Sunday, 31 August 2014

Simply Be curvy 2015 - The heats

Hello everybody! What a happy Sunday it is for me, and I hope that this Sunday is a happy one for you too!

I mentioned previously that I had been one of 300 very lucky and gorgeous girls chosen out of 5,000 entrants to attend the heats for the SimplyBe curvy model search 2015. And today was the big day.
The event was held in the fabulous Gibson Hotel, and I really underestimated just how big this competition is!

As I entered the waiting room to place down my name, there was a sea of stunningly beautiful women, including none other than the Expose team and Celia Holman Lee,and it was only then I felt them butterflies going crazy in my stomach, I was insanely nervous..and under dressed!! Everyone was in full hair and makeup and looked so breathtaking, I'm not going to lie...getting up at 7 was enough for me, I went seriously plain with my hair and makeup..And regret that choice  now 

After 3 hours of waiting around,I finally got called in with two other stunning girls! 
We had a practice catwalk lesson, then we entered a room with 4 judges. One of them being a previous winner, and they were all so lovely, and made you really feel at ease.My butterflies went and I was just my usual chatty self (even though I messed up my entrance a bit). They asked us around 4 questions each then we were free to leave and that we would receive a call tomorrow if we were to get a place in the final 12.

It would be a dream come true to be selected for the final 12, but all in all I am super proud of myself for even coming this far, never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to get this far in anything! 
Thank you to everyone who wished me luck, and good luck to absolutely everyone involved! 
Lets remind everyone that curves are beautiful and sexy! Don't shy away, flaunt the curves you have and be proud of them, after all, that's what makes us women! 

..Now to watch my phone like a hawk


The Parma Violet

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