Monday, 8 December 2014

The Balm : Review

Hello everyone and happy December! Christmas is edging that little bit closer and I just love all the Christmassyness surrounding me!
I recently attended a blogger meet up, and at that meetup I won a raffle!I got to pick what I won, and on that table was a plastic bag full of 'The Balm' products...Needless to say, I nearly died with excitement as I have never tried this brand before!
In the bundle I received: 
*Meet Matt(e) Nude eyeshadow palette 
*Whats Your Type? Black Mascara
*Schwing Black Liquid Eyeliner
*Hot Mama Blush and Highlighter
*The Balm Girls Lipstick in ''Ima Goodkisser''
The packaging! 
I adore it! So 50's and in your face! 
Utter prettiness! I adore it so sooo much!
So what did I think of all these glorious goodies?

Meet Matt(e) Nude - I adore this palette, The nude colours are just stunning and will suit anyone with any colour eyes! I adore the play on words! All named after men, this palette cheekily matched their names with their skin tone, eg. Matt Molloy (a piercing white colour) how very naughty ;)
This has become my go to eyeshadow palette! And I urge anyone to go out and buy this highly pigmented fun palette, complete with huuuuge mirror!

Whats your type? Black Mascara - This mascara gave my lashes unbelievable length after a few coats! I love love love this!
Schwing - Black liquid eyeliner  - Again, another unbelievable product, I'm more of a fan of gel eyeliners to be honest, but for those fond of the liquid eye liners, this one is super black with a great brush!
 Hot Mama Blush and Highlighter - THIS.HAS.BECOME.MY ALL TIME.FAVOURITE BLUSH...EVER!!!!
And to make matters worse, I LOST IT AT A CHRISTMAS FAIR! It came flying out of my handbag and it was gone for eternity! I am beyond devastated as I'm pretty sure this HAS to be my favourite beauty product of ALL time!! If you're ever going to buy a blush, please buy this one! it gives you a healthy dewy glow which is so pretty I cant even put it into words!
The Balm Girls Lipstick in 'Ima Goodkisser' - Now I have to be honest I ain't the biggest fan of pink lipstick, but this one changed it all for me! This is a very natural looking colour!I wear this all the time now! Great staying power and amazing packaging,looks like it came right out of the early 60's! So so in love with this! 

I love love love all these amazing products!
They are a tad pricey but your really are getting your moneys worth.
Everything is a great size and amazing quality!

10/10 would buy again and would recommend this brand to anyone, and these would make very very beautiful Christmas gifts too! 
Here's a look a created with all these products:
(Excuse the wet hair, I thought I was Beyonce or something after my shower)

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