Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Simply red? A cheap and cheerful way to combat unwanted facial redness **ROSACEA**


Red blotchy,itchy,dry,spotty skin? Redness seems to be a popular skin problem for women of all ages, and it seems no makeup is good enough to cover the dreaded,stubborn red glow, and whenever you do get your hands on a foundation that seems thick enough, your skin just dries up! The search seems never ending..
Having suffered with Rosacea for over 2 years now (Red,itchy,blotchy,dry,spotty skin) I have been searching the streets of Dublin trying to find cheap, affordable and most importantly GOOD quality makeup suited for those who are in the same boat as me.I have recently been prescribed Tetralysal tablets by my doctor to help combat my red skin, alas it doesn't totally cure it so I still have to find anti-red makeup! These are my favourite skincare + makeup findings to date! 
First and foremost skincare routine!
My all time favourite skincare range, hands down, is 'Simple' . Its kind enough for delicate/sensitive skin yet strong enough to remove all makeup,dirt,oil etc. It doesn't make my skin flare up like others, its also super hydrating so it doesn't leave you with dry patches showing through your foundation for the whole day!
Another favourite of mine is boots own brand of tea tree&witch hazel skin care! This range would be suitable for those prone to acne/spots. I find this range amazing for when my face flares up, although I would NEVER use it on the dry areas of my face as it would dry them up even more! Boots usually does a 3 for 2 offer on these products which is extremely handy! And they have EVERYTHING! from toners, to back spray!(acne on your back) they even have facial strips and body wash..simply amazing quality and price! 
These are my favourite red fighters!
  • 'Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Red Base Primer' (green tube) I adore this product, not only does it take away the redness with OR WITHOUT makeup, it also a primer! With its green tint you notice the difference the second you put it on! It also has illuminating ingredients that makes you skin look healthy and youthful! It gives you a noticeably softer complexion and makes pores appear smaller I got this for 4.95EUR in Penneys/Primark and its PERFECT for everyday use
  • 'WetnWild Coverall concealer wheel' Not only is this product cheap and cheerful its also EXTREMELY effective! The concealer wheel includes: A Green base to apply before makeup, this takes away any unwanted redness while smoothing out the skin, A pink base to be placed on top of any dark circles under the eyes, making the eyes seem brighter and not as sunken, the wheel also includes a highlighter,can be used before or after makeup application, the highlighter gives your cheeks that dewy,healthy glow, also makes your cheek bones appear higher and more defined, the wheel includes a nude concealer that in my opinion isn't very good , and is far too dark for my skin tone, however this product is amazing and I wouldn't wear makeup without applying this first!(4.95EUR-DunnesStores)
  • 'Avene Thermal Water Spray' I adore this product as I said on my first ever blog post, but I really cannot stress enough how perfect this item is, perfect for redskin,heat rash,itchiness,burns,bites,dry skin. It can even be used as a makeup setting spray! Perfect for carrying in your handbag during the hot summer (4.00EUR Boots)
  • 'Maybelline's Baby Skin Pore Eraser' I have written about this product before and I simply love it, Its got everything you'd need in a primer.makes skin silky smooth, visibly neutralises pores, giving the look of soft skin structure, BUT Its also amazing for those dry patches of red on your face. Makeup sits beautifully with little to no imperfections. (10.00 EUR-Dunnes Stores)
  •  Guerlain Météorites pearls-Teint Rose' My most loved and adored product of all time, I don't even know where to begin with this little pot of happiness! These French 'Meteorites' pots come in an array of different coloured pearls suited to ones skin tone. I opted for the 'Teint Rose' as this one illuminates the face making your skin look radiant and eliminates redness. Their ''Stardust technology'' is found in each pearl. Each shade of pot has its own specific correcting purpose.I bought this in Disney World Florida in 2006 and I still have it to this day as I use it sparingly and was quite expensive. This usually retails at around $60.00 in the US. So it should be around 45-55 EURO here!And to make this product even better..IT SMELLS LIKE PARMA VIOLETS!! Every girl should have this in her makeup collection, you'll never turn back!And it lasts a lifetime! Its certainly an investment! **THIS POT SUITED FOR PALE SKIN TONES**
Do you have any anti-red products that I havent listed here that you find you cant live without? And if so let me know by commenting below. I hope this post has been somewhat helpful:)