Thursday, 11 September 2014

Jewelry by Magpies nest

Hello, and good evening everybody! If you're looking for some late night reading before bed or simply are looking for some quality jewelry then I have just the post for you.

I recently got approached by a gorgeous and lovely girl on Instagram wondering if we could maybe do a collaboration and I jumped at the chance.
She runs her own business in England and creates some of the most delicate and pretty jewelry I have ever seen.
You can check out her stuff here!!
 And these are the three items that she sent me 
This gorgeous amethyst necklace on 18' chain.
Usually retails for 4.77 EURO
This necklace is insanely durable and very well made.
This insanely gorgeous grey/purple titanium quartz necklace (left) which is my favourite of the two.
This piece usually retails at 4.51 EURO
The wiring of this one is a tad 'spikey' but is easily fixed.Such a stunningly beautiful necklace for such a low price! Bargain!
I love the super unusual colour of this piece. It is a truly unique piece of jewelry and you can see how well made these two necklaces are close up. (Below)
 I will be wearing these ALL Autumn/Winter because..I mean..look at them! they're perfect for this time of year! 
She also sent me this beautiful, delicate lilac anklet with a leaf charm. And I am in love with it! Its so pretty! This piece retails at 2.19EURO.

If you are interested in this fantastic jewelry you can visit her
>instagram here
>Etsy website here

I hope you do pop over and buy something here because you seriously wont regret it. She also sent me a lovely hand written letter which was just the cherry on top.

Thank you Magpies Nest! I am one truly happy customer!

The Parma Violet