Saturday, 21 June 2014

MAC Osbournes + Pedro Lourenco MAC review


And one of the most anticipated MAC collaborations hit shops and the web!
And I'm pretty sure everybody nearly wet themselves with sheer excitement!

The MAC Osbournes collab with Mother and Daughter Kelly and Sharon Osbourne, was for me, the most exciting thing in makeup! And I knew I just HAD to grab at least SOMETHING from this collection! Although I do think the Sharon side of the collection is lacking slightly, the hype seems to be all about Kelly's side of the collection, and its very clear to see why. Kelly's collection seems to be very pastel/60's nude inspired, where as Sharon's collection is a more toned down version.

I feel like I'm the only one that adores the  Pedro Lourenco collection for MAC! Maybe because it was overshadowed by the release of the Mac Osbournes collection but who knows, this collection is sophisticated,simple and sexy! Another collection that was screaming out at me from all angles. So here Is what I picked up from these two fabulous MAC collections:
First of all, I keep the boxes from every piece of makeup I get, Im addicted, Im a box hoarder. 
These are the two pretties I got from the collection, I opted for lippies from both collections.
The packaging is to die for! Look at that casing! So pretty and girly!
The Pedro Lourenco casing is simple and sexy! A Matte black case with gold accents. The MAC logo is instead placed on the lower half of  the case  instead of the traditional placing which i love!
Kelly Osbournes lilac/Pastel packaging (inspired by her statement hair) is amazingly beautiful! I would nearly buy this lippie JUST for the packaging! So summery and girly! 
The colours I chose were Roxo and Kelly Yum Yum! I originally wanted Dodgy Girl from Kelly's Collection (A gorgeous pastel purple colour) But it sold out in no time! So I picked up Kelly Yum Yum. This is a spin on MAC's best selling Candy Yum Yum (CandyYumYum being a Matte finish and KellyYumYum being Satin finish)And I am SO insanely glad I did pick it up!This picture does not do these colours any justice! So I've swatched them so you can get a closer look (apologies for the terrible skin, my Rosacea is acting the maggot)
On the left I have Kelly Yum Yum and on the Right I have Roxo.
Kelly YumYum: Im not the biggest fan of bright pink lipstick, infact, i used to hate it, but now, this has changed my opinion completely, I LOVE it! I love the finish on this lipstick as it makes lips look juicy and full, and not too shimmery and 'wet' looking! 
Roxo: This is an amplified lipstick, and my god the colour is perfect! The light on my phone makes this colour look alot lighter than it is, its slighter deeper than the look in this photo. My only worry with this is that the staying power isn't all too great. 
Here's how these bad boys look with and without flash!

Over all both lipsticks have gone straight into my favorite category. I really think MAC are killing it this summer with all their fabulous collaborations and packaging!

I bought Kelly YumYum in BT2-Dundrum
I bought Roxo in Brown Thomas Grafton Street. 

Have you recently bought any of MAC's new collections? Want me to review something? Then simply comment below or email me on, thank you.  

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