Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Bargain Argan

Welcome back to yet another post about Argan oil! 

Since last time, I'm now fairly certain that it is my current favourite thing..ever! So as i Wondered into Lidl a few days ago, i got super excited to see some Argan oil infused beauty products ON SALE! I was delighted! So I picked up 3 items. But the one that caught my eye was Argan oil body butter! I was so excited to try it! Seeing what Argan oil did fro my hair imagine what it could do for my skin! I picked up 

*Body Butter
*Hair treatment
*heat defense spray 
All at a mere 2.99 each! Bargain!

**Now I know you can get this range in Dealz for cheaper but i have not yet found the Body butter in Dealz, so if you are looking for this then head over to Lidl as Dealz do not stock this.**

So..what did I think?

Argan Oil -hair treatment : I was super excited to try this as my hair is highly damaged and naturally frizzy/curly. So on the back on the box it read ''use 2-3 pumps and run through damp hair'' . Doing as the box indicated, i pumped 3 pinhole sized blobs of Aragin oil into my hand. It was a minuscule amount, So I thought to myself,'' how am I going to get this tiny amount through all my hair? '', and continued to pump 5+ extra amounts on to the palm of my hand...and well..I REALLY should have listened to the box. After applying this to my hair, my hair was INSANELY greasy looking. So please..for the love of sweet Jesus, only use 2 pumps worth! It doesn't look like it would do much, but it really works wonders when used correctly

Argan Oil-body Butter: This pot is magnificent. It is a skin transformer! Making you look (Well...thinking you look) and feel like you Beyonce. This body butter smells exactly like baby powder and is lusciously thick. When applying to skin, skin instantly feels hydrated,smooth,healthy and soft. It gives skin that healthy, natural glow that we all strive for! So this is DEFINITELY gone straight into my top 5 beauty products! Pick this up ASAP.

Argan Oil-Heat Defense Leave In Spray: This is a lovely spray! Sometimes you buy heat defense sprays and it leaves your hair kind of hard and almost straw like? Not this baby! This one is SUPER hydrating, making hair feel weightless, the ONLY thing you have to be careful about is how much you are applying to your hair, as again can make it look quite greasy!

Over all the product range is great quality for the price, it takes a little getting used to but it really is worth it!

Do you have any Beauty bargains you loved? Want me to review a product, don't hesitate to get in touch @ or, simply comment below, thank you 

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

OOTD | Look interview ready with Penneys/Primark.

Hello, and what a fantastic day it is!

Recently, I went to an interview regarding a very much wanted job all the way in Florida.  Needless to say I was absolutely ecstatic. Florida is my most favorite place in the entire far. I love how chilled out and relaxed Florida is. I have never been to the Florida Keys but if I were to visit, I would more than likely never leave. It seems right up my alley. The cool Cuban influence entices me so! When I went to the interview all I could picture was the roaring sunset on Clearwater beach. And I knew I just HAD to have this job. Needless to say the interview went amazing, and will more than likely be moving to Florida next October for a minimum of 6 months working in 5 star Floridian resorts..someone pinch me!

For a job interview like this, I didn't want to appear that I had a poker up my arse, I wanted to get my own individual style across while still looking somewhat professional. So this is what i eventually came up with. Floaty, comfortable and laid back but still proficient.

Please excuse my resting bitch face on the left.

I chose to make my main outfit black in colour to show professionalism 
I wore this gorgeous Penneys/Primark Kimono on top to break the dull darkness and give it a more relaxed feel. I wore a floral headpiece because I thought it went quite well with the outfit and gave it a softer look.

Crop top - 3.50
Maxi skirt - 12.00
Kimono - 11.00
Hamsa necklace - 1.00 (on sale)
Flower head band - 2.50
Belt - 3.00
All Penneys/Primark

I adore this outfit. Perfect for BBQ's and late summer parties too!
Its so floaty and comfortable and as everything I wear, I cannot get enough of the retro 70's vibe.
I made sure to keep my makeup minimal yet effective
I wore Wet N Wild - Mauve Outta Here on my lips. I adore this lipstick. So girly,pretty and light and isn't over the top.
I kept my hair natural, I didnt straighten, curl or wave. My hair is naturally curly so I brushed out the curls and it gave me a relaxed wave. I used Lush R&B to relax the frizz induced by brushing out the curls.
I used Penneys/Primark P.S love eyebrown pencil on my eyebrows
P.S Love eyeshaddow palette on my eyes
P.S Love eyeliner
P.S Love mascara to top it off
Who said makeup can't be cheap!? 

If you have any new Penneys/Primark buys that you would like to share, or simply want me to review a product, email me at, thank you

And remember during interviews, keep it comfortable, and let your style shine through

The Parma Violet

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Thin lips? Transform them using this age old trick.

Everyone seems to want big, plump, juicy lips right? But sadly some of our gene pools aren't kind enough to bless us with Angelina's pout. BUT Makeup has blessed us with the tools to fake it! I myself have very thin lips but I plump them up using this age old, but VERY useful trick!
  1. Simply Grab your lipstick of choice ( I chose Viva Glam by M.A.C)
  2. Grab your most shimmery eyeshaddow you have (make sure its white/silver/nude, I chose 'Bootycall' from the Naked 2 palette)
  3. Simply dab your chosen shaddow to the middle of your bottom lip and youre done!
Yep, is THAT easy!

P.S.. i am VERY sorry about the short post and terrible pictures, on quite a harsh time limit today!

But I do hope you enjoy this short but very useful post! Try it! you'll never look back!

Do you have any useful makeup tips? Simply comment below or email me @ , thank you!

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

€1.99 Burts Bee's dupe from Aldi

So, i popped my little bum into Aldi today to buy exciting stuff such as Chicken and the high life.
 As I turned over to read the ingredients it was to my absolute delight that I discovered there were NO demons lurking in the darkness! Just great and soothing ingredients such as Shea butter and coconut oil! And is also packed with vitamin E
It soothes your lips, it smells amazing, made with only natural ingredients AND its Irish! All the way from Mayo to be exact! So Whats not to love about this? Much cheaper and better than buying Burt's Bee's in my opinion! Why not give this a try, save money, your skin, and the environment with this gorgeous pot that leaves lips sumptuously soft and utterly kissable
 As i turned the corner this little tin caught my eyes! And for only €1.99 how could it not interest me! I then found out it was made with beeswax! Which is so beneficial for you skin. So I instantly wanted to run to the counter and buy it! But i then I remembered.. Cheap lipbalms usually have hidden horrors awaiting to be discovered such as Alcohol and petroleum, which are well known to dry out the top layer of skin on your lips aswell as being a burden to the ECO system.

If you have any Aldi buys, or want me to review a product, simply comment below or mail me on OR alternatively find me on, thank you 

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Upcoming collections from MAC and Urban Decay!

Now, we all know that MAC have been KILLIN IT this year with their ballsy and new collections and collaborations! 

Believe it or not! Urban Decay seem to be following in their footsteps! With an extremely exciting Pulp Fiction themed collection! This is so so exciting! Urban Decay has always had unbelievable makeup but i think this will be the cherry on top! So here is the preview that I found!

Pulp Fiction by Urban Decay

Id that eyeshaddow quad just for that packaging! 
Pulp Fiction is most definitely one of my favorite films ever and this is sending me wild!
I sadly have no further information available on this collection as of yet but I will keep you posted!
NEXT we have

 MAC's Simpsons collaboration 

In my opinion, I think this collection looks cheap and tacky
MAC had this in the palms of their hands and they ruined it! The packaging is horrible and cheap looking,it looks like something you'd grab in the pound shop or Dealz! And to my absolute disgust, they wont be selling lipsticks! So this collection is a no no for me! Launching in August/September this is very disappointing

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection

I am nearly peeing myself with excitement over this!
Now THIS is the collection for me. This has SO much potential and I really hope they pull it off! And a little birdy told me a whole load of lipsticks will be available! Amazing!!

Kinky Boots by MAC

Apparently this is only going to be a lipstick and lip glass WITHOUT Limited edition packaging!
I don't know too much about this Limited Edition release as the idea seems to only be thrown around at the moment, but id say were in for the most glittery lips we've ever had.

Do you have any more info about any new Limited Edition releases? If so comment below or mail me at, thank you

The Parma Violet

Monday, 7 July 2014

Essence Blush up! MAC dupe?

Essence seems to be everyone's favorite drugstore beauty collection! Their packaging, colours, new and bright ideas, dupes and more importantly, super cheap prices are to die for! Recently i feel as if i have been neglecting Essence slightly so I went on a trip to Penneys and bought these two gorgeous Blushes! 

I bought these insanely beautiful blushes in Penneys for only 4.39 each! Nothing to complain about there!
Because these blushes are Ombre blushes. this means you can get three different looks with the same blush!
Use the darker section for a more bold and dramatic look, or use the lighter section for a more natural look, or simply mix them both together! 
Pardon the picture quality (The blush on the right is more of a peachy tone)
When i picked these up, i knew instantly that I have saw them before somewhere!Then it dawned on me...
These pretty little things are Dupes for MAC's limited edition proenza schouler blushes! I was so excited that I bought both of them then and there! 
Compared to a bank breaking 31.00 each! you can buy BOTH of these Essence bad boys for a total of 8.78! That's less than a tenner for both!!AND seeming as these were only limited edition MAC blushes you don't have to pay ridiculous prices over Ebay for them! 
Here are the swatches, as you can see we have Pinky Flow on the left and Heat Wave on the right.

The first colour on both is the darkest of each. This colour, used alone, doesn't appeal to me much as I am too pale, this would suit medium to dark skin tones.
The lighter colour is then used next. I love these colours as they suit me much much more. And far more natural looking
The last colour on both, is mixed. Again I love this, I find this to look much more dewy and fresh.

Have you any Dupes or Essence buys you want to share? Want me to review a product? Simply comment below or main me at, thank you 

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sleek comes to Ireland

I know I'm a tad bit slow to post about this but YES! Sleek have made their way to Ireland,finally! After years of waiting, Boots have stocked this glorious brand! Boots are now doing buy one get one half price on ALL Sleek products AND sometimes 3 for 2! Just click here to see what they have!

I myself picked up only 2 pieces from the collection so far, but I WILL expand that soon..hopefully! So here is what lured me in
Sleek - i-Divine vintage romance palette 9.99 
Sleek - Face form, contouring and blusher palette 12.99
Seeming as it was buy one get one half price I got these two for only 17.99!
I could'nt wait to open the boxes to see that famous matte black packaging...and tharr she blows
Ahhh isnt it gorgeous!
The eyeshaddow palette was (for some reason) alot smaller than the image I had in my head! Adore this packaging!
I opted for the 'Light' option in faceform. But if you are particularly pale I would suggest getting the 'Fair' option
I chose the vintage romance palette as the colours suit me more than the others. The Deep purples and sexy nudes in this palette are to die for! This palette is a mix of matte and shimmering eyeshaddows.
On the left we have the top row of the Vintage romance shaddows on dry skin with no flash
In the middle we have the bottom row, again on dry skin, no flash
And on the right we have the face form contouring powder, again, dry skin, no flash.

I adore everything about the eyeshaddow palette, it is simply stunning, the colours are insanely pigmented! And against blue eyes they make them pop!
I love the face form set  the contouring powder is bang on perfect, BUT the blusher is a tad shimmery for my liking,Sleek also offer a contouring kit WITHOUT the blusher for only 6.99...perfection!

Below is the look I decided to do using only these palettes all with natural lighting, no flash:
These romantic purples make my blue eyes pop. I used the whole bottom line to achieve this sultry look. Perfect if you wanna look super sexy for that date! Or out on the pull in Coppers (for some unknown reason)

The fun and funky purples in this make this makeup amazing for festivals and any gigs you are attending this summer!

If anyone would like a tutorial please let me know.
If you have any quieries, or if you have bought some Sleek makeup, let me know what you think of it! simply comment below OR email me at, thank you

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Saturday, 5 July 2014

My July wishlist

Good evening!

And what a horrible washout July is starting out to be!!That is why it's the perfect time to lay in bed and make wishlists. To be honest I'm obsessed with making lists, so this is orgasmic for me!
So here we have some of my most wanted pretty thinggys this July!

Also if anyone is interested I have set up a new Facebook page dedicated to my blog, Click here to visit my new Facebook page

  1. Estee Lauder - Double wear foundation:36.50 I've wanted this foundation for what seems forever! Whenever i see anyone wearing it it makes their skin look SUPER smooth and dreamy!
  2. Guerlain - Insolence Eau de Parfume:60.00 I first found this perfume in Paris in Epcot Disneyworld Florida in 2006, and I was blown away! The scent is so beautiful its beyond worlds, It smells like you're wearing Parma violets...Which I obviously love very very much! Such a statement perfume!
  3. MUA-Undress your skin highlighter :5.00 I've heard nothing but great things about this baked highlighter powder from MUA. The design is very similar to that of MAC's extra dimension skin finish!
  4. Limecrime-Velvetines (Salem):$20.00 Every time I look at Limecrimes makeup it makes me die! It is all so beautifully packaged and the Velvetines collection is so original, with one of a kind cant beat it!
  5. MAC-Nightmoth lipliner :16.00 A cult classic, This gorgeous deep berry lipliner makes any look super vampy and sexy
  6. Crosley-Record player: 169.00 I've needed a new record player for the longest time and I've had my eye on this powder blue player for a good while now, shame about that price tag though
  7. Pretty Zombie Cosmetics-3 witches matte lipstick :$12.00 A relatively new makeup brand that people should keep their eye out for! These lipsticks go on wet but dry completely matte, with stunning colours and decent prices, these lipsticks are made to stand out! Look at their gorgeous collection Here
  8. Ikea-Malm dressing table: 100.00 Unfortunately i do not have a dressing table of my own,and that makes me so sad! But I will be saving up for this gorgeous MALM dresser from Ikea, with a glass top and pullout makeup drawer for only 100 EURO, whats not to love?
  9. Shoebakery shoes $345.00 ..Yes I am aware of the ridiculous price of these shoes, but are YOU aware of how gorgeous they are? Look at them! Totally original AND hand made AND you can get your own custom cake style shoes! EVEN wedding shoes to match your wedding cake! How's that for having your cake and eating it? Want to look at their amazing creations? Simply click here!
Look how gorgeous that MALM dresser from Ikea looks! (Mirror, plant pot and Hollywood lights also available From IKEA)

If you have any queries or want me to review a product simply comment below or mail me on OR Message me on Facebook (theparmaviolet) Thank you.

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Get that healthy shine for only €1.49

Argan Oil for cheap?

Last year introduced the BOOM of healthy essential oils for hair and skin! The number one oil everyone seems to be going crazy about is Argan oil! 
Argan oil is one of the most beneficial and diverse oils there is on the market at the moment! It can be used as anything from a moisturiser to a nail and cuticle softener! Its extreme diversity makes it so appealing! But what everyone REALLY wants it for, is for their hair! Ever wonder how Nicole Scherzinger gets her hair so shiny and smooth looking? ..yep..Argan oil! 
So, the real question it expensive? Well, yes it can be a bit steep. So when I popped into Dealz I was pleasantly surprised when I found these! 
An Argan oil infused shampoo, conditioner and hydrating hair mask all for €1.49 each!

And the tubes are quite big too!
This trio is well worth popping in for! I found after one single use that my hair was SUPER shiny without looking greasy, not to mention very soft too! This leaves hair smelling and looking gorgeous! 
So if anyone out there is looking for a quick,cheap and healthy hair transformation then head down to Dealz and pick these guys up! You wont regret it!

**Shampoo and rinse hair, proceed to towel dry then apply hair mask to root to tip, leave for 8-10 minutes, then rinse, apply conditioner to roots of hair, leave for 2-3 minutes and rise.**

If you have any queries, or would like me to review a product please comment below or simply mail  me on, thank you

The Parma Violet

Yummy lazy heaven

Looking for something luscious to have, but are too lazy to cook something up or cant be arsed to run down to the local shop in your PJs? 
The simple solution..Milkshakes!! Everyone loves them and they're just downright cool looking and fun to make!
I'll show you some of the ones I made tonight, and a fun glass couldn't go to waste either ;)
These Ikea tumblers are perfect for that 50's style milkshake we all love! for just 1.90 each!

Now for the fun part! Milkshakes are pretty hard to make right? WRONG!
Milk shakes are probably the most easiest AND funnest things to make! AND you get to pick what YOU want! how much more better could it get!? Well here is how I made my signature milkshake tonight.
What you will need is.

A bowl
An electric whisk
Bar/fruit of your choice
Whipped cream
Meringue nests 

'Smooth Fluffernutter'

**Image above** 
  • 1/3 cup full of low fat milk
  • 2 generous scoops of  Aldi 'softscoop' ice cream(1.49EURO)
  • 1 Reese's peanut butter cups (80 cent Dunnes)
  • 2 small tea spoons of Nutella(2.40EURO)
Place in bowl (Make sure chocolate is not refrigerated) and whisk for one minute 
Pour into glass/cup then top with...
  • Marshmallow fluff (1.99 Aldi)
  • Whipped cream(1.50Aldi)
  • Crushed Meringue (optional)
And its as simple as that!

''Mint Bubble''

  • 1/3 low fat milk
  • 2 scoops Icecream
  • 1 mint Aero bar (slightly softened)
  • Whipped Cream
Garnish with Strawberries,sprinkle of hot chocolate powder and crushed meringue.

So basically...Mash a load of  milk, Ice cream and a bar together and BOOM there's your fancy,luxury treat for the night! and for Uber cheap! 
Feed the entire family luxury milkshakes for days on end for less than 10 euro!

Warning! Random young men may appear in one's yard at any given time

If you have any queries or want more recipes comment below or mail me at ,thank you 

The Parma Violet