Sunday, 6 April 2014


Yes dearies, you've heard correctly!
Lidl has released perfumes that smell EXACTLY like their designer dupe! **I will review BELOW**  I was completely and utterly shocked when I heard the news.I ran straight down to my nearest Lidl and purchased 'Suddenly, Madame Glamour' for only 3.99! what an absolute bargain!As I was talking to the cashier she mentioned how HUGE this scent has become and that 'they literally fly off the shelves, we cant keep up with demands' So I ran home to try it! 
On my next trip to Lidl I spotted a NEW perfume 'Suddenly Woman I' I heard completely nothing about, so i picked it up to try it! It seemed to have sold pretty quickly as they only got the order in that day and there were only 3 left! So I picked up one for me and one for my mam!
Christmas and Special occasions are where its at for Lidls newest perfume 'Suddenly Diamonds' I heard that this perfume had come out as a limited edition perfume at Christmas!I was devastated I didn't find out about it sooner as it wasn't in stock till NEXT Christmas!...Or so I thought.
As I was flicking through the Lidl's Mothers-day catalogue I spotted it! There it was! 'Suddenly Diamonds is back for a limited time only' That day I ran down to Lidl's to find a whole stand dedicated to the perfume, I was delighted! I picked myself up 2 bottles and my mam up two bottles (for mothers day) What I found was unbelievable 
I am literally gobsmacked by this classy,elegant beautiful scent! Its captivating! When I sprayed the first spritz on to my skin I knew instantly that I recognised the scent. And I was even MORE surprised! This perfume people, is an EXACT duplicate of COCO MADEMOISELLE BY CHANEL!
I nearly fell off my seat!! An exact dupe..for 3.99! The bottle even looks similar!And compared to 175.00Euro for the real deal its an ABSOLUTE bargain!I have had not only women ask what that perfume I'm wearing but also men! Its a very sexy and classy scent...a classic at 3.99 in your local Lidl.
 Now this was the biggest surprise of them all!As I bought this scent on a whim and I hadn't heard much of it I wasn't expecting much, and my god was I wrong!! As I went home and used it, I nearly screamed in excitement..This is an EXACT dupe of my all time favourite perfume..Ladies this is a dupe of CHANEL NO.5!!! I must say I was NOT expecting that! Again! I can see similarities with the bottles!I went and grabbed my bottle of Chanel no.5 and spritzed it on my jacket arm on one side and Lidl's dupe on the other arm, I ran into my mam and asked her if she could smell any difference at all and she couldn't! I was only delighted with myself! I have been showing ALL my friends and family and they've all said the same thing! Chanel No.5 also retails at 175.00Euro.. and you cant beat a 3.99 duplicate!
Now this is the scent I have been DYING to get my hands on! I was unaware what it smelt like, but I had only heard good things! So when I walked into Lidl and seen a whole stall, I nearly died with excitement!
I grabbed a few bottles for myself and my mam as her mothers day present. When she sprayed it she came into me and said 'smell this amazingly happy scent' and i couldn't believe it, Lidl have done it AGAIN!!!
This is an EXACT dupe of 'Hugo Boss Orange'! Even the bottle is similar again! That summery,happy, feel good scent cannot be missed! 
Lidl have REALLY outdone themselves on these fragrances and I honestly couldn't be happier with them all!
The staying power lacks slightly, but you really cannot argue with a 3.99 duplicate!

The Parma Violet