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Dreadlocks and Straighteners *HAIRCARE*

Looking to update your products?

I have been dying my hair for as long as I can remember. You name the style, I've had it! Blue,Pink,Orange,Purple,Black, name it I have dyed it that colour. Mohawk,Dreadlocks,Shaven,Ultra long,Undercut..I've had them all! Some hair styles id rather forget but some I have adored over the years. Sticking with a plain black dye at the moment (to try make it healthier) my hair has been through the wars over the years, it is in terrible condition, its singed and ALOT thinner than it used to be! It lacks shine and that all important oomph were alllll looking for! Luckily enough I have wondered around and found some recent products that I adore!
So if you too have dry,thin, frizzy and damaged hair then look no further! i have found the solution!
Its my most favourite products this year! Garnier's Ultimate Blends 'The Marvellous Transformer'' Conditioner and Shampoo!These babies are enriched with essential oils including that all important argan oil to give your hair that healthy, head turning shine! I have never come across a shampoo and conditioner that can seriously transform my hair in one simple wash! This stuff is literally gold dust! It is currently on sale in Dunnes Stores and Tescos for a mear 2.59! bargain or what! Not to mention its the best smelling thing on the face of the planet (except maybe for parma violets) It has a rich fruity holiday scent to it! My hair felt and looked smoother, the high gloss shine was amazing! my hair looked a million and one times healthier! no more dried out ends!make sure you run into Dunnes/Tescos and grab these bad boys before they go up to full price!  10/10 product..adore it!
We have the haircare range everyone has been talking about 'L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Range
For me, having thick hair is sexy and healthy looking, something I do not have. So when I seen that this range was comming out I nearly died with excitement! By the sounds of it, literally everything I needed! These products do exactly what they say on the tin, not only do they increase the volume of your hair substaltialy, they smell incredible and repair damaged hair! Its amazing! But for these to REALLY do their magic you not only need to buy the Shampoo and Conditioner, but you also need to invest in the thickening serum which really gives you that extra oomph! The thickening hair mask pot is absolutely incredible for those with damaged hair! The only downfall about these prodcuts is that it is a very expensive upkeep! I luckily got all these on sale in Superdrug last month! but if you dont mind paying for quality then I suggest to run out and snap these up asap! you wont regret it!
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner
Well I can safely say, no matter how good this smells,it still doesn't make me want to buy it again. The one thing I can say about this that it is certainly NOT deep conditioning, it doesn't even come close!I have always loved Aussie hair products! But this was a major disappointment for me.When I spotted this in Savers I thought It looked like it would work miracles! But my god was I wrong! When I put this into my hair, even wet, it didnt feel good. When I dried and styled my hair I was so disappointed, I was expecting a glossy, healthy shine, but all I got was run of mill boring conditioner!So be warned, this is not ''Deep Conditioning' as it states, dont waste your money or your time.. complete dud product.
Lee Stafford Bling Hair Rehab Intense Conditioner
This transforms dry, brittle and lifeless hair into this shiny, gorgeous, healthy sexy hair! And again, the smell of every Lee Stafford product is unmistakable! And you hair smells devine and sexy after using this pot of happiness! I bought this for 4 Euro in Dealz, unfortunately they don't have anymore in stock! which I'm devastated about because it was so cheap and I haven't seen this anywhere else!  This is salon quality stuff! Get your mitts on it ASAP!
(Also amazing for removing dreadlocks)
Herbal Essences Tousle Me softly finishing cream
I have naturally wavy/curly hair but it is quite frizzy, So i hate leaving to to dry naturally after a shower! Until now! If Im feeling like just leaving my hair for well well desevred R+R I grab this! This 'finishing touch cream' accentuates your natural waves and takes away all that frizz giving you lovely smooth and soft waves! And also its violet scented so for me its perfect!  use this after towel drying your hair! An underrated product in my opinion! 
Pantene Pro-V NatureFusion finishing cream
I have blabbed about this product numerous times before on my blog but I have to say, if you're looking a de-frizzing, smoothing, great smelling product then look no further! Use a walnut sized blod of this, rub between hands, and smooth through towel dried hair! Makes hair feel softer and completely reduces frizz! 10/10 
R+B Revive and Balance hair moisturiser from Lush!
I know this is only a tester pot but because I use this very rarely I go into Lush and ask for free testers shhhh.
But back when i had dreadlocks I needed to find something to keep them smooth and healthy whilst being stable enough to stay in place! thats when this baby comes in! I found that after washing my dreadlocks they would be extra dry, so i walked into Lush and got told about this product! i asked for a free sample and went home and tried it! I didn't think it was possible for dreadlocks to be shiny! But how wrong I was, they looked gorgeous!If sunshine had a smell, i'm pretty sure its this!
this is also perfect for those with extremely curly hair/frizz! Just use a dab of this and run your fingers through your hair!Plus its all natural and cruelty free! What more do you want :)
Garnier Fructis style Spray on Serum
This can is perfect! I usually steer clear of serum as it seems to clump my hair and make it appear greasy! That is why i love this! Infused with essential oils this baby takes your hair from dull to bright! Shiny and even serum application makes hair lightweight and healthy! Apply this after styling hair and rub/brush through! you'll be amazed at how sleek and shiny your hair will look!
Got2b guardian Angel heat protection spray!
The only reason I picked this up was because I got it SUPER cheap on sale in Savers in Newry last year! I have to say I ALWAYS steer clear of heat protection sprays cause I think they're a waste of money and time until i learned how healthy and good they are for your hair. i'm not overly impressed with this product, it tends to make my hair sticky and hard if my hair isn't wet enough. Im a bit confused about this product tbh because i dont know how much protecting it has done, but it can definitely make your hair feel that little bit worse, so I avoid it whenever I can

Have you any amazing hair products I havent listed here? If so let me know by commenting below or mailing me on

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