Sunday, 26 October 2014

Barry M Aquarium Nail Polishes

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening people :) Hope everyone is doing gooood and enjoying their Autumn cosyness! :)

I decided to being a bit of colour into my life seeming as were getting closer to dreary winter, so I picked myself up these two beauties!
I've had my eye on these for a good while now, because they're so damn so pretty! 
Since I was little (and I'm pretty sure every girl in the world is the same about this) I've been obsessed with mermaids and anything to do with them! And it doesnt help that the sparkley varnish on the left is actually called 'Mermaid'

So what did I think?

Pacific: Such a gorgeous and original colour! The cap on the bottle is beautifully designed with mermaid/fish scales and it is VERY eye catching. 

Mermaid: I absolutely adore this, it goes hand in hand with 'Pacific' and it really really sets it off, this shouldnt be worn by itself at the risk of having taky 90's kids nails. But if thats your thang, then fire away :) The only thing I don't like about these varnishes is that it takes FOREVER to dry! But otherwise, great varnishes!

Also, I'm terribley sorry about the absolute state of my nails..but is what it is :)