Sunday, 14 December 2014

Slimming world Christmas party 2014

Good evening everyone, I hope everyone is nursing their Christmas party hangovers this morning, cause I know I certainly am!
Yesterday seen the very first Christmas party I ever attended! And it was magical! It was with my Slimming World group (citywest), seeming as I am only new to the group I had no idea that a Christmas party was even on the cards! But I was so wrong!
Taking place at the extravagant Citywest Hotel,the theme was 'Charlie & the chocolate factory' , how fun is that?! The entrance was amazingly perfect, a full purple carpet and huge lollipops coming out of the ground they had the theme down to a T, when we entered the building there was a champagne reception complete with giant sweets hanging from the ceilings
We gathered and celebrated Christmas with multiple other companies for a night full of food, wine, dancing and eating competitions (dear lord the shame)
The dinner was a Starter of vegetable soup which was amazingly tasty, I couldn't get enough of it!And yes, shamefully I did stuff two white rolls lathered in butter into my face to accompany said soup!
The main was the quintessential Christmas dinner...And my good christ it was good! Mixed veg with a generous helping of turkey, ham and stuffing!! 
The desert was small (thank god) but absolutely delicious none the less! A selection of mini deserts which included a chocolate fudge cake, a blueberry cheesecake and a tirimssu cup! So simple yet effective! Adored these!
When I turned up i half didn't recognise everyone! Everyone from Slimming World looked SO beautiful and super stylish in their gorgeous Christmas outfits! Everyones hair and makeup looked immaculate! Super impressed with these wonder women! Everyone was laughing,dancing and catching the eye of some...shall me say 'romantic' men.
i recently bought a STUNNING dress from River Island and I got it at such a bargain too, this gorgeous,glitzy,christmassy dress was 51 euro and I got it for just 21 euro! And I've been looking for an excuse to wear it ever since I bought it! When I laid eyes on it I thought it looked like a sexy disco ball. And it does!
BUT unfortunately I was super self conscious in it all night as its skin tight! Still need to loose a good few pounds to wear it confidently but never the less, a stunning dress! You can also buy this dress in top and pencil skirt form or a floor length long sleeve gown!
My  makeup was Katy Perry inspired as I love playing my eyes up as much as she does! My lashes are the 'double trouble' lashes from Penneys/ Primark and my lipstick is MAC viva glam1 :) 
My nails die for, i adore them! I picked them up at a recent blog meet up! They're from House of Holland in Boots and usually retail at around 10 euro!!
Special thanks to Helena, our team leader for organising such an amazing night, I had a proper laugh and my legs and stomach are killing me! 

Until next time slinky ladies!

The Parma Violet