Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Want a free M.A.C contour kit? Of course you do!

So, lets get straight to this M.A.C HACK!
 M.A.C is a girls best friend. The sleek packaging, the foundation, the pigmentation, and the all important lipsticks! *DROOL* But because it's INSANELY expensive, especially for us unemployed girlies, maybe its time for a few ruthless life hacks!
So without further adieu, here is how to get your very own FREE M.A.C contouring kit
  1. Go into your local M.A.C store, it would make it more handy if there is 2 separate stores.
  2. Tell floor staff you are an aspiring makeup artist and that you want to build your kit but are unsure of what foundation to use.
  3. Ask if they can show you their FULL COVERAGE foundation.
  4. Directly after mention that you have a few customers with darker and lighter skin, so is it possible to get 3 tester pots as you need to see which shades would be worth purchasing ( Light,Medium & Dark)
  5. Finally, after you've done that, head around to another store and repeat.

Now, I have only done this once, so I ended up getting a few different foundations, to see which ones would work better with contouring! These are the ones I have ended up with...

From left to right (top row) - N5 Face and Body
                                          - NC40 Studio fix
                                          -C2 Face and Body
From left to right (bot row) - NC25 Studio Fix
                                          -NC15 Studio fix
                                          -W10 Full Coverage

Again, being the first time doing this I didn't know what to expect but personally I think the W10 Full Coverage is the PERFECT consistency for a contouring kit! This foundation is thick, gives unbeatable coverage and stays put all night! Im going to run out and get some more in different shades as soon as I can!
These pots may be teeny tiny, but lob a load of Full Coverage in these bad boys and they last a life time!
I decided to swatch a few shades to show you what im talking about!
The darkest shade seems to be runny and watery, I wont be opting for this again anytime soon. 
The rest aren't too bad, fabulous colours that work well for me as a foundation, but not as a contour kit unfortunately!
The last one..bingo..this is the moneymaker! as you can see its quite thick!This foundation is amazing for blending, although I thought otherwise! I will be getting this from now on as part as my contouring kit

So if anyone is going to try this one out make sure you go for a few tester pots of Full Coverage foundation! W10 seems to be perfect for highlighting

You could even superglue/glue gun the pots to a plastic palette to make it more organised! But as you will probably be going in for new pots all the time I wouldn't recommend it as it would be a waste of time and effort! But I am currently on the lookout for a box to accommodate the kit, if I find anything I will let you all know

Thank you all for reading, and I hope this post has been somewhat helpful to you all! If you have any more Makeup hacks please dont hesitate to let me know in the comment section below or simply email me at nadinestephens1990@gmail.com

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