Tuesday, 5 August 2014

*REVIEW* He Loves Me-Eau de toilette

Hello everyone! And thank god that weather is clearing up! August started as a right washout. But now the sun is back and it's making me feel goooood! And just as I said that it starts to rain (I am seriously not even joking..perfect).. Anyway!

I was walking around in Penneys (Primark) in Dundrum earlier this week, with no intention of buying anything..But all know that one does simply not enter Penneys and doesn't buy anything. Try as we may, there is ALWAYS some super cheap, super cute thing that we just HAVE to have..And THIS was one of those moments.
As I was helping my 16 year old brother shop for anniversary gifts for his girlfriend (aw bless) I stumbled across this uber cute, mini bottle of perfume!

Look how girly and summery it is!

I am a sucker for daisies and I'm even more of a sucker for polka dots! And to make things better,this totally gorgeous roller perfume was only 2.50! 
And as for the scent? It smells like a fresh summers day, the quintessential 'cheap' perfume smell will initially hit you, but after you let this perfume linger. It does smell very girly and very fresh! 
Its perfect for popping into your handbag due to its tiny size. 
Surprisingly this perfumes staying power is brilliant! i was expecting it to stay an hour tops but the scent keeps on going for over 4 hours.. And for a cheap perfume that's amazing!

Do you have any bargain perfumes that you can't get over? Want me to review a product? Let me know by simply commenting below or email me @ theparmavioletblog@gmail.com, thank you. 

The Parma Violet