Monday, 14 April 2014

Beauty @ Dealz

Yes, you read that correctly, beauty at Dealz!
Not only is Dealz beauty range extremely easy on the pocket, it is also FULL of amazing brand name finds! 
I know that alot of people are ''anti Dealz'' and would immediately steer clear of Dealz for good quality beauty products, well I am here to prove you ''Anti Dealz'' people wrong and to show all you bargain hunters what you need to get your mitts on asap!
First up is HAIRCARE!

 First up is my most recent Dealz haircare finds(Above) 
As I have fine,wavy and frizzy hair I am ALWAYS on the look out for products that will thicken my hair and ease that frizz! So if you too are on a budget and find hair products too costly! Then you have found your answer! 
  • MARK HILL DE-FRIZZ SPRAY-I picked up this de-frizzing spray the other day and for only 1.49 it is absolutely perfect for you gym goers! Instantly eases frizz but it does tend to make your hair seem greasy if you use too much.I find this perfect for my gym bag when I don't have room for my hair straightener, its a great quick fix for frizzy hair and definitely worth picking up
  • PANTENE PRO-V INSTANT NOURISHING SPRAY FOR FINE HAIR-This bottle of amazing smelling joy seemed to fly off the shelves so i was lucky enough to pick this little baby up! Simply shake the bottle ( to mix the fluids) and spray onto damp hair then style as usual. My hair seemed extremely shiney after only one use! Looking healthy and lightweight feeling! And seemed thicker!I haven't been able to stop using this and I will definitely be picking it up again
  • LEE STAFFORD LOW FAT CASHMERE CUSHION-One of my ALL TIME favourite hair products! When i picked this up on offer in Dealz for 4.00EUR I was so excited to try it! The first thing you notice about this product is that beautiful unmistakable smell that all Lee Stafford products have. It is simply captivating and the smell stays on your hair all day! You use this Jelly on your hair after washing! simply rub between your hands and brush through your hair then style as usual! And the effects are immediate! Your hair becomes noticeably thicker and feels insanely soft! i would urge everyone with thin and lifeless hair to run out and buy this product ASAP!

Handy quick fixes!
  • PANTENE PRO-V NATURE FUSION-Use a walnut sized about of this on freshly washed and towel dried hair, run in through with your fingertips and style.Again, another hair product that smells divine! Hair appears smoother with a high gloss shine but most of all this product makes hair feel cashmere soft! this is quite simply my favourite Dealz buy!
  • GOT2B PLAY IT STRAIGHT STRAIGHTENING BLOW DRY KIT- Does exactly what it says on the tin! I find this product does keep hair straight but doesnt battle that terrible frizz problem! But If you're just looking for your hair to stay straight for up to 10 days then this really is the product for you! But mainly  a GREAT quality product for 1.49EUR
  • AUSSIE MIRACLE MOIST SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER-Again, the cannot beat the smell of the 'Aussie' hair care range! Anyone else's hair extremely damaged by straighteners/hair dye? Well this is the shampoo/conditioner for you!Insanely moisturising, with a lasting smell leaving the hair looking very healthy! Again perfect for you gym bunnies! We all know that big bottles of Aussie can set you back a pretty penny but at 1.49EUR there really is no complaining
  • HERBAL ESSENCES SEDUCTIVELY STRAIGHT HAIR MASK POT-I couldn't believe when I saw this for 1.49! I didn't even have to think about buying this, i ran straight to the till! I adore Herbal Essences hair masks, they're insanely moisturising (which is what  i need for my hair) but can be fairly pricey! I found that this product didn't make my hair straighter AT ALL but it DID make it look alot healthier and gorgeously shiny. Definitely worth the price!
  • MIRACLE STYLE ARGAN OIL TREATMENT/HAIR THICKENER SPRAY- Seriously..If you take any advice from me, I hope you take this.Never ever..ever waste your time with these products.Theyre utterly useless and dry out your hair until it looks and feels like straw! So whatever you do, avoid these products, do not waste your money! Especially if you have dry/damaged hair
I picked this little really cute, practical and girly storage basket up in the home section in Dealz and I'm so glad I did because its perfect for all your beauty essentials!

As you're probably aware, I adore parma violets! Their smell, their taste, the way they look, their powder, EVERYTHING. So I genuinely nearly lost the plot in the middle of Dealz in excitement when I spotted this bath set! BUT it let me down greatly! The Parma Violets moisturising lotion smells NOTHING like parma violets! BUT the Fizzers lotion and Fruity pops bath salts smell EXACTLY like the sweets!
(Wouldn't advise use on sensitive skin)

Now, i am genuinely a lazy bum, so I adore quick fixes for anything, and that is why I LOVE Dealz for their false nails! Not only are they gorgeous with pretty prints! But they're indestructible! The only letdown is they're press on nails, but nothing some great nail glue/super glue can't fix!! These are my favourite ones, a girly, floral print with a vintage feel! I painted over them lightly with a glitter nail varnish to finish!

  • PEARL DROPS DAILY PROWHITE POLISH-Dealz are currently doing ALL Pearl Drop toothpaste/toothpolish/tooth pens for 1.49 which is amazing! I've been using this toothpolish for a week now and i can already notice a difference, amazing find! Especially if you're a smoker (which i am not) 
  • ALLURA FALSE EYELASHES (2 PAIR)-It may be because I don't wear false eyelashes often at all, but I am in love with these lashes! The glue again is a huge let down but once you have a good eyelash glue at home, then these are perfect! Dramatic looking eyelashes without looking cheap!
  • OSIRIS CC CREAM- If you suffer from facial redness (Rosacea) then this is an ok colour corrector.In order to use this cream, you will have to exfoliate your skin and moisturise..ALOT, before using this cream, but otherwise, its good for a quick,cheap fix
  • LOVEHEARTS TIN- Originally filled with love heart sweets, but I now use this tin for jewelry and nik naks
Have you found any beauty products in Dealz that are worth mentioning? Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned? Do you want me to review any products from Dealz? If so let me know by commenting below or by mailing me on :)

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