading,I hope you found this helpful, if you would like to nominate me or anyone else for an award get in touch by commenting below or mailing me at