Monday, 7 July 2014

Essence Blush up! MAC dupe?

Essence seems to be everyone's favorite drugstore beauty collection! Their packaging, colours, new and bright ideas, dupes and more importantly, super cheap prices are to die for! Recently i feel as if i have been neglecting Essence slightly so I went on a trip to Penneys and bought these two gorgeous Blushes! 

I bought these insanely beautiful blushes in Penneys for only 4.39 each! Nothing to complain about there!
Because these blushes are Ombre blushes. this means you can get three different looks with the same blush!
Use the darker section for a more bold and dramatic look, or use the lighter section for a more natural look, or simply mix them both together! 
Pardon the picture quality (The blush on the right is more of a peachy tone)
When i picked these up, i knew instantly that I have saw them before somewhere!Then it dawned on me...
These pretty little things are Dupes for MAC's limited edition proenza schouler blushes! I was so excited that I bought both of them then and there! 
Compared to a bank breaking 31.00 each! you can buy BOTH of these Essence bad boys for a total of 8.78! That's less than a tenner for both!!AND seeming as these were only limited edition MAC blushes you don't have to pay ridiculous prices over Ebay for them! 
Here are the swatches, as you can see we have Pinky Flow on the left and Heat Wave on the right.

The first colour on both is the darkest of each. This colour, used alone, doesn't appeal to me much as I am too pale, this would suit medium to dark skin tones.
The lighter colour is then used next. I love these colours as they suit me much much more. And far more natural looking
The last colour on both, is mixed. Again I love this, I find this to look much more dewy and fresh.

Have you any Dupes or Essence buys you want to share? Want me to review a product? Simply comment below or main me at, thank you 

The Parma Violet