Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Bargain Argan

Welcome back to yet another post about Argan oil! 

Since last time, I'm now fairly certain that it is my current favourite thing..ever! So as i Wondered into Lidl a few days ago, i got super excited to see some Argan oil infused beauty products ON SALE! I was delighted! So I picked up 3 items. But the one that caught my eye was Argan oil body butter! I was so excited to try it! Seeing what Argan oil did fro my hair imagine what it could do for my skin! I picked up 

*Body Butter
*Hair treatment
*heat defense spray 
All at a mere 2.99 each! Bargain!

**Now I know you can get this range in Dealz for cheaper but i have not yet found the Body butter in Dealz, so if you are looking for this then head over to Lidl as Dealz do not stock this.**

So..what did I think?

Argan Oil -hair treatment : I was super excited to try this as my hair is highly damaged and naturally frizzy/curly. So on the back on the box it read ''use 2-3 pumps and run through damp hair'' . Doing as the box indicated, i pumped 3 pinhole sized blobs of Aragin oil into my hand. It was a minuscule amount, So I thought to myself,'' how am I going to get this tiny amount through all my hair? '', and continued to pump 5+ extra amounts on to the palm of my hand...and well..I REALLY should have listened to the box. After applying this to my hair, my hair was INSANELY greasy looking. So please..for the love of sweet Jesus, only use 2 pumps worth! It doesn't look like it would do much, but it really works wonders when used correctly

Argan Oil-body Butter: This pot is magnificent. It is a skin transformer! Making you look (Well...thinking you look) and feel like you Beyonce. This body butter smells exactly like baby powder and is lusciously thick. When applying to skin, skin instantly feels hydrated,smooth,healthy and soft. It gives skin that healthy, natural glow that we all strive for! So this is DEFINITELY gone straight into my top 5 beauty products! Pick this up ASAP.

Argan Oil-Heat Defense Leave In Spray: This is a lovely spray! Sometimes you buy heat defense sprays and it leaves your hair kind of hard and almost straw like? Not this baby! This one is SUPER hydrating, making hair feel weightless, the ONLY thing you have to be careful about is how much you are applying to your hair, as again can make it look quite greasy!

Over all the product range is great quality for the price, it takes a little getting used to but it really is worth it!

Do you have any Beauty bargains you loved? Want me to review a product, don't hesitate to get in touch @ or, simply comment below, thank you 

The Parma Violet