Sunday, 12 October 2014

Anniversary getaway in Galway

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting much, that's because I was in Galway for a mini break away with my boyfriend because we celebrated our 2 year anniversary! (yay!)

OK so we only went for 2 days so we couldn't go mad but we did have an amazing time (Even if I was sick and Galway city did decide to flood)

We hopped on a Bus Eirean bus straight to The Connacht hotel. Initially we thought the hotel was ages away from the city centre, turns out it was only 5 minutes away! Super turbo excitement mode! 
When we first entered the hotel it looked quite small but lavish.
We opted for the suite seeming as it was our anniversary and we decided to spoil ourselves a little :)

The room was amazing!
Complete with mini kitchen and living room!
The bed was enormous and extremely comfortable!
Ever get when you stay in a hotel and you don't sleep right cause the bed is basically made of brick and cardboard? Yeah, not with this hotel!
And amazing value too! For two nights in this huge suite in the middle of Galway it came to less than 200 quid!! Bargain!
And not to mention it has an unbelievable swimming pool & gym that you can use for free when you stay there!
We went to the pool both days we were there (obviously) 
 After wondering around Galway a little bit and after dipping in the pool, we decided it was time to go out for dinner cause we were starved!
Dan had been looking up restaurants before we went and picked out this cute little gem of a place 'Druid Lane' - A cosy and warm restaurant with good hearty food. That sounds right up my alley! When we walked in I was pleasantly surprised, the whole room was candlelit and we had the entire place to ourselves.

The food was insanely tasty and the atmosphere was warm, welcoming and romantic. I urge anyone who is thinking about visiting Galway to eat here at some point.It will definitely be worth your while. The staff were helpful and polite and if i ever visit again I will most definitely be returning here.

After dinner, we popped back to the hotel to grab a pint or two in their amazing bar downstairs! Again the interior was lavish and warm, and prices were inexpensive! I got an amazing tropical cocktail while the true man he is, opted for a good aul pint.
On the second day we went sight seeing. I am truly in love with Galway city. The atmosphere its like no other and it reminds me quite alot of our very own Temple Bar.
The bright colours in this town really make you forget about the dull October weather. 
And there were swans everywhere! It was so pretty and like something out of a fairytale.
All in all we had an amazing get away!
Thank you to The connacht hotel for having us and providing such an amazing stay that we will never forget and thank you to Druid Lane for giving us such a tasty and beautiful anniversary dinner.
(Sincere apology about my no makeup face in both of these pictures)

I also consumed a large boat and pile of rubbish...My stomach is specially trained for this kind of activity, do not try this at home kids.

The Parma Violet

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