Sunday, 24 August 2014

MUA luxe lacquer - *Review*

Hello everyone! Trying to get through as many things today as humanly possible whilst unwell! (Worlds smallest violin) and this post in number one on my list so here it goes! :)

I've always been truly devastated that MUA do not sell their LUXE collection here in Ireland! Seeming as my whole family live in Birmingham,England (Whaddup the fam) my ma flew over to England and I asked her to bring me home these little gems! So without further adieu, here is my verdict..

Look at the pretty!!
I basically asked my ma to grab all the colours that she could get her hands on, these were the only 4 in stock at that time
The packaging is very ''Luxe'' itself! 
And these only cost £3 each!! 
These babies go on wet and dry completely matte! How amazing!! 
The packaging is similar to that of Limecrimes Velvetines frosted glass casing!
And thankfully a fraction of the price! Limecrimes Velvetines usually retail at $20 each!

Here's the colours I currently have
  • Kooky - An ultraviolet matte purple.The staying power of this colour is amazing! And is my favorite of all four
  • Reckless - This amazing 50's style red is an absolutely perfect statement red! The staying power is quite good, I find this one dried the quickest
  • Funk - This candy,bubblegum pink i usually something id steer away from, but I honestly love it, THIS one was like rock to get off, the staying power is unbelievable 
  • Tranquility - This gorgeous colour is perfect for creating that sexy 60's look, pair this with dark smokey eyes, big eyelashes and a mini skirt and hello twiggy!


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