Friday, 13 June 2014

My June wishlist

Before I start it has come to my attention that nearly all of my pictures on my blog are missing!! I will fix this problem ASAP! 

Now for my June wishlist! my wishlist is totally endless, like most girls! But these are my most wanted things this June!Most, unfortunately I will be unable to obtain but, nevertheless, a girl can dream....

First of all, I have this gorgeous 50's pastel midi skirt from PENNEYS!! I nearly died when I laid eyes upon it, and i instantly regret not grabbing it there and then! Its perfect! I am legit so annoyed at myself for not picking it up as it seemed there were only a handful left :'( And for only 13 EURO its perfect for those long summer days!And also seems to be a blogger favourite at the moment!

Next I have This beautiful Pastel pink River island bag, at 40EURO, its a tad bit of a dream for me at the moment, but it is absolutely beautiful, very summery, perfect size for daytime and nighttime! Also available in a gorgeous lilac! to view click here!

Obviously, like nearly everyone else in the entire world, I am in love with the MAC osbournes collection, absolutely everything about it screams 'buy me' The one that sticks out most to me is Kelly's Dodgy Girl Lipstick! Wonderfully summery, with a retro twist! This being a Limited Edition collection, these babies won't stick around for long! This seems to cost around 21.50EURO...well worth the money

Another Limited Edition MAC collection in my eyesight is by Pedro Lourenco. I adore the look of everything this collection has to offer, especially the deep red lipsticks! This Pallette shouts out at me for so many reasons! The natural colours in this look so sexy and light, perfect for summery nights! Definitely a huuuuge want for me!

Finally, I don't know how long I've wanted this for, it feels like I've wanted this for my entire life, but this is Red Velvet by Limecrime from their Velvetines collection.This dream formula, goes on wet and dries completely matte! It looks astounding on the lips, super pigmented and rich. This has been on my wishlist for eons! at 21EURO a pop its a tad pricey but I really do think EVERY girl needs a Limecrime Velvetines in their lives! Available in 6 different colours, Velvetines has a lot to offer, and lets not forget about this darling packaging! With a new hyper pink Velvetines coming out soon, you better keep an eye out, cause these bad boys sell fast!Click here to see more Velvetines!

Have you tried any of MAC's new LE makeup? Want any product tried and tested? Simply email me at or comment below! thank you!

The Parma Violet