Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Upcoming collections from MAC and Urban Decay!

Now, we all know that MAC have been KILLIN IT this year with their ballsy and new collections and collaborations! 

Believe it or not! Urban Decay seem to be following in their footsteps! With an extremely exciting Pulp Fiction themed collection! This is so so exciting! Urban Decay has always had unbelievable makeup but i think this will be the cherry on top! So here is the preview that I found!

Pulp Fiction by Urban Decay

Id that eyeshaddow quad just for that packaging! 
Pulp Fiction is most definitely one of my favorite films ever and this is sending me wild!
I sadly have no further information available on this collection as of yet but I will keep you posted!
NEXT we have

 MAC's Simpsons collaboration 

In my opinion, I think this collection looks cheap and tacky
MAC had this in the palms of their hands and they ruined it! The packaging is horrible and cheap looking,it looks like something you'd grab in the pound shop or Dealz! And to my absolute disgust, they wont be selling lipsticks! So this collection is a no no for me! Launching in August/September this is very disappointing

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection

I am nearly peeing myself with excitement over this!
Now THIS is the collection for me. This has SO much potential and I really hope they pull it off! And a little birdy told me a whole load of lipsticks will be available! Amazing!!

Kinky Boots by MAC

Apparently this is only going to be a lipstick and lip glass WITHOUT Limited edition packaging!
I don't know too much about this Limited Edition release as the idea seems to only be thrown around at the moment, but id say were in for the most glittery lips we've ever had.

Do you have any more info about any new Limited Edition releases? If so comment below or mail me at theparmavioletblog@gmail.com, thank you

The Parma Violet