Friday, 7 November 2014

Boxswap #2: NYX

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2nd half of my box-swapping escapades! Now I know thats NYX recently made its way to Ireland..But living in the back arse of nowhere, nowhere that sells them is near to me.. so it was a blessing that I got sent all this beautiful NYX stuff!!!

NYX Matte lip creme 

Ok, I have seen these lip cremes all over instagram and the likes and I have been DYING to own one! And This little cutie sent me three! I am one VERY lucky girl!!
The colours I received were:
Ibiza - a peachy pink
Morocco -  An orangey red
Prague -  A soft dark purple
Ok, lets get right down to it... These . Smell . Absolutely . Unbelievable 
I never thought id get hungry while putting on makeup but oh my god!
These smell like a sweet buttercream cake! Or just simply the worlds best smelling cake shop!


I THOUGHT THIS WAS AWESOME!!The fact she sent me purple AND blue mascara...unreal!!
We dont tend to get alot of this kind of stuff in Ireland, and when we do I find it of very bad quality OR ridiculously over priced!
These two go on and stay perfectly! No flake away's or no clumps! These are great! 
The purple is great in particular if you have hazel or green eyes, it really makes your eye colour pop! And the blue is great for blue or green eyes! amazing idea, thank you Lynell! I love them!

NYX LOVE IN PARIS EYESHADOW PALETTE! Holy god I'm in love! The colours are very pigmented and the packaging is extremely cute! 
The palette showing 9 extremely pretty colours will suit anyone! Mostly made up of natural and brown tones this palette will take you from day to night super fast! 
And look at that super cute bow clasp!

I hope you enjoyed the second half of my boxswap items! If theres any tips or information you need to know please let me know!Dont be afraid to get in touch!

The Parma Violet