Saturday, 2 August 2014

Nomination for 'The One To Watch' award

Hello! And what a mucky and miserable day it is out there today!

But one thing for sure has brightened up my day! I have been nominated for 'the one the watch' award! By the lovely Chloe Neumiester A.K.A Miss Mac Muffins!! Thank you so much you pretty little thing you!

 So now it seems I must answer some of those lovely questions and pass on the favor!

1.Why is your blog named after Parma violets?
Well, I'm not gonna lie, I'm very addicted to Parma Violet sweets, including the smell, I really and truly cannot get enough of them. Buuuuut I was stuck for a blogger name so..I just pulled this one out of me arse and stuck with it really!

2.How long have you been blogging?
I started blogging at the end of May. I was extremely hesitant to get my blog out there as I really didn't really know what to expect. But now I really regret not doing this sooner! I have so much fun blogging and talking to other bloggers too! Its a great and exciting thing to do so if you are thinking of starting up a blog and are slightly apprehensive, my best advice is..just do it! You'll regret it otherwise

3.What are your favorite budget products?
I am an absolute fiend for dupes and budget buys, I really am, even if i don't like/suit the shade of the product I'm buying, ill buy it anyway if its a dupe..I'm ridiculous! But my favorite would have to be Sleek & MUA for eyeshaddows, Wet N Wild for Lipstick, NYC for foundation, and Essence for an all rounder! I especially love Essence's liquid eyeliner!

4.Give me 10 random facts about you:
Okidoki..but..don't expect them to be interesting!

*I have 4 younger brothers and I am the eldest and only girl,me and my brother have never had a fight.ever.
*I am a lover of all things Disney
*Dan is my boyfriend, and we've been going out 2 years now :)
*I have 6 dogs and 2 cats....yes really
*I lived and worked in Boston for 3.5 months, it was the best experience of my life
*I have 5 tattoos and have tattooed a few of my friends
*I can do a mean moonwalk
*I am naturally blonde..again..yes really
*Pierce Brosnan is my 3rd cousin
*I tattooed a tampon on my friends leg

5.Where are you from?
I live in the Dublin/Wicklow mountains here in Ireland. Just on the boarder of Wicklow in a little village called Brittas. Its insanely rural, but only 10 minutes away from civilization.Which is pretty cool!Both of my parents grew up in Birmingham in England, which is super industrialized so I guess that's why we moved somewhere pretty open and green like here!

6.What is your skin type?
Well that's a tricky one! When I was younger I had very oily skin. But now that I have gotten older I have been diagnosed with Roseca (a minor skin defect which only affects the face, making it dry, red, itchy and prone to spots) So my skin can go from oily, to super dry. i am currently on medication for Roseaca :)

7.What is your favorite fragrance?
Oooo that's a tricky one, I cant pick just one! So ill have to say Hypnose by Lancome, its so amazing i love it and i adore the bottle! Its so pretty! I also love coco mademoiselle by Coco Chanel, so womanly and timeless, I adore this scent!

8.What camera do you use to take your photos?
I actually don't use a camera because I don't have one unfortunately but I use my Samsung Galaxy 3s Mini for my photos at the moment, I have a Nikon D60 lying in my bedroom doing nothing as the flash is broken on it and the screen is a bit bandy so I have to wait to get that fixed!

9.What is your worst beauty habit?
Definitely itching my eyes and putting my eye makeup everywhere, you know how it is in the summer when you have hay fever, and that itchiness in your eyes is getting too much, then you just have to bite the bullet and itchy them attractive

10.what do you do when you're not blogging?
Well I am an artist so i tend to draw a lot, and draw portraits and tattoo designs for people. I also play guitar but haven't played in ages! I'm usually drawing, or hanging out with my friends and boyfriend. Sadly I am currently unemployed so I have A LOT of time on my hands, so I spend the majority of the time handing out CV's ...what an exciting life I do lead

Well that's everything from me! But I would like to hear more about you! So I nominate:
*Chloe Nuemiester - 
*Grace O'Connell -
For the 'one to watch award!
Copy my questions and answer them yourself! Goodluck!
Find Chloe's blog here and Facebook here
And find Graces Blog here and Facebook here

Thank you for reading,I hope you found this helpful, if you would like to nominate me or anyone else for an award get in touch by commenting below or mailing me at