Thursday, 6 November 2014

Boxswap #1 Beautifully Disney collection

Good evening everyone! Hope everyone is roasting their bums by the fire and relaxing with a nice cup of tea at this hour! 

These next few posts will be reviews on all the unbelievable stuff I received from Lynell during our box-swapping!Let me give you the mini lo-down before I begin.

Lynell & I met on Twitter when I asked an outwardly question to the public, the question was ''Would anybody like to do a box-swap?'' and Lynell came to my rescue! We quickly hit it off and have become great mates! We tend to talk most days and I can safely say I have made a true friend with her! Lynell lives all the way in Florida U.S.A, and me being in Ireland,knew this was going to be SUPER fun! She also works in non other than the happiest place on earth..Disney World!!! How beyond awesome is that?! And this is why I have received these amazingly beautiful Disney items, allllll the way from Disney World in Florida! (I nearly wet myself when I opened the package) So lets see what I thought?

Beautifully Disney: Brush Collection 

Behold, this glorious Disney eye porn!

So let me start off by saying, I cant believe I own something is pretty and all the way from Disney World itself! 
I don't think there is anything more perfect than Disney + Makeup mashed together, its a dream!
First of all, the Gothic-esque packaging is to die for! Complete with silhouettes of Disney Princesses and their Villains! The pink tips add so much more to the brushes, the perfect touch.
These brushes are in NO way meant for children, do not be fooled! This is very much Disney for adults, and I could not be more pleased about that if I tried. The brushes are surprisingly soft, like a wee babies bum! And I am honestly delighted with these!
Brush set includes:
Eye-shadow brush
Contour/blush brush
Angle brush
Foundation brush
Concealer brush

Beautifully Disney : Lipgloss

First of all, again, the packaging...WOW! Could not be more perfect if it tried!
I was expecting these three gorgeous shades to be of ''child makeup'' quality. But dear lord was I wrong! There was NOTHING plastic about these bad boys! The Villains shown on the front of these tubes are: Ursula, Evil Queen & of course Maleficent. On top of the boxes it also has their symbols/weapons/sidekicks!!
The formula is pigmented and stays put for AGES, I truly love these! They remind me of MAC's Villains collection they brought out some years ago! I feel very very lucky to own these gorgeous glosses.

Colour's from L to R:
^^ Soul Survivor, Poisoned Apple & Dragon Diva ^^
I Swatched the colours so as you can see how vibrant and beautiful they are!

Beautifully Disney: Nail Appliqués 

Look at how utterly gorgeous these are! I've never worn anything like this on my nails but I can't wait to! One set (Left) Is Alice in Wonderland themed and the other (right) Is Disney Villain themed. And I cannot stop looking at these colourful, pretty nail appliqués 

I hope you enjoyed the first part of finding out what's in my box-swap box.
Huge thanks to Lynell who has been an unbelievable saviour and who STILL hasn't received the box I've sent her :'( (Damn Irish mail) Fingers crossed it gets to you soon!
Tune in tomorrow for more surprises and tips!


The Parma Violet

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