Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Box Swap #5 : Elf Cosmetics

Ah jaysus lads will this weather make up it's mind already? Apart from the absolute lashings of rain that have been pouring down upon us I hope everyone is getting into the festive spirit! 

Now as most of you are aware, I recently completed a boxswap with Lynell @ thesunglasseseffect.wordpress.com. My stuff was being sent from Ireland and her stuff ( Can you believe it) Was being sent from Florida, and seeming as she works in the happiest place on earth, yes darlings you've guessed it.DISNEY WORLD.. I got a few beautiful pieces in there. If you haven't seen the rest of my boxswappages then you must run your bum off to read them as this is the last instalment.

E.L.F Is one of the leading budget cosmetic brands in the U.S and it is VERY clear to see why! From their limited edition Disney stuff to their handy every day make-up for just $1, makes this brand is one of Americas favourites...And I NEEDED some!

And the 7th day some god or whatever said ''LET THERE BE E.L.F''
Behold the absolute bomb of beauty!
The creme de la creme of bargains

So first up we have the E.L.F black & Glitter eyeliners
So what did I think?!
First things first, if you don't know how to properly apply liquid eyeliner, you're going to hate this.
But if you (Like myself) are an eyeliner queen, then you'll think this is amazing. Yes you get what your pay for, but for the price the quality of this product is undeniable. I found the black to be VERY black to be honest and it really made my blue eyes pop. The brush is amazing and once I'm done with this product I will most definitely be using the brush for my other liquid eyeliners. The glitter one, isn't very glittery at all to be honest, you get t layer this one on.Although the iridescent glitter (Once applied properly and layered) is VERY pretty indeed!

Next up is the E.L.F All over colour sticks! 
These wonder sticks can be used on eyes as shadow,cheeks as blush and lips as lipstick! What a handy little product to have in your handbag! 
The top swatch is 'Pink Lemonade'
And the second is 'Persimmon' 

Now, we have the infamous Jumbo lip gloss sticks!
From L to R we have :
Movie Star
Summer Nights
Pink Umbrellas 
These are super handy and very pretty!! 
My favourite is summer nights! Although i thought my favourite would be Movie star because i LOVE red lips, it was a TAD bit of a let down as it clumps a little bit.

Next up we have the Eyeshadow beauty book!
This little saviour has 48 eye shadows! And is super handy to carry around in your handbag is its quite small! Equipped with mirror and sponge applicator this is one handy little book! This beauty book is mainly consisted of nudes,greens and plum colours, perfect for the winter months!

And finally we have the gorgeous contouring palette from ELF studio. The contouring powder is the perfect tone for my skin and I just adore it! The highlighter is slightly pinky, like a blush and is very nice but I think I'm a little too pale to use it!But I still do from time to time!I love this product and I would definitely but this again if I could!

If you have any questions about box swapping, don't hesitate to get in touch and say hi!

The Parma Violet

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