Saturday, 5 April 2014


Today I decided to start my beauty blog! Finally! I, like many other girls out there adore makeup, BUT I do suffer with Rosacea ( a redness of the facial skin which makes it dry/itchy/spotty) And i know how difficult it is to get rid of that red undertone when applying your makeup/beauty products! So I am here to help! I've been wanting to start this for so so long!
So today's post is just a few things I've picked up this week :)

I decided to pick up the new 'Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil' after hearing so much fuss about it! And at 6Euro in Dunnes Stores its DEFINITELY worth picking up! It has become one of my all time favorite products!Leaves skin AMAZINGLY smooth and soft with an unbelievable healthy looking shine! Absolutely perfect for legs!It also smells divine!Skin looks moisturised,replenished and healthy when sprayed on,I honest to god couldnt approve this product enough!It doesn't have a greasy/oily feel to it at all, it goes on smooth and sleek! 100% summer essential.
  • I also grabbed Maybelines new 'Baby Skin' pore eraser! small enough tube I must say but you do only need a teeny tiny amount so it will last much longer than you think!If you suffer from Rosacea/dry skin this product is perfect! Its very very similar to 'Porefessional' by Benefit and to be honest I find it MUCH better and at only 10 euro you can't go wrong! When I put my makeup on over it, my face looks so smooth and insanely soft, I even adore the packaging, the light pastel blue caught my eye straight away! yet another buy that has gone straight into my favorite products.
  • I am beyond ecstatic that 'WetNWild' have now made their way to Ireland's very own Dunnes Stores and also in Penneys/Primark.I literally cannot get enough of their cheap and amazing products!I picked up some 'MegaGlo' bronzer/blusher! leaves cheeks looking radiant with a glistening shimmer! absolutely love this buy! It was only 4.59 in Dunnes Stores! I also picked up WnW 'Barely There' lipstick! The colour is amazing! But I have to say the staying power failed just a bit, but still a wonderfully sexy nude colour!
  • Now on to the Avene Spray Thermal Water- I cannot stress how absolutely amazingly perfect this is for red/dry/irritable and breakout prone is a god send! at 10 euro a bottle it is a bit steep but I found it on sale in Boots for only 4 euro! I first used this product when I went to Joanne Larby's 'Fairy first birthday' and she included it in her goodie bag, I haven't looked back since!(even my boyfriend loves it) The cooling sensation of the mist is heaven on your skin and is perfect on rash/burns/at the gym and it can also be used as a setting spray for your makeup!!!ANYONE with Rosacea should DEFINITELY try this product out ASAP, especially coming up to the (hopefully) hot summer months!

The Parma Violet