Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Box Swap #3: Bath & Body Works

Hello everyone! How's everyone doing? Hope you're all battling the fierce colds and flu's going around!

This instalment is all about Bath & Body works! (yay!)

I first became OBSESSED with Bath & Body Works when I stumbled across some pictures of their candles on Instagram! I immediately fell head over heals, the scents are so original and I dunno WHAT it is about the packaging but I simply adore it!
I then looked more into bath and body works and found their shower gels,lotions and body scents and thought to myself ''oh dear god, I would be a dangerous woman if I were to ever step foot inside that store'' 
The stuff is so amazingly beautiful!( You should definitely check out their stuff online whenever you get the chance) BUUUUT being in Ireland pretty stuff from B&BW for Nadine.. Then Lynell came to the rescue (see previous posts). So when she sent me these GORGEOUS items I genuinely shrieked with joy!

So lets see what I thought?!

Behold! Feast your eyes upon these gloriously girly bottles of sheer bliss!
I received:

Fresh Strawberries Hand Sanitizer 
Velvet Sugar body lotion
Velvet Sugar Shower gel
Velvet Sugar Fragrance mist

First up we have the hand sanitizer (like how them Americans spell it)
(also bottle is A LOT bigger than it appears in the picture)
I've never been a huge enthusiast on hand sanitisers, I never understood the hype. Sure they keep your hands germ free, but even the ones that claim to smell like ''strawberries'' and ''pineapple'' dont really even smell like them...One you rub it in the scent is one..

The first time I used this I though, oh dear GOD the absolute BANG of gorgeous fresh strawberries is to DIE for! I couldn't believe it!  It smells like really fresh, sweet (but not sickingly sweet) jam! And what's best? The smell lasts HOURS! I was honest to god shocked. After washing my hands the scent was gone. So I decided to not wash my hands for a whole day to see how this baby kept up... and dear lord it BASICALLY lasted the entire day! AND it has little tiny dark blue shimmery pretty glittery things throughout the bottle to look like strawberry seeds, HOW AWESOME!
I could not recommend this more, so If any of my American/Canadian followers are reading, DEFINITELY grab this beauty!

Next up we have the Velvet Sugar Body Fragrance mist.

Now, for me, I LOVE all things girly and retro. Mix them together, and you've got heaven. And the packaging for this really hits it on the head.
I adore the mint coloured bow & sweetheart netting printed around the bottle, it gives it a very naughty, 1950's boudoir feel which I just adore.

I'm not a huge fan of very sweet smelling things or over powering smells. At first sniff I thought this was very sweet, but once it settles, it is a gorgeously feminine scent which will leave EVERYBODY ( and yes I mean everybody) asking , ''where did you get that perfume? it is GORGEOUS''
Honey..I know its gorgeous, I smell good enough to eat right now! ;P
I find this works best spritzed on to damp skin and left to dry. The scent calms down after about an hour or so but keeps on keeping on throughout the day.

And last, but by certainly no means least we have the Velvet Sugar Body lotion and shower gel set

Just like the body mist, these two smell divine, although I got a much more gentle scent from these two which is a good thing though!
The packaging again, SUPER girly, SUPER pink and just a little bit of gold thrown in there too :)
The packaging on these two gives off a more romantic feel with added flowers and hearts.
Both bottles are enriched with Shea & Vitamin E which is amazing! After using these two my skin felt baby smooth and smelt like heaven for hours. I was one VERY happy lady!

Lynell, you hit the jackpot with these buys! Thank you so much!
And poor Lynell STILL hasn't received the package I sent her!
If that doesn't come through this week there will be out and out war with Irish mail I tell you!
So we're all keeping our fingers and toes crossed that it gets to you safe and sound :)

If you have any questions on box swapping, please do not hesitate to message me and say hi :)

The Parma Violet