Saturday, 5 July 2014

My July wishlist

Good evening!

And what a horrible washout July is starting out to be!!That is why it's the perfect time to lay in bed and make wishlists. To be honest I'm obsessed with making lists, so this is orgasmic for me!
So here we have some of my most wanted pretty thinggys this July!

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  1. Estee Lauder - Double wear foundation:36.50 I've wanted this foundation for what seems forever! Whenever i see anyone wearing it it makes their skin look SUPER smooth and dreamy!
  2. Guerlain - Insolence Eau de Parfume:60.00 I first found this perfume in Paris in Epcot Disneyworld Florida in 2006, and I was blown away! The scent is so beautiful its beyond worlds, It smells like you're wearing Parma violets...Which I obviously love very very much! Such a statement perfume!
  3. MUA-Undress your skin highlighter :5.00 I've heard nothing but great things about this baked highlighter powder from MUA. The design is very similar to that of MAC's extra dimension skin finish!
  4. Limecrime-Velvetines (Salem):$20.00 Every time I look at Limecrimes makeup it makes me die! It is all so beautifully packaged and the Velvetines collection is so original, with one of a kind cant beat it!
  5. MAC-Nightmoth lipliner :16.00 A cult classic, This gorgeous deep berry lipliner makes any look super vampy and sexy
  6. Crosley-Record player: 169.00 I've needed a new record player for the longest time and I've had my eye on this powder blue player for a good while now, shame about that price tag though
  7. Pretty Zombie Cosmetics-3 witches matte lipstick :$12.00 A relatively new makeup brand that people should keep their eye out for! These lipsticks go on wet but dry completely matte, with stunning colours and decent prices, these lipsticks are made to stand out! Look at their gorgeous collection Here
  8. Ikea-Malm dressing table: 100.00 Unfortunately i do not have a dressing table of my own,and that makes me so sad! But I will be saving up for this gorgeous MALM dresser from Ikea, with a glass top and pullout makeup drawer for only 100 EURO, whats not to love?
  9. Shoebakery shoes $345.00 ..Yes I am aware of the ridiculous price of these shoes, but are YOU aware of how gorgeous they are? Look at them! Totally original AND hand made AND you can get your own custom cake style shoes! EVEN wedding shoes to match your wedding cake! How's that for having your cake and eating it? Want to look at their amazing creations? Simply click here!
Look how gorgeous that MALM dresser from Ikea looks! (Mirror, plant pot and Hollywood lights also available From IKEA)

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The Parma Violet


  1. Not a fan of the highlighter to be honest- doesn't blend very well and just sort of.... settles. That lipstick looks amazing though.

    1. Really? Oh no way! I've heard great things but I'm saddened to hear that! good thing its only a 5r though! :P

  2. I really want that highlighter now! Great blog, thanks for adding me :)

    1. No problem! Thank you so much! Im relatively new to this whole thing so im not quite sure of what im doing but thank you loads! :) xxx

  3. I absolutely love the Estee Lauder foundation, you definitely need to give it a try :) x

    1. Yesss I neeed this in my life! But its a tad too expensive for me at the moment but a girl can dream :)