Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sleek comes to Ireland

I know I'm a tad bit slow to post about this but YES! Sleek have made their way to Ireland,finally! After years of waiting, Boots have stocked this glorious brand! Boots are now doing buy one get one half price on ALL Sleek products AND sometimes 3 for 2! Just click here to see what they have!

I myself picked up only 2 pieces from the collection so far, but I WILL expand that soon..hopefully! So here is what lured me in
Sleek - i-Divine vintage romance palette 9.99 
Sleek - Face form, contouring and blusher palette 12.99
Seeming as it was buy one get one half price I got these two for only 17.99!
I could'nt wait to open the boxes to see that famous matte black packaging...and tharr she blows
Ahhh isnt it gorgeous!
The eyeshaddow palette was (for some reason) alot smaller than the image I had in my head! Adore this packaging!
I opted for the 'Light' option in faceform. But if you are particularly pale I would suggest getting the 'Fair' option
I chose the vintage romance palette as the colours suit me more than the others. The Deep purples and sexy nudes in this palette are to die for! This palette is a mix of matte and shimmering eyeshaddows.
On the left we have the top row of the Vintage romance shaddows on dry skin with no flash
In the middle we have the bottom row, again on dry skin, no flash
And on the right we have the face form contouring powder, again, dry skin, no flash.

I adore everything about the eyeshaddow palette, it is simply stunning, the colours are insanely pigmented! And against blue eyes they make them pop!
I love the face form set  the contouring powder is bang on perfect, BUT the blusher is a tad shimmery for my liking,Sleek also offer a contouring kit WITHOUT the blusher for only 6.99...perfection!

Below is the look I decided to do using only these palettes all with natural lighting, no flash:
These romantic purples make my blue eyes pop. I used the whole bottom line to achieve this sultry look. Perfect if you wanna look super sexy for that date! Or out on the pull in Coppers (for some unknown reason)

The fun and funky purples in this make this makeup amazing for festivals and any gigs you are attending this summer!

If anyone would like a tutorial please let me know.
If you have any quieries, or if you have bought some Sleek makeup, let me know what you think of it! simply comment below OR email me at, thank you

The Parma Violet