Thursday, 24 April 2014

Dreadlocks and Straighteners *HAIRCARE*

Looking to update your products?

I have been dying my hair for as long as I can remember. You name the style, I've had it! Blue,Pink,Orange,Purple,Black, name it I have dyed it that colour. Mohawk,Dreadlocks,Shaven,Ultra long,Undercut..I've had them all! Some hair styles id rather forget but some I have adored over the years. Sticking with a plain black dye at the moment (to try make it healthier) my hair has been through the wars over the years, it is in terrible condition, its singed and ALOT thinner than it used to be! It lacks shine and that all important oomph were alllll looking for! Luckily enough I have wondered around and found some recent products that I adore!
So if you too have dry,thin, frizzy and damaged hair then look no further! i have found the solution!
Its my most favourite products this year! Garnier's Ultimate Blends 'The Marvellous Transformer'' Conditioner and Shampoo!These babies are enriched with essential oils including that all important argan oil to give your hair that healthy, head turning shine! I have never come across a shampoo and conditioner that can seriously transform my hair in one simple wash! This stuff is literally gold dust! It is currently on sale in Dunnes Stores and Tescos for a mear 2.59! bargain or what! Not to mention its the best smelling thing on the face of the planet (except maybe for parma violets) It has a rich fruity holiday scent to it! My hair felt and looked smoother, the high gloss shine was amazing! my hair looked a million and one times healthier! no more dried out ends!make sure you run into Dunnes/Tescos and grab these bad boys before they go up to full price!  10/10 product..adore it!
We have the haircare range everyone has been talking about 'L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Range
For me, having thick hair is sexy and healthy looking, something I do not have. So when I seen that this range was comming out I nearly died with excitement! By the sounds of it, literally everything I needed! These products do exactly what they say on the tin, not only do they increase the volume of your hair substaltialy, they smell incredible and repair damaged hair! Its amazing! But for these to REALLY do their magic you not only need to buy the Shampoo and Conditioner, but you also need to invest in the thickening serum which really gives you that extra oomph! The thickening hair mask pot is absolutely incredible for those with damaged hair! The only downfall about these prodcuts is that it is a very expensive upkeep! I luckily got all these on sale in Superdrug last month! but if you dont mind paying for quality then I suggest to run out and snap these up asap! you wont regret it!
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner
Well I can safely say, no matter how good this smells,it still doesn't make me want to buy it again. The one thing I can say about this that it is certainly NOT deep conditioning, it doesn't even come close!I have always loved Aussie hair products! But this was a major disappointment for me.When I spotted this in Savers I thought It looked like it would work miracles! But my god was I wrong! When I put this into my hair, even wet, it didnt feel good. When I dried and styled my hair I was so disappointed, I was expecting a glossy, healthy shine, but all I got was run of mill boring conditioner!So be warned, this is not ''Deep Conditioning' as it states, dont waste your money or your time.. complete dud product.
Lee Stafford Bling Hair Rehab Intense Conditioner
This transforms dry, brittle and lifeless hair into this shiny, gorgeous, healthy sexy hair! And again, the smell of every Lee Stafford product is unmistakable! And you hair smells devine and sexy after using this pot of happiness! I bought this for 4 Euro in Dealz, unfortunately they don't have anymore in stock! which I'm devastated about because it was so cheap and I haven't seen this anywhere else!  This is salon quality stuff! Get your mitts on it ASAP!
(Also amazing for removing dreadlocks)
Herbal Essences Tousle Me softly finishing cream
I have naturally wavy/curly hair but it is quite frizzy, So i hate leaving to to dry naturally after a shower! Until now! If Im feeling like just leaving my hair for well well desevred R+R I grab this! This 'finishing touch cream' accentuates your natural waves and takes away all that frizz giving you lovely smooth and soft waves! And also its violet scented so for me its perfect!  use this after towel drying your hair! An underrated product in my opinion! 
Pantene Pro-V NatureFusion finishing cream
I have blabbed about this product numerous times before on my blog but I have to say, if you're looking a de-frizzing, smoothing, great smelling product then look no further! Use a walnut sized blod of this, rub between hands, and smooth through towel dried hair! Makes hair feel softer and completely reduces frizz! 10/10 
R+B Revive and Balance hair moisturiser from Lush!
I know this is only a tester pot but because I use this very rarely I go into Lush and ask for free testers shhhh.
But back when i had dreadlocks I needed to find something to keep them smooth and healthy whilst being stable enough to stay in place! thats when this baby comes in! I found that after washing my dreadlocks they would be extra dry, so i walked into Lush and got told about this product! i asked for a free sample and went home and tried it! I didn't think it was possible for dreadlocks to be shiny! But how wrong I was, they looked gorgeous!If sunshine had a smell, i'm pretty sure its this!
this is also perfect for those with extremely curly hair/frizz! Just use a dab of this and run your fingers through your hair!Plus its all natural and cruelty free! What more do you want :)
Garnier Fructis style Spray on Serum
This can is perfect! I usually steer clear of serum as it seems to clump my hair and make it appear greasy! That is why i love this! Infused with essential oils this baby takes your hair from dull to bright! Shiny and even serum application makes hair lightweight and healthy! Apply this after styling hair and rub/brush through! you'll be amazed at how sleek and shiny your hair will look!
Got2b guardian Angel heat protection spray!
The only reason I picked this up was because I got it SUPER cheap on sale in Savers in Newry last year! I have to say I ALWAYS steer clear of heat protection sprays cause I think they're a waste of money and time until i learned how healthy and good they are for your hair. i'm not overly impressed with this product, it tends to make my hair sticky and hard if my hair isn't wet enough. Im a bit confused about this product tbh because i dont know how much protecting it has done, but it can definitely make your hair feel that little bit worse, so I avoid it whenever I can

Have you any amazing hair products I havent listed here? If so let me know by commenting below or mailing me on

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Friday, 18 April 2014


We all love them, there is really no denying it. But are they REALLY as good as their brand name buddies? I've been scouring the scene trying to come up with the ultimate bargains. And I have struck GOLD!
First up is skincare!
Micellar Water
I have heard SO much about 'Bioderma's' Micellar Water' recently and how amazing it's supposed to be for skin, especially those with sensitive skin! But unfortunately it costs a bomb at 28.14EUR!So this week I got my hands on some dupes, they seemed to be sold out everywhere until I walked into Superdrug and there were loads there! So I picked up 'L'Oreal's Skin Perfecting Micellar Water' at only 3.05EUR!!and 'Garniers Micellar Water' at 5.95EUR! Which has the exact same ingredients as the more expensive 'Bioderma' brand!!
These bottles have TOTALLY changed my skincare regime! Can be used on eyes,lips,face,skin and most importantly its hypoallergenic! Extremely soft on sensitive skin!Cleanses and Tones in one!This baby is used to remove trapped dirt,makeup,oil etc! This stuff is literally magic in a bottle! I would honestly NEVER buy Bioderma's bottle, simply because its far too expensive to have as a staple part of your skincare routine, and the dupes are a carbon copy!!Cannot express my love enough for this product! I find Garniers and L'Oreal's versions to be pretty much the same, although you get more in Garnier's bottle!
Seriously, rush out to get these bottles! They will change your skin and life for the better!

Eye makeup removers!
honestly since I found the Micellar water I haven't looked back and would only use eye makeup removers as backup! But If anyone is interested THIS is amazing! 'Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover' is an exact copy for 'Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover' in my opinion, and at a fraction of the price, its perfect! I usually find eye makeup removers tend to mess up my eye makeup and then finally after ages of wiping my makeup eventually comes off, leaving me with red and sore eyes! Not with these! Makeup glides off effortlessly, leaving no oily or sticky residue behind! Great dupe with even better results

Volumizing powder!
I think every girl wants that sexy, full and thick look to their hair, I know I do!That's where these little lifesavers come in. Not totally great for your hairs condition I must say but these are totally inexpensive products with 'Schwartzkopf Got2b Powder'ful' being 4.89EUR but if you're really stuck for cash Dealz do 'Just4u Max Volume' at only 1.49EUR! I find these to be nearly the exact same, only Dealz version has less staying power, so you will find yourself carrying this around in your handbag and throwing some into your hair whenever you get the chance. I prefer the Got2b powder over the Just4u powder anyday, but it really is perfect for those on a budget!

Now onto makeup!
Getting Naked for cheaper?!
No not like that! I'm talking about the world famous 'Urban Decay Naked range'!
Everyone knows how gorgeously pigmented these pallets are but we also know how terribly expensive they are too! So here are some cheap and cheerful duplicates that will have you getting naked in no time.
MUA cosmetics have brought out 'Undressed pallet' (The black pallet on the left) even the name is similar! The colours are exact to that of the Naked 1 pallet and they are awesomely pigmented! This pallet only cost 5.15EUR in Superdrug compared to Urban Decays Naked which retails at 50.00EUR!I also picked up 'MUA Undressed too' which is an exact copy of the 'Naked 2' pallet. Again wonderfully pigmented and long wearing! The casing isn't as fancy but hey..We can deal with it
The products in the above picture are again from MUA in Superdrug. They have brought out 'Undress' foundation. I wasn't expecting much from it but I was extremely wrong! Its perfect for everyday wear and is cheap enough to be able to do so! The coverage is moderate and has been kind on my skin.This foundation is 7.00EUR and comes in a big enough tube. This foundation includes light reflecting particles to give off that healthy glow!And compated to 39.00EUR its definitely worth it
Again MUA have brought out 'MUA Undress Flawless primer' I got this on sale for 3EUR a couple of months back and I adore it! Makes skin feel baby soft without having a chalky residue, it also eliminates pores and makes your foundation sit perfectly! I adore this product and I will be going back to buy more!
MUA'Pro Base Fixing Mist' I love love love this spray! I always find setting spray to be very highly priced and have always steered clear! This spray was on sale at 3.50EUR so I thought I would try it out, when using it I realized it is the EXACT same (if not better) than Urban Decays 'all nighter makeup setting spray' which retails at 30EUR I have bought this product many times! Kind to sensitive skin and makeup will not budge an inch! Definitely worth it!

'Barely there' by Wet n Wild (2.99)Is an exact dupe for MAC's 'Cherish'(19.00) and at a fraction of the price you can't say no! this peachy nude lipstick is classy and undeniably beautiful.All Wet nwild lipsticks are available at  Dunnes Stores and Penneys
Staying power is excellent! Adore Wet n Wild's lipsticks, they never let me down!

'Sugar Plum Fairy' by Wet n Wild is a dupe for MAC's 'Rebel
I have always wanted Mac's Rebel but my purse was always too empty, then I found this PERFECT match. A sexy vampy lipstick to extenuate your entire outfit (Excuse the lighting it was a nightmare and so looks a different colour, when i assure you it is exact)

'Cherry Bomb' by Wet n Wild is a dupe for MAC's 'Diva'
Again the lighting is awful and I do apologize but these are exact! The staying power on this lipstick is amazing!  

'Mauve Outta Here' by Wet n Wild is a dupe for MAC's limited edition 'Nicki Viva1'
I found this to be quite an exact duplicate! Again staying power is fantastic! This colour is perfect for the upcoming summer months!

Have you any dupe experiences that you would like to share? if so let me know by mailing me on or simply leave a comment below.

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Beauty @ Dealz

Yes, you read that correctly, beauty at Dealz!
Not only is Dealz beauty range extremely easy on the pocket, it is also FULL of amazing brand name finds! 
I know that alot of people are ''anti Dealz'' and would immediately steer clear of Dealz for good quality beauty products, well I am here to prove you ''Anti Dealz'' people wrong and to show all you bargain hunters what you need to get your mitts on asap!
First up is HAIRCARE!

 First up is my most recent Dealz haircare finds(Above) 
As I have fine,wavy and frizzy hair I am ALWAYS on the look out for products that will thicken my hair and ease that frizz! So if you too are on a budget and find hair products too costly! Then you have found your answer! 
  • MARK HILL DE-FRIZZ SPRAY-I picked up this de-frizzing spray the other day and for only 1.49 it is absolutely perfect for you gym goers! Instantly eases frizz but it does tend to make your hair seem greasy if you use too much.I find this perfect for my gym bag when I don't have room for my hair straightener, its a great quick fix for frizzy hair and definitely worth picking up
  • PANTENE PRO-V INSTANT NOURISHING SPRAY FOR FINE HAIR-This bottle of amazing smelling joy seemed to fly off the shelves so i was lucky enough to pick this little baby up! Simply shake the bottle ( to mix the fluids) and spray onto damp hair then style as usual. My hair seemed extremely shiney after only one use! Looking healthy and lightweight feeling! And seemed thicker!I haven't been able to stop using this and I will definitely be picking it up again
  • LEE STAFFORD LOW FAT CASHMERE CUSHION-One of my ALL TIME favourite hair products! When i picked this up on offer in Dealz for 4.00EUR I was so excited to try it! The first thing you notice about this product is that beautiful unmistakable smell that all Lee Stafford products have. It is simply captivating and the smell stays on your hair all day! You use this Jelly on your hair after washing! simply rub between your hands and brush through your hair then style as usual! And the effects are immediate! Your hair becomes noticeably thicker and feels insanely soft! i would urge everyone with thin and lifeless hair to run out and buy this product ASAP!

Handy quick fixes!
  • PANTENE PRO-V NATURE FUSION-Use a walnut sized about of this on freshly washed and towel dried hair, run in through with your fingertips and style.Again, another hair product that smells divine! Hair appears smoother with a high gloss shine but most of all this product makes hair feel cashmere soft! this is quite simply my favourite Dealz buy!
  • GOT2B PLAY IT STRAIGHT STRAIGHTENING BLOW DRY KIT- Does exactly what it says on the tin! I find this product does keep hair straight but doesnt battle that terrible frizz problem! But If you're just looking for your hair to stay straight for up to 10 days then this really is the product for you! But mainly  a GREAT quality product for 1.49EUR
  • AUSSIE MIRACLE MOIST SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER-Again, the cannot beat the smell of the 'Aussie' hair care range! Anyone else's hair extremely damaged by straighteners/hair dye? Well this is the shampoo/conditioner for you!Insanely moisturising, with a lasting smell leaving the hair looking very healthy! Again perfect for you gym bunnies! We all know that big bottles of Aussie can set you back a pretty penny but at 1.49EUR there really is no complaining
  • HERBAL ESSENCES SEDUCTIVELY STRAIGHT HAIR MASK POT-I couldn't believe when I saw this for 1.49! I didn't even have to think about buying this, i ran straight to the till! I adore Herbal Essences hair masks, they're insanely moisturising (which is what  i need for my hair) but can be fairly pricey! I found that this product didn't make my hair straighter AT ALL but it DID make it look alot healthier and gorgeously shiny. Definitely worth the price!
  • MIRACLE STYLE ARGAN OIL TREATMENT/HAIR THICKENER SPRAY- Seriously..If you take any advice from me, I hope you take this.Never ever..ever waste your time with these products.Theyre utterly useless and dry out your hair until it looks and feels like straw! So whatever you do, avoid these products, do not waste your money! Especially if you have dry/damaged hair
I picked this little really cute, practical and girly storage basket up in the home section in Dealz and I'm so glad I did because its perfect for all your beauty essentials!

As you're probably aware, I adore parma violets! Their smell, their taste, the way they look, their powder, EVERYTHING. So I genuinely nearly lost the plot in the middle of Dealz in excitement when I spotted this bath set! BUT it let me down greatly! The Parma Violets moisturising lotion smells NOTHING like parma violets! BUT the Fizzers lotion and Fruity pops bath salts smell EXACTLY like the sweets!
(Wouldn't advise use on sensitive skin)

Now, i am genuinely a lazy bum, so I adore quick fixes for anything, and that is why I LOVE Dealz for their false nails! Not only are they gorgeous with pretty prints! But they're indestructible! The only letdown is they're press on nails, but nothing some great nail glue/super glue can't fix!! These are my favourite ones, a girly, floral print with a vintage feel! I painted over them lightly with a glitter nail varnish to finish!

  • PEARL DROPS DAILY PROWHITE POLISH-Dealz are currently doing ALL Pearl Drop toothpaste/toothpolish/tooth pens for 1.49 which is amazing! I've been using this toothpolish for a week now and i can already notice a difference, amazing find! Especially if you're a smoker (which i am not) 
  • ALLURA FALSE EYELASHES (2 PAIR)-It may be because I don't wear false eyelashes often at all, but I am in love with these lashes! The glue again is a huge let down but once you have a good eyelash glue at home, then these are perfect! Dramatic looking eyelashes without looking cheap!
  • OSIRIS CC CREAM- If you suffer from facial redness (Rosacea) then this is an ok colour corrector.In order to use this cream, you will have to exfoliate your skin and moisturise..ALOT, before using this cream, but otherwise, its good for a quick,cheap fix
  • LOVEHEARTS TIN- Originally filled with love heart sweets, but I now use this tin for jewelry and nik naks
Have you found any beauty products in Dealz that are worth mentioning? Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned? Do you want me to review any products from Dealz? If so let me know by commenting below or by mailing me on :)

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Simply red? A cheap and cheerful way to combat unwanted facial redness **ROSACEA**


Red blotchy,itchy,dry,spotty skin? Redness seems to be a popular skin problem for women of all ages, and it seems no makeup is good enough to cover the dreaded,stubborn red glow, and whenever you do get your hands on a foundation that seems thick enough, your skin just dries up! The search seems never ending..
Having suffered with Rosacea for over 2 years now (Red,itchy,blotchy,dry,spotty skin) I have been searching the streets of Dublin trying to find cheap, affordable and most importantly GOOD quality makeup suited for those who are in the same boat as me.I have recently been prescribed Tetralysal tablets by my doctor to help combat my red skin, alas it doesn't totally cure it so I still have to find anti-red makeup! These are my favourite skincare + makeup findings to date! 
First and foremost skincare routine!
My all time favourite skincare range, hands down, is 'Simple' . Its kind enough for delicate/sensitive skin yet strong enough to remove all makeup,dirt,oil etc. It doesn't make my skin flare up like others, its also super hydrating so it doesn't leave you with dry patches showing through your foundation for the whole day!
Another favourite of mine is boots own brand of tea tree&witch hazel skin care! This range would be suitable for those prone to acne/spots. I find this range amazing for when my face flares up, although I would NEVER use it on the dry areas of my face as it would dry them up even more! Boots usually does a 3 for 2 offer on these products which is extremely handy! And they have EVERYTHING! from toners, to back spray!(acne on your back) they even have facial strips and body wash..simply amazing quality and price! 
These are my favourite red fighters!
  • 'Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Red Base Primer' (green tube) I adore this product, not only does it take away the redness with OR WITHOUT makeup, it also a primer! With its green tint you notice the difference the second you put it on! It also has illuminating ingredients that makes you skin look healthy and youthful! It gives you a noticeably softer complexion and makes pores appear smaller I got this for 4.95EUR in Penneys/Primark and its PERFECT for everyday use
  • 'WetnWild Coverall concealer wheel' Not only is this product cheap and cheerful its also EXTREMELY effective! The concealer wheel includes: A Green base to apply before makeup, this takes away any unwanted redness while smoothing out the skin, A pink base to be placed on top of any dark circles under the eyes, making the eyes seem brighter and not as sunken, the wheel also includes a highlighter,can be used before or after makeup application, the highlighter gives your cheeks that dewy,healthy glow, also makes your cheek bones appear higher and more defined, the wheel includes a nude concealer that in my opinion isn't very good , and is far too dark for my skin tone, however this product is amazing and I wouldn't wear makeup without applying this first!(4.95EUR-DunnesStores)
  • 'Avene Thermal Water Spray' I adore this product as I said on my first ever blog post, but I really cannot stress enough how perfect this item is, perfect for redskin,heat rash,itchiness,burns,bites,dry skin. It can even be used as a makeup setting spray! Perfect for carrying in your handbag during the hot summer (4.00EUR Boots)
  • 'Maybelline's Baby Skin Pore Eraser' I have written about this product before and I simply love it, Its got everything you'd need in a primer.makes skin silky smooth, visibly neutralises pores, giving the look of soft skin structure, BUT Its also amazing for those dry patches of red on your face. Makeup sits beautifully with little to no imperfections. (10.00 EUR-Dunnes Stores)
  •  Guerlain Météorites pearls-Teint Rose' My most loved and adored product of all time, I don't even know where to begin with this little pot of happiness! These French 'Meteorites' pots come in an array of different coloured pearls suited to ones skin tone. I opted for the 'Teint Rose' as this one illuminates the face making your skin look radiant and eliminates redness. Their ''Stardust technology'' is found in each pearl. Each shade of pot has its own specific correcting purpose.I bought this in Disney World Florida in 2006 and I still have it to this day as I use it sparingly and was quite expensive. This usually retails at around $60.00 in the US. So it should be around 45-55 EURO here!And to make this product even better..IT SMELLS LIKE PARMA VIOLETS!! Every girl should have this in her makeup collection, you'll never turn back!And it lasts a lifetime! Its certainly an investment! **THIS POT SUITED FOR PALE SKIN TONES**
Do you have any anti-red products that I havent listed here that you find you cant live without? And if so let me know by commenting below. I hope this post has been somewhat helpful:)


Monday, 7 April 2014


This lipstick organizer was only 1.50!!!
Yes only 1.50! I couldn't believe it, I have heard promising tales of getting cheap makeup storage on Ebay, but after no luck I went on my own adventure for cheap, affordable makeup storage. I found this bad-boy in 'Homestore And More' and it is just what I've been looking for.
It holds 9 lipsticks ( I know its small) but I had seen a bigger lipstick holder beside this one for 14.99! I thought that was fairly expensive for a lipstick holder that only held 10 more lipsticks than this one! So why not just grab a few of these 1.50 lipstick holders and superglue/gluegun them together for a fraction of the price!
Its strong and sturdy and not flimsy at all! It is most definitely worth it, it may be small but its PERFECT for holding your most used lipsticks! And as I said before, a bit of superglue will work wonders and save you ALOT of money in the meantime! 
'Home store and more' also have a 3 drawer make-up storage system for 50 euro which isn't too shabby at all.They have absolutely loads of very affordable makeup storage for all you makeup junkies out there ! Here's just a few of the other storage systems you can buy!
**Prices range from 1.50-50.00**

The Parma Violet

Sunday, 6 April 2014


Yes dearies, you've heard correctly!
Lidl has released perfumes that smell EXACTLY like their designer dupe! **I will review BELOW**  I was completely and utterly shocked when I heard the news.I ran straight down to my nearest Lidl and purchased 'Suddenly, Madame Glamour' for only 3.99! what an absolute bargain!As I was talking to the cashier she mentioned how HUGE this scent has become and that 'they literally fly off the shelves, we cant keep up with demands' So I ran home to try it! 
On my next trip to Lidl I spotted a NEW perfume 'Suddenly Woman I' I heard completely nothing about, so i picked it up to try it! It seemed to have sold pretty quickly as they only got the order in that day and there were only 3 left! So I picked up one for me and one for my mam!
Christmas and Special occasions are where its at for Lidls newest perfume 'Suddenly Diamonds' I heard that this perfume had come out as a limited edition perfume at Christmas!I was devastated I didn't find out about it sooner as it wasn't in stock till NEXT Christmas!...Or so I thought.
As I was flicking through the Lidl's Mothers-day catalogue I spotted it! There it was! 'Suddenly Diamonds is back for a limited time only' That day I ran down to Lidl's to find a whole stand dedicated to the perfume, I was delighted! I picked myself up 2 bottles and my mam up two bottles (for mothers day) What I found was unbelievable 
I am literally gobsmacked by this classy,elegant beautiful scent! Its captivating! When I sprayed the first spritz on to my skin I knew instantly that I recognised the scent. And I was even MORE surprised! This perfume people, is an EXACT duplicate of COCO MADEMOISELLE BY CHANEL!
I nearly fell off my seat!! An exact dupe..for 3.99! The bottle even looks similar!And compared to 175.00Euro for the real deal its an ABSOLUTE bargain!I have had not only women ask what that perfume I'm wearing but also men! Its a very sexy and classy scent...a classic at 3.99 in your local Lidl.
 Now this was the biggest surprise of them all!As I bought this scent on a whim and I hadn't heard much of it I wasn't expecting much, and my god was I wrong!! As I went home and used it, I nearly screamed in excitement..This is an EXACT dupe of my all time favourite perfume..Ladies this is a dupe of CHANEL NO.5!!! I must say I was NOT expecting that! Again! I can see similarities with the bottles!I went and grabbed my bottle of Chanel no.5 and spritzed it on my jacket arm on one side and Lidl's dupe on the other arm, I ran into my mam and asked her if she could smell any difference at all and she couldn't! I was only delighted with myself! I have been showing ALL my friends and family and they've all said the same thing! Chanel No.5 also retails at 175.00Euro.. and you cant beat a 3.99 duplicate!
Now this is the scent I have been DYING to get my hands on! I was unaware what it smelt like, but I had only heard good things! So when I walked into Lidl and seen a whole stall, I nearly died with excitement!
I grabbed a few bottles for myself and my mam as her mothers day present. When she sprayed it she came into me and said 'smell this amazingly happy scent' and i couldn't believe it, Lidl have done it AGAIN!!!
This is an EXACT dupe of 'Hugo Boss Orange'! Even the bottle is similar again! That summery,happy, feel good scent cannot be missed! 
Lidl have REALLY outdone themselves on these fragrances and I honestly couldn't be happier with them all!
The staying power lacks slightly, but you really cannot argue with a 3.99 duplicate!

The Parma Violet

Saturday, 5 April 2014


Today I decided to start my beauty blog! Finally! I, like many other girls out there adore makeup, BUT I do suffer with Rosacea ( a redness of the facial skin which makes it dry/itchy/spotty) And i know how difficult it is to get rid of that red undertone when applying your makeup/beauty products! So I am here to help! I've been wanting to start this for so so long!
So today's post is just a few things I've picked up this week :)

I decided to pick up the new 'Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil' after hearing so much fuss about it! And at 6Euro in Dunnes Stores its DEFINITELY worth picking up! It has become one of my all time favorite products!Leaves skin AMAZINGLY smooth and soft with an unbelievable healthy looking shine! Absolutely perfect for legs!It also smells divine!Skin looks moisturised,replenished and healthy when sprayed on,I honest to god couldnt approve this product enough!It doesn't have a greasy/oily feel to it at all, it goes on smooth and sleek! 100% summer essential.
  • I also grabbed Maybelines new 'Baby Skin' pore eraser! small enough tube I must say but you do only need a teeny tiny amount so it will last much longer than you think!If you suffer from Rosacea/dry skin this product is perfect! Its very very similar to 'Porefessional' by Benefit and to be honest I find it MUCH better and at only 10 euro you can't go wrong! When I put my makeup on over it, my face looks so smooth and insanely soft, I even adore the packaging, the light pastel blue caught my eye straight away! yet another buy that has gone straight into my favorite products.
  • I am beyond ecstatic that 'WetNWild' have now made their way to Ireland's very own Dunnes Stores and also in Penneys/Primark.I literally cannot get enough of their cheap and amazing products!I picked up some 'MegaGlo' bronzer/blusher! leaves cheeks looking radiant with a glistening shimmer! absolutely love this buy! It was only 4.59 in Dunnes Stores! I also picked up WnW 'Barely There' lipstick! The colour is amazing! But I have to say the staying power failed just a bit, but still a wonderfully sexy nude colour!
  • Now on to the Avene Spray Thermal Water- I cannot stress how absolutely amazingly perfect this is for red/dry/irritable and breakout prone is a god send! at 10 euro a bottle it is a bit steep but I found it on sale in Boots for only 4 euro! I first used this product when I went to Joanne Larby's 'Fairy first birthday' and she included it in her goodie bag, I haven't looked back since!(even my boyfriend loves it) The cooling sensation of the mist is heaven on your skin and is perfect on rash/burns/at the gym and it can also be used as a setting spray for your makeup!!!ANYONE with Rosacea should DEFINITELY try this product out ASAP, especially coming up to the (hopefully) hot summer months!

The Parma Violet