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We all love them, there is really no denying it. But are they REALLY as good as their brand name buddies? I've been scouring the scene trying to come up with the ultimate bargains. And I have struck GOLD!
First up is skincare!
Micellar Water
I have heard SO much about 'Bioderma's' Micellar Water' recently and how amazing it's supposed to be for skin, especially those with sensitive skin! But unfortunately it costs a bomb at 28.14EUR!So this week I got my hands on some dupes, they seemed to be sold out everywhere until I walked into Superdrug and there were loads there! So I picked up 'L'Oreal's Skin Perfecting Micellar Water' at only 3.05EUR!!and 'Garniers Micellar Water' at 5.95EUR! Which has the exact same ingredients as the more expensive 'Bioderma' brand!!
These bottles have TOTALLY changed my skincare regime! Can be used on eyes,lips,face,skin and most importantly its hypoallergenic! Extremely soft on sensitive skin!Cleanses and Tones in one!This baby is used to remove trapped dirt,makeup,oil etc! This stuff is literally magic in a bottle! I would honestly NEVER buy Bioderma's bottle, simply because its far too expensive to have as a staple part of your skincare routine, and the dupes are a carbon copy!!Cannot express my love enough for this product! I find Garniers and L'Oreal's versions to be pretty much the same, although you get more in Garnier's bottle!
Seriously, rush out to get these bottles! They will change your skin and life for the better!

Eye makeup removers!
honestly since I found the Micellar water I haven't looked back and would only use eye makeup removers as backup! But If anyone is interested THIS is amazing! 'Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover' is an exact copy for 'Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover' in my opinion, and at a fraction of the price, its perfect! I usually find eye makeup removers tend to mess up my eye makeup and then finally after ages of wiping my makeup eventually comes off, leaving me with red and sore eyes! Not with these! Makeup glides off effortlessly, leaving no oily or sticky residue behind! Great dupe with even better results

Volumizing powder!
I think every girl wants that sexy, full and thick look to their hair, I know I do!That's where these little lifesavers come in. Not totally great for your hairs condition I must say but these are totally inexpensive products with 'Schwartzkopf Got2b Powder'ful' being 4.89EUR but if you're really stuck for cash Dealz do 'Just4u Max Volume' at only 1.49EUR! I find these to be nearly the exact same, only Dealz version has less staying power, so you will find yourself carrying this around in your handbag and throwing some into your hair whenever you get the chance. I prefer the Got2b powder over the Just4u powder anyday, but it really is perfect for those on a budget!

Now onto makeup!
Getting Naked for cheaper?!
No not like that! I'm talking about the world famous 'Urban Decay Naked range'!
Everyone knows how gorgeously pigmented these pallets are but we also know how terribly expensive they are too! So here are some cheap and cheerful duplicates that will have you getting naked in no time.
MUA cosmetics have brought out 'Undressed pallet' (The black pallet on the left) even the name is similar! The colours are exact to that of the Naked 1 pallet and they are awesomely pigmented! This pallet only cost 5.15EUR in Superdrug compared to Urban Decays Naked which retails at 50.00EUR!I also picked up 'MUA Undressed too' which is an exact copy of the 'Naked 2' pallet. Again wonderfully pigmented and long wearing! The casing isn't as fancy but hey..We can deal with it
The products in the above picture are again from MUA in Superdrug. They have brought out 'Undress' foundation. I wasn't expecting much from it but I was extremely wrong! Its perfect for everyday wear and is cheap enough to be able to do so! The coverage is moderate and has been kind on my skin.This foundation is 7.00EUR and comes in a big enough tube. This foundation includes light reflecting particles to give off that healthy glow!And compated to 39.00EUR its definitely worth it
Again MUA have brought out 'MUA Undress Flawless primer' I got this on sale for 3EUR a couple of months back and I adore it! Makes skin feel baby soft without having a chalky residue, it also eliminates pores and makes your foundation sit perfectly! I adore this product and I will be going back to buy more!
MUA'Pro Base Fixing Mist' I love love love this spray! I always find setting spray to be very highly priced and have always steered clear! This spray was on sale at 3.50EUR so I thought I would try it out, when using it I realized it is the EXACT same (if not better) than Urban Decays 'all nighter makeup setting spray' which retails at 30EUR I have bought this product many times! Kind to sensitive skin and makeup will not budge an inch! Definitely worth it!

'Barely there' by Wet n Wild (2.99)Is an exact dupe for MAC's 'Cherish'(19.00) and at a fraction of the price you can't say no! this peachy nude lipstick is classy and undeniably beautiful.All Wet nwild lipsticks are available at  Dunnes Stores and Penneys
Staying power is excellent! Adore Wet n Wild's lipsticks, they never let me down!

'Sugar Plum Fairy' by Wet n Wild is a dupe for MAC's 'Rebel
I have always wanted Mac's Rebel but my purse was always too empty, then I found this PERFECT match. A sexy vampy lipstick to extenuate your entire outfit (Excuse the lighting it was a nightmare and so looks a different colour, when i assure you it is exact)

'Cherry Bomb' by Wet n Wild is a dupe for MAC's 'Diva'
Again the lighting is awful and I do apologize but these are exact! The staying power on this lipstick is amazing!  

'Mauve Outta Here' by Wet n Wild is a dupe for MAC's limited edition 'Nicki Viva1'
I found this to be quite an exact duplicate! Again staying power is fantastic! This colour is perfect for the upcoming summer months!

Have you any dupe experiences that you would like to share? if so let me know by mailing me on or simply leave a comment below.

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