Thursday, 22 May 2014

Beauty for pennies at Penneys!

Yes! I'm back from my amazing trip away to Portugal, sorry I haven't blogged for a while, there was zero WiFi! But it was absolutely scorching and I got burnt to a crisp and am now peeling..Very attractive! But anyway, since coming back home I am totally BROKE! So I decided  that I wanted to try Penneys new extremely affordable 'P.S Love' makeup range as I've heard pretty cool things about it and its VERY light on your purse too!  I'm a bit late on this one but here it is anyway! Here is what I picked up from Penneys!!!

I have always been skeptical about Penneys own brand makeup, due to the fact my skin is super sensitive and i didn't want to end up with a rash from cheap makeup as that tends to happen from time to time! but i am VERY pleasantly surprised! 
This gorgeous little palette is only 3.50EURO
Filled with gorgeous shimmery nude colours, this palette is absolutely perfect for those wanting to watch their dosh! Some of these colours are super pigmented which had me gobsmacked! I find most of the colours in this palette are more suited to those with blue eyes as the colours featured compliment blue eyes and make them pop! But can obviously be used on any eye colour!
This is definitely one of my favourites from the collection!

This Blusher and This bronzer are a cool 3.00EURO each!
3 just amazing for the quality of these products! The blusher goes on a baby pink colour and looks absolutely gorgeous, this would be suited towards those with paler skin as it gives that 1950's rose kissed cheek look! Super sexy!
The bronzer is VERY shiny, so I don't think I would be using it as a bronzer but it looks so gorgeously sexy when placed upon the cheekbones! Gives you a sunkissed healthy glow without going overboard! love these two!
I love the packaging of these two, it reminds me of MAC!
 Penneys definitely know what we want!
I also picked up an Eye liner pen - 2.00EURO
EyeBrow pencil- 1.50EURO

These are actual life savers! These are PERFECT for bringing out when you want to top up your makeup! The eyeliner is lusciously dark and goes on extremely smooth! and at 2 EURO you can't exactly say no!
The eye brow pencil(complete with eyebrow brush) in dark brown, This is such a gorgeous colour for dark brows! Its not too dark and not too light its bang on perfect! Its not cakey and thick, it makes brows look natural! Go out and buy this!!
This mascara ( also available in waterproof) makes lashes look beautiful! I found that there was hardly any clumping (surprisingly) and it really thickened up my lashes for a more dramatic look! 
Like most girls, I am complete sucker for packaging!
I love the look and the feel of the packaging. I feel as if it sometimes is TOO important! And that is why i LOVE penneys for this

Just look at that gorgeous packaging! It sucks you right in! It catches your eye immediately!The slick black packaging gives it a sophisticated and sexy feel to it, along the side of the boxes, there is a white and black polkadot design which I just adore! Polka dots are amazingly cute! And not only that the writing and the lining of the boxes are gold! Its simply gorgeous without going over the top!

So in total for everything I bought I only spent 14.50EURO for all that makeup! It might not be MAC  but damn its good!

Have you recently bought anything from Penneys that has surprised you?! Anyone else a fan of the P.S Love range? Thank you for reading! If you have any inquiries feel free to mail me on or simply comment below, thank you! :

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