Thursday, 13 November 2014

Box Swap #4: Milani Cosmetics

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is feeling damn sexy coming up to the festive season! And if should be ;)

Now, I'm pretty sure that every girl everywhere NEEDS to own a bit of Milani in their lives, am I right or am I right? And again..being in Ireland..We dont have that luxury! BUT LYNELL MADE IT POSSIBLE WOOOO! ( I would marry this arse off this girl)
sooo, what did she send me?
I am one...VERY lucky girl!
What I received:

Milani Illuminating face powder - 03 beautys touch
X2 Milani baked blush -  01 Dolce Pink & 02 Rose D'Oro
X2 Milani Baked Eyeshadow - 602 I heart you & 618 Green Fortune 

So first up we have the mighty Illuminating face powder!
This face powder is so stunningly beautiful to look at, I didn't even want to touch it!
Embossed with multi colour roses, You can use this gorgeous powder as a highlighter or as a blush! Sometimes I find highlights can be so shiny that you could see your face from space. But this one is super delicate and very VERY pretty on the face! I'm so sorry I have no pictures of it on my damn camera went and deleted half of my pictures.

Nest up we have these stunning blushes.
OK can we just take a moment, to really appreciate the arse out of these blushes.
I have wanted these for longer than I can actually remember! And I find it hard to belive that I actually own these now. 
Super pigmented with just the right amount of shine, these blushes last all day without a single touch up. These brighten up your face and aren't too loud on the skin! My favourite is the rose gold one on the left! It suits my skin tone perfectly!

Next, we have the amazingly gorgeous baked eyeshaddows
Just LOOK at them colours!!!

These two can be used wet (for a more dramatic and bold look) Or dry (for a softer look).
The one that grabbed my attention straight away was 'Green Fortune' on the left. Holy good god look at that amazing marble effect! Such an amazing colour and even more beautiful on! This would be stunning on someone with hazel/green/brown eyes! The pigmentation on both of these is insane!

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