Monday, 30 June 2014

The truth about lip balms

Are you damaging your skin and your health?

Lipbalms drive me insane! I hate nothing more than seeing someone with chapped lips applying some god awful plastic based 'lipbalm' Or overhearing someone say ''has anyone got any Vaseline?'' So i'm here to tell you the truth about lip balms! No matter how hydrating they may make your lips feel!  So here we go...

Whatever you do, please, for the love of god, stay away from Vaseline!
Vaseline use special tactics in order for you to buy these little pots of hell. For example 'Vaseline with Cocoa Butter'. They colour the tin to coordinate with the new nourishing ingredient, so your brain is mainly focused on 'Cocoa butter' rather than 'petroleum jelly'.
 We all know Cocoa butter is super moisturizing and nourishing. But what about the Petroleum Jelly?  Well believe it or not petroleum comes from the same place as gasoline..that should say something..not very Eco friendly . 
Vaseline actually dries your skin up like there is no tomorrow! These greasy substance sits on top of your skin and traps your bodies toxins underneath! Ew! I don't care how cheap these crap tins are. stay away!
Next we have Carmex!
For years this has been the 'go to' lip product! Its cooling and soothing sensation leaves people wanting more..So is this really doing anything for your lips! NO, would be the answer to that question.
The ingredients in Carmex include Phenol, Camphor and Menthol! When you apply it gives the illusion of soothing, but in reality it quickly dries up and needs to be reapplied!Thats because this product contains OL (alcohol) Which dries up everything! So stay away from this lip damaging product. ESPECIALLY when lips are chapped
There are no words for how much I hate these.
You're basically rubbing toxic plastic on your lips. ANY kind of pound shop, dealz, pound-world,euroshop store lipbalms,will be in this catagory too. They are all the same! They contain a whole heap of Alcohol and other substances that dry out your skin immensely. Sure they might look cute, taste great and smell amazing, but that is ALL they're worth. These will make your lips, dry,chapped and sore after continuous use. Stay away from these god awful creations.

So here are some Eco friendly,skin friendly and purse friendly alternatives!
Burts Bees-Beeswax balm
Lush-Honey Trap Balm
Eos-Passion fruit Balm
Nivea- Lip Butter 

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