Tuesday, 10 February 2015

IKEA vanity - Big & Bold

Since I done the pretty pink parisian theamed vanity , I thought I might aswel throw together this highly sought after block colour theme for a more big and bold look! This vanity is perfect for those who own an unreal amount of makeup/ beauty products . This time i went for red seeming as valentines day is just around the corner!
Again every product used here is from Ikea 

From L to R
Strandmon chair in red €220
Linndmon / alex desk €150
Ung drill mirror €30
Duvflader vase €25
Knarstar pictue €12
Vinager vase €11
Harfin candle holders €19
Godkanna Candle / Brush holder €7

Why not choose some string lights to wrap around your mirror for that extra bit of brightness?
try these heart shaped Ramsta lights - €16

Stay tuned for more personalised vanity's

The Parma Violet