Thursday, 18 September 2014

Is volcanic ash the next big thing in skincare?

Good morning! And yes you heard that right!

Volcanic ash or Charcoal has been used in skincare products for many years, but now, there has been a sudden explosion *Pardon the pun* on the skincare scene.
Is it any good? Is it expensive? If so, are they're any dupes? Well, lets find out shall we?

First of all we have MAC's Mineralize volcanic ash exfoliator. This baby can be used as an exfoliating scrub, or as a lovely warm face mask. So what did I think?
When I used this product, I used it as a face scrub as using anything as a facemask usually tends to make me break out into awful spots.
It feels great when applied on the skin, the gorgeous sugar crystals get right to work when you give your face a good aul thorough scrub. I must admit it doesn't smell like the nicest daisy but it works miracles. 
When washing off I found it left my skin, super soft and insanely moisturised!
I must say,I was truly shocked, my skin usually breaks out if I try any new skincare products, but this made my skin baby soft with a healthy glow. The only set back is the price! This retails at a whopping 30EURO! 

So...Is there a dupe?

YES! And it's SO much more affordable! Introducing Boot's own brand - Teatree & Witch Hazel Charcoal facemask and facescrub 
This product I find smells nicer and works just as well, if not better!
These bad boys will save you a pretty penny and save your pretty face.
These deep cleansing gifts from god are to be seriously tested for yourselves.
At 5.50EURO each these gorgeous lifesavers should definitely be a staple in every girls skincare routine. Especially if you suffer from blackheads/acne.
These are currently on offer in boots for 3 for 2! so run down and get your lovely mitts on these two fabulous products!

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