Monday, 7 April 2014


This lipstick organizer was only 1.50!!!
Yes only 1.50! I couldn't believe it, I have heard promising tales of getting cheap makeup storage on Ebay, but after no luck I went on my own adventure for cheap, affordable makeup storage. I found this bad-boy in 'Homestore And More' and it is just what I've been looking for.
It holds 9 lipsticks ( I know its small) but I had seen a bigger lipstick holder beside this one for 14.99! I thought that was fairly expensive for a lipstick holder that only held 10 more lipsticks than this one! So why not just grab a few of these 1.50 lipstick holders and superglue/gluegun them together for a fraction of the price!
Its strong and sturdy and not flimsy at all! It is most definitely worth it, it may be small but its PERFECT for holding your most used lipsticks! And as I said before, a bit of superglue will work wonders and save you ALOT of money in the meantime! 
'Home store and more' also have a 3 drawer make-up storage system for 50 euro which isn't too shabby at all.They have absolutely loads of very affordable makeup storage for all you makeup junkies out there ! Here's just a few of the other storage systems you can buy!
**Prices range from 1.50-50.00**

The Parma Violet


  1. Excellent idea! Do you know anywhere I could get an empty brush holder for all sized brushes?? I've got a few real techniques and they're really thick and don't fit in the one I have.

    1. They do have a few brush holders in Homestore and more, i just couldnt get pics of them! is amazing for all of that kind of stuff i have to say! also try ebay and even art shops! ALSO if youre looking for cheap real techniques authentic brushes go to

  2. I really need some storage like this, my makeup is just stuffed into bags and drawers!

    1. I know so do I! my makeup is absolutely eeeverywhere!! decent makeup storage seems to cost an absolute bomb! So I'm only delighted I found these!! :D