Thursday, 17 July 2014

OOTD | Look interview ready with Penneys/Primark.

Hello, and what a fantastic day it is!

Recently, I went to an interview regarding a very much wanted job all the way in Florida.  Needless to say I was absolutely ecstatic. Florida is my most favorite place in the entire far. I love how chilled out and relaxed Florida is. I have never been to the Florida Keys but if I were to visit, I would more than likely never leave. It seems right up my alley. The cool Cuban influence entices me so! When I went to the interview all I could picture was the roaring sunset on Clearwater beach. And I knew I just HAD to have this job. Needless to say the interview went amazing, and will more than likely be moving to Florida next October for a minimum of 6 months working in 5 star Floridian resorts..someone pinch me!

For a job interview like this, I didn't want to appear that I had a poker up my arse, I wanted to get my own individual style across while still looking somewhat professional. So this is what i eventually came up with. Floaty, comfortable and laid back but still proficient.

Please excuse my resting bitch face on the left.

I chose to make my main outfit black in colour to show professionalism 
I wore this gorgeous Penneys/Primark Kimono on top to break the dull darkness and give it a more relaxed feel. I wore a floral headpiece because I thought it went quite well with the outfit and gave it a softer look.

Crop top - 3.50
Maxi skirt - 12.00
Kimono - 11.00
Hamsa necklace - 1.00 (on sale)
Flower head band - 2.50
Belt - 3.00
All Penneys/Primark

I adore this outfit. Perfect for BBQ's and late summer parties too!
Its so floaty and comfortable and as everything I wear, I cannot get enough of the retro 70's vibe.
I made sure to keep my makeup minimal yet effective
I wore Wet N Wild - Mauve Outta Here on my lips. I adore this lipstick. So girly,pretty and light and isn't over the top.
I kept my hair natural, I didnt straighten, curl or wave. My hair is naturally curly so I brushed out the curls and it gave me a relaxed wave. I used Lush R&B to relax the frizz induced by brushing out the curls.
I used Penneys/Primark P.S love eyebrown pencil on my eyebrows
P.S Love eyeshaddow palette on my eyes
P.S Love eyeliner
P.S Love mascara to top it off
Who said makeup can't be cheap!? 

If you have any new Penneys/Primark buys that you would like to share, or simply want me to review a product, email me at, thank you

And remember during interviews, keep it comfortable, and let your style shine through

The Parma Violet