Wednesday, 26 November 2014

New Look : Christmas On a Budget

Happy lunch time ya'll

Now in my previous posts I wrote about how to do Christmas fashion on a budget, and I really meant a budget! We've had Forever21 : Christmas on a budget, H&M :Christmas on a budget and now we have New Look, Granted this is the most expensive of the three but if you have some spare cash then sure why not? 
This gorgeous Shimmering gold pencil dress is actually cheaper than it looks! It's 24.99 and will last you though the whole Christmas Season! This figure hugging dress is super elegant and great if you have a peachy bum! 
Next up we have this super sparkly number. Much more shimmery and beautiful in real life, this dress must be seen with your own two eyes, this dress is PERFECT for those who have a tad bit more boobage (like yours truly) it also covers those lumps and bumps that you don't want seen but are still beautiful :) This dress is the perfect party dress at 29.99
Next up we have these fabulously 90's velvet crush skater dresses, at just 22.99, you will look incredible! Dress up or dress down with some Docs, messy hair and truly be brought back to the 90's

Going to a big crazy fancy dinner? Or just want to look super elegant for Christmas? Then look no further than this gorgeous eye catching dress! With a scooped back and a midnight blue shimmer, this is one damn sexy dress! And for 34.99 it's not too shabby of a price either! 
**NOTE** This is an online exclusive dress
Like the 34.99 dress but its a little bit too much on the purse? Well then why not opt for this shorter AND cheaper but still VERY sophisticated dress? At just 17.99 this is a fraction of the price and more wearable!Make of the same fabric, this midnight blue sparkly dress will make heads turn!
This is one of my favourites! Again, this one has to be seen with your own eyes to really see how beautiful it truly is! And at 24.99 it's not the worst price tag in the world! This Stunning blue and silver shimmery dress is perfect for hiding those lumps and bumps (even though they're beautiful) I would suggest running down and getting the baby, I know I will be!

Looking for something a bit more 'Santa baby'? Yep, thought so!
Then why not slap on this stunning skater dress! A perfect shape for nearly anyone too! And the lattice neck straps make you look like a pretty little wrapped present! Awh! And the price? 
Just 14.99!
Available in 5 colours

I know this was the most expensive of the three aforementioned posts,but if you do have just that little bit extra to spend I thought id help you out!
Happy shopping!!

The Parma Violet