Friday, 28 November 2014

Lidl - Suddenly Collection

Hello everyone!And thank god the sun has come out here in Dublin! Perfect for running out and starting your Christmas shopping! And if you're on a budget or not, these beauties SHOULD be in everyones Christmas stocking this year! 

If you havent heard of this collection then you better listen up if you wanna save some serious cash!

The Suddenly collection from Lidl..yes Lidl, comes out on special occassions such as Christmas, Valentines day etc.
Each perfume is an exact duplicate of a Designer perfume! How amazing is that?!
And there's even a candle scented like their best selling perfume! So what are the designer originals?

*Suddenly - Madame Glamour - Coco Madmoiselle *Chanel*
*Suddenly - Diamonds - Hugo Boss Orange
*Suddenly - Woman I - Chanel No.5

And the price tag? 
Just 3.99 each! 
Absolute bargain!
And I assure you, you will be a very silly person if you do not run in and pick up some of these amazing perfumes!!

So which one would be more suitable for the woman/women in your life?

>Mother/Grand mother : Suddenly Woman I
>Younger sister/Cosuin/Friend : Suddenly Diamonds
>Girlfriend/ Best Friend : Suddenly Madame Glamour

Happy shopping!!

The Parma Violet