Monday, 18 August 2014

Simply Be curvy 2015 & Liebster award!

My god this week has been SO busy for me! And I'm very sorry I haven't been blogging as much as I should have but I have a few handy posts in store for ya'll!

FIRSTLY Id like to thank Elena Villa for nominating me for the Liebster award! it absolutely made my day! I would answer some questions but I just got nominated for another award and answered a bunch of questions on my previous blog post! :) Go and visit her super awesome blog here! Thank you again lovely!

Also! i got a bit of a surprise this week! I entered myself in the SimpleBe 2015 model search campaign after applying for VPlus models (And disgracefully hearing nothing back) I decided to take the plunge..What have I got to loose right? Well I applied for SimplyBe about 2 months ago, and COMPLETELY forgot i done so, it totally slipped my mind. As I opened my Gmail and seen a mail from SimplyBe, I knew straight away it was a message to decline my application. Not even 1% of me thought that I would be accepted! As I began  to read the email I then hit this bomb!
''This  year  Simply Be Curvy 2015 has received thousands of entries from allacross  the  country.   We  have managed to whittle it down to 300 girls toattend the heats and congratulations, you are one of them!We are delighted to invite you to attend the next stage of the competition,on  Saturday  30th  August  or  Sunday  31st August at 9.30am in The GibsonHotel, Dublin.''

I was absolutely blown away! I cannot believe I've made it into the heats! I was genuinely jumping for joy! I couldn't believe it!
Now to tone up that belly and lay off the crap food!
I am genuinely looking forward to meeting everyone attending this amazing event! And good luck to all involved!! Give it your all ladies!! See you there!

If you are attending the Simply Be model search in the Gibson hotel, please comment below or get in contact with me by emailing me on, thank you!

The Parma Violet